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Part 3

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"Damn baby I didn't know you work here!" was what I heard only 5 minutes into my shift at Whiskey A Go Go. I looked up and saw Tommy grinning like a fool at me "Damn baby I didn't know you came here!" I said,mocking him he so sexily he smirked..."I'll have a JD," Tommy said,I shook my head and smiled,I grabbed the bottle and a shot glass  from under the table "Ah,I'll just take the bottle..." he said. I raised an eyebrow and he shrugged and said "If Nikki comes tell him I'm over there," and pointed to a table in the corner. He walked off and I sighed and looked at the clock,it was 7:07pm and my shift ended at 12:00am. I cleaned off the countertop and then waited for more customers. The next hour was slow. A couple girls came in and Tommy tried to hit on them...until their boyfriends showed up. Me and Randii talked about outfits and guys while waiting for customers. When suddenly Randii said "Hey look at that hot guy that just walked in!" I looked where she was looking and my eyes widened in surprise "You think HE'S hot?" I asked her,she nodded,still looking at him "Randii...that's one of my crazy neighbors I was telling you about!" Randii looked at me "Really?" "Yeah," "Great!" "Great what?" "Since you know him you can introduce us!" I rolled my eyes and went over to Nikki,who was now sitting at the bar and tapping his fingers on the table "What can I get you?" he looked at me "Hey you're that girl T-Bone brought up today," I nodded "Yeah I'm your downstairs neighbor," "Ah good to know...I'll have a JD," he said,I grabbed a bottle and a shot glass "Uhhh I'll just have the entire thing..." he said, I rolled my eyes "You and Tommy both," "Oh is he here?" "Yeah,over there..." I said while pointing to where Tommy was sitting,making out with one of the girls from earlier while the boyfriend was in the bathroom. "Thanks," Nikki said and he winked at me,I didn't really see it,but I could vaguely see the motion under his hair. He turned to leave and I said "Oh...Nikki...right? It's Nikki?" he nodded "Its Nikki,Nikki Sixx," I gestured to Randii who was pretending to read a magazine "My lovestruck friend here wants me to introduce you two," Randii looked up at me and glared "Aww she's smiling," Nikki said sarcastically. Randii walked over to where I was "I'm Randii..." she said while extending her hand for a shake. Nikki looked at her hand for a second then shook it "I'm Nikki Sixx,'' Randii smiled "Really? Cool." Nikki chuckled and then smiled "Yeah,nice meetin' ya. Later," and with that he walked off. I waved my hand in front of Randii's face "Hey lovebird,the costumers are starting to come in!" she rolled her eyes,"I know," she grabbed her pen and pad of paper and went to take orders. I also took a couple orders and served some people. More and more people came in. At around 10:30pm the place was starting to get more and more packed. Tommy and Nikki made their way back over to me,both drunk and slurring. "Heyyyyy....I....I..we...know youzzz!" Tommy said pointing at me "Uh...uh...uh...uh YOU!" he said as if just remembering my name was 'YOU!' "ME!" I said back. "Awww you need a...a....a....snuggle...." Tommy said and he reached over the bar...well more like literally threw/flopped himself over the bar and pulled me into a tight hug "Okay..okay...Tommy lemme go..." I said while trying to push him off me. "One day....we'll be up there..." Nikki said,nudging Tommy on the shoulder and pointing to the stage "Whats your band's name?" I asked "Umm...oh no,dude we...we...did this with...with Mick...what did we call the band..?" Tommy said to Nikki,Nikki shrugged and then fell over,passed out. "We need to get him out..." I said,Tommy looked at me and then fell over too. I sighed deeply and climbed over the bar (yeah it's unprofessional but whatever) I nudged them but they were out cold. "Randii!" I yelled "Yeahhh?!" I heard her yell back "C'mere," I said,she came around and looked at them "Oh.." and that's how we wound up dragging 2 unconscious guys to my car and putting them in the backseat. "If they're not awake when I leave I'll drive 'em back,". 
-2 Hours Later-
They weren't awake. Still as passed out as before. I had no choice but to drive them back to the apartment. When we got there I was faced with another problem: getting them up there. I found some poser/ biker dude/Billy Idol wannabe who was wandering around to help me. I put the guys on my couch (I couldn't find their keys and I didn't feel like groping them for the keys) and then thanked the guy,he chuckled and then put a piece of paper in my hands "Call me," and then he left. 'At least he didn't rape me' I thought to myself. I put his number on the counter and then went to my bedroom. I was dog tired,I brushed my teeth and put my pjs on and then collapsed into the bed.
