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Part 2

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-FF 2 Days-
I had hitchhiked to (whatever is in the direction of Cali and next to Indiana). But I was tired of hitchhiking. I now only had $40 dollars,I had spent $10 on: food and a stubborn guy who wouldn't let me out of his truck unless I gave him $5. 'Man,I only need like $40 more bucks and I could just fly out to California' I thought. Just then in was going by a greyhound station,I went in to see how much a one-way ticket to California cost. $38.00. I paid for that ticket on the spot and I lucked out because it was 7:00pm and the bus came at 7:05pm. When that time rolled around and I got on the bus...little did I know that my life was about to change forever.
-FF 3 Months-
beep beep beep my alarm clock droned. I turned it off and looked at the time,7:00am. I sighed and reluctantly got out of my bed,drug myself to the shower,got out of the shower and pretty much drug myself around until I had food in my stomach. I was always cranky when I hadn't eaten. I poured myself some cheerios and chopped some strawberries to put on top. I sat at my dining room table to eat. I bet you're wondering how I went from the scared little girl on the snow ridden streets of Indiana to well...what I just said. Well it wasn't like I was a millionaire or something,but I was pulling through. When I got to California I pretty much lived on the street for like,2 weeks. Then I eventually got 2 jobs. 1 at a McDonalds and another at a cheap resale store. I managed to pull together enough money to continuously stay at a hotel. I also bought 'hotter' clothes and started hanging out on the Sunset Strip...and then I got a job at the Whiskey A Go Go. After I started getting steady and good pay I quit the other jobs and got an apartment right near the Sunset Strip. I even managed to get myself a cheap '60s red and black Camaro. So everything was great...well almost everything. I had always heard about 'neighbors from hell' and never really known what that was like. It's horrible. They live right above me. They're crazy. They're wild. They play loud music. They harass people. Ugghhhh!!! Last night they threw a party or something and it seemed like they invited everyone they knew and everyone they knew brought someone and so on. Then they took it to my level and were running through the halls,I tried to tell 7 half naked people to go back up but they sprayed me with a beer. I barely got any sleep. I decided to go visit my friend and fellow Whiskey coworker, Randii,she worked at the Whiskey full time and on weekends she works at a tattoo shop. I actually got some tats. On my back,on the right side of my back I had 2 roses,a black one and a blue one,and they were wrapped together with barbed wire and there were little drops of blood near the end of it,as if the barbed wire was going into my skin. It only went half up my back. Another I had was on my ankle,a collage of stars,film reels,and director clapboards. It reflected my dream of one day being an actress. The last one was on the inside of my finger and in cursive inscribed was 'I wanna rock n' roll all night'. I put on my leather jacket and opened my door and jumped. A shirtless dark haired dude was laying in the middle of the hall. I suspected he was passed out. He was tall and painfully skinny,I bent over for a closer look and pushed the hair out of his face,I saw his crooked nose and familiar face build and recognized him as one of the 2 guys who actually lived in the apartment. One of the neighbors from hell. I tried to remember his name,I constantly ran into him. It was Timmy or Tommy or Nikki or something. As I was looking at him his eyes opened up and his light brown eyes were staring straight at me...those beautiful brown - "Huh? Who're you?" he said interrupting my bad thoughts of actually liking him. "You're downstairs neighbor," I replied as he strained to get himself up "Help!?" he said as he reached out and started to wave his arms and legs around like a bug on it's back. He always acted like a kid. I rolled my eyes and reached down to grab his hands,but when I did,he pulled me down "Ah!" I shrieked "Ouchie!" Tommy said covering his ears "HungOVER?!" I yelled "Aww fuck you!" Tommy said angrily as he pushed me off of him and got up "That's what it's like livin' underneath you," I said as I got up as well "We never had sex," Tommy said,I reached over and punched him "Not like that!" I said half laughing "Shhh!" he said. Then he smiled slyly "Wanna see what it's like living with us?" I shook my head "No,no,no,no!!!" but Tommy had already grabbed my hand and was pulling me along. I tired to resist. He'd done this before,I hadn't made it past the door,it looked so dirty and messy and smelly and gross. All of a sudden Tommy picked me up and slung me over his shoulder "Ahh! Let me go dude!!" I said while pounding on his back,we were already in the elevator "Or what you'll scream rape?" Tommy asked sarcastically. I sighed deeply as we reached the 3rd floor and Tommy ran towards his and the other dude's apartment. He bust in the door,which was half open and said "Nikki!!!!'' I heard a loud thud and a groan followed my a couple expletives directed at Tommy. "Put me down!" I said again,Tommy ran over to the filthy and gross looking couch and dumped me on it,I sank into it and immediately my face was covered by beer cans that were on the couch "I got a hot chick!!" I heard Tommy yell,I got up from the couch quickly,bottles and cans falling off me. My nose curled up. Everything smelled like sex,alcohol,and cigarettes. And it was even filthier than I had imagined. The guy who I suspected was 'Nikki' came out,he was wearing tight leather pants and had his hair all in his face,kind of like Tommy,but where you couldn't even see his eyes. "Her?" Nikki said pointing to me "What I'm not hot?" I questioned sarcastically "No no you're a very sexy girl,tell her Nikki," Tommy said while he affectionately gave me a huge, cuddling hug. Nikki lightly laughed "You're a very sexy girl who I hope isn't underage," I flushed red,Tommy must've seen me turn red because he was like "No....yesss.....maybee...??" I sighed "I'm 15," "HOT DAMN!" said Nikki making me jump "You look like 18 or some shit like that.." Nikki said as he walked over to me. "Maybe because of all the hair in your face," I said "No.." he said,holding  the hair out of his face and looking at me,I saw his eyes were green and lined with eyeliner. "Yeah,you'd pass for like 19,damn t-bone,you like 'em young," Nikki said "What? I'm not with Tommy!" I said in protest. "That's what they all say," Tommy said,winking at me. I rolled my eyes "Later guys,I have to go," I said and with that I ran to the door and left before they knew what happened.
-Tommy's POV-
I opened my eyes and found someone staring at me "Huh? Who are you?" I asked "You're downstairs neighbor," I heard a girl's voice reply,she sounded bitchy or something,I adjusted my eyes and saw that she was super hot...time to put my plan into action "Help?!" I said childishly while waving my arms and legs,she just rolled her eyes. Playing hard to get,I kinda like that. Well she did grab my hands and I did pull her down,but I didn't expect her to scream so loud it could've shattered glass. I had a bad hangover "Aww fuck you!" I said,I was pissed so I pushed her off me. But then somehow I wound up running off with her to me and Nikki's apartment. She must've not liked it because she was out as fast as she was in. "Dude what just happened?" Nikki asked after she left "I don't know..." I said as I wandered off looking for some aspirin or something. Not finding any I just went and sat on the couch in silence for a second. I couldn't get the image of that girl out of my head. I wonder what her name is. Why didn't I ask that?! I laughed a bit and then turned the tv on and Mighty Mouse was on!!! Yayayy!!! I love Mighty Mouse!!!
-_____'s POV-
I was walking down the stairs (I never take the elevator) and thinking about what just happened. Did I really think Tommy was....attractive for a second? No I couldn't. He was noisy,loud,immature, always partying and gross. But then again I am usually like thoughts were interrupted by me falling off the last stair "Ow!" I said as I got up quickly and dusted myself off. I went to the door and when I got outside there was a guy standing there,wearing all black....and pressing random buttons on the buzzer "Are you doing that just to annoy people or something?" I asked,he turned to me and I almost fell over backwards. He was super scary looking. He had long,wiry jet black hair,weird cheeks,sunk in and glaring eyes,he looked slightly hunched over,he had to be over 30,and he was frowning. "My here...I...I forgot what number they are..." he said finally,he sounded quiet and shy like. "Who are your friends?" I asked "Nikki...and Tommy," he said . I raised my eyebrows in surprise, I didn't know Tommy and Nikki were in a band. "Oh yeah,I know's number 53 floor 3," I said as I nodded,he did what I assumed was an attempted smile and pressed the button,I walked off. When I finally got to Randii's house she was just leaving "Randii!" I said as I walked up to her "Frankie!!!!! I was actually just coming to see ya!" she said happily,we hugged and kissed each other on the cheek, "Oh you look good,I wish I would've worn that!" she said while admiring me. I blushed,I always felt like I don't deserve praise. My outfit was a black baggy shirt with half of it cut off,so a majority of my stomach was showing,a pair of black leather pants that had laces on the crotch,and a pair of well worn mismatched converse,one green one red. I had my giant bag with a picture of a skull on it that I made myself. My hair was up in a tight ponytail. "Thanks,you look good too," I said she rolled her eyes "No.." "Yess..." "Okay!" we both giggled and went off towards my apartment. 
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