-The Next Morning-
When I woke up the guys were still sleep,I giggled at their position on the couch,they were on top of each other,and Nikki had his arms wrapped around Tommy's neck (Nikki was on the bottom). It was Saturday at 10:00am. I was looking at them when Tommy's eyes popped open "Why...are you always here when I open my eyes?" he said groggily "Should I leave?" I asked "Ummm..." was what Tommy said,I giggled a bit "You're in my apartment so technically you should leave," I said. Then Nikki woke up and shrieked,causing Tommy to jump up and take Nikki with him. It was the funniest thing,they rolled off the couch and onto the floor,both cursing and shouting "What?!". Nikki jumped up and looked at me "Oh no...did we fuck?" he asked "No," "Good," I rolled my eyes and went to the door and opened it "Now you two can leave," I said,Tommy and Nikki instead looked past me "Hey Mick," Tommy said,I turned around,confused,and saw the same guy from yesterday who was standing outside the apartment building "Ahh!" I said as I jumped. "Do you always get that response?" Nikki asked Mick sarcastically. "No," Mick said,very quietly. "The guys were just 
leaving...." I said while glaring at Nikki and Tommy "No we weren' were just gonna get us some aspirin and then you were gonna make us breakfast. Then Mick showed up," Tommy said "What?! I was not!" "I'm pretty sure you were," "No...I was not,I was escorting you to the door then this dude showed up," "You were thinking it," "LEAVE!" I yelled angrily. Then Nikki raised his hand "Hairspray,what?" I said pointing to him "Wait- wha- never mind,but..okay,who the hell are you exactly?" I groaned "I'm your downstairs neighbor," "Yeah I know but what's your name?" "Frankie," "Isn't that a guy name?" "Isn't Nikki a girl name?" Nikki scowled and walked toward the door "I'm leaving,c'mon Mick," and with that they were gone. I looked toward Tommy and he smiled hugely and ran over to me "Pretty please with sugar and JD on top won't you make me food?" he said in a childish voice while hugging me and rubbing his face into my neck,I was enjoying him hugging me,but I reminded myself just who he was and then said "Why?" he rubbed his nose on my neck and said "Because we ain't got shit at our place," I laughed "Yeah you don't," and I actually hugged him back for once,it felt nice,he was so gangly...sooo shirtless..."Yay!!" he said,breaking me from my crazy thoughts. He skipped into the kitchen with me following (I wasn't skipping though) "I want coffee. Aspirin." I sighed and went to the bathroom and got some aspirin then filled a glass up with water and gave it to Tommy "Thanks," he said as he took it "Oh so you have manners? Since when?" I asked mockingly while pouring coffee beans into the coffee maker "I don't,because I'm Tommy Lee and no one tells me what to do!" Tommy said triumphantly "Suuure,so is Tommy Lee your real name or do you just really like Tommy Lee Jones?" I asked half sarcastically "That old dude ain't got nothin on me! And no...Tommy Lee isn't my real name..." he trailed off at the end "Well then what is?" I asked "Tell me your real name and I'll tell you mine," "How do you know Frankie's not my real name?" "No one names a girl Frankie," I sighed "My birth Fran Percival Smith," I could tell Tommy was suppressing laughter as hard as he could but he started laughing like mad and didn't stop until the coffee was done. When he could finally talk again he managed to say " is Fran...Fran...Percival Smith?!?" I rolled my eyes "Yes,it is sadly,but if you tell anyone, I'll singlehandedly kill you," Tommy giggled " less embarrassing name is Thomas Lee Bass...but that's no name for a mega rockstar!!" I plopped down on the chair next to him "What exactly is it that you do?" "I don't work," "No..what do you do in the band?" "Aw dude,I'm the drummer!!" and with that he whipped out a pair of random drumsticks and started pounding on the table like mad. I was intrigued,I bet he sounded great on an actual drum set...making some wicked tunes..."Whadda ya think?" Tommy asked excitedly "I think it's cool...I bet you sound great on an actual set," Tommy's eyes lit up when I said that "Dude! I have drums at our place! Cmon!" he said excitedly,like a kid in a candy store,he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my chair "Race ya upstairs!!!!" he announced and took off running/skipping/jumping. I ran after him,not caring I was still in my pajama tank top and shorts and I was barefoot. Tommy was way ahead of me "Wait up!" I called after him,he ran into an opening elevator where an old lady looked scared to death of him and shocked when she saw me. We were in the same elevator and Tommy was bouncing around,when it stopped he took off again with me in tow. Of course he reached the apartment first,he opened the door without a key "You guys don't lock it?" I asked "Well now we'll have to since you announced it," Tommy said back. I was going to reply,but he was already pulling me off towards somewhere. When we got there I realized it was his room,which was very messy "Oh uhh...well it's not that clean..." Tommy said as he kicked stuff under the bed and moved stuff to the side. He gave up on trying to make the room presentable and ran to a drum set that was near the side of his bedroom. "Check this out!" he said and started playing really great and accurately. "Wow cool that was great! Is that like from a song you wrote or something?" I asked when he was done "Well Nikki wrote the song,it's called 'Too Fast For Love'" Tommy replied "Well, you're the best drummer I've ever heard!" I said,he jumped off the stool and wrapped me in a huge hug "I knew it! I am the greatest!" he said,I laughed "So...what's your band called?" "Motley Crüe!" "Well that's a VERY fitting name," I said,Tommy nodded "Mick came up with it," I remembered Mick "He's kinda weird,what's up with him?" I asked "I don't know. I guess he's just that type of guy or something," Tommy said shrugging. "Mmm,what's Mick's last name?" I asked "Mars," Tommy said as he sat down on his bed and patted the spot next to him,I sat "Seriously? Mars?" "Well..I think his real name is like Bob or something,Bob Deal maybe,yeah I think that's what it is," I nodded "Hey where's Nikki?" I asked,noticing I hadn't seen him "He probably decided to go to work," I raised my eyebrows "He works? Where?" Tommy laughed "At a liquor store," I nodded "Yeah he seems like a liquor type of guy," . After a few moments of sitting in silence Tommy suddenly turned to me "Hey Frankie,you wanna go out for drinks sometime?".......         
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