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Mosh finds himself in a little predicament when Noiz stumbles home drunk one night.

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Noiz got drunk again tonight. It's amazing that she walked this far to the house. Mosh watched her from the window the whole time.

Oh boy, he thought. Oh dear! The kitty stumbled around in the dark for twenty minutes. She came halfway down the path and passed out. Mosh drew back, nervous.

"Crap!" he yelped. The mouse grew into full form and dashed out the front door to help her. But then, he paused. His face changed as a realization filled his mind.

Wait a second!, he thought. This is a trap! It has to be!

In the mouse's mind

What if she pounds on and eats me when I get close enough. She could tear me to shreds if I try to pick her up. She could just gobble me up as soon as we get to the door.

Mosh shook his head.

She wouldn't do that, he thought. She's too drunk right now. The mouse walked over to his lover again. But then, he paused again.

She could be faking her drunkenness to lure me out her to eat me. I wouldn't put it past her. But, she wouldn't do something like this. Even if she a magical being, I can't leave her lying out like this! If I do, she'll get sick in the morning from the cold. I better bring her inside.

Mosh began to walk closer to his master, but he paused again.

But, she could eat me! But, I can't leave her out here either! Eat, pick up. Eat, pick up. Eat, pick up. Eat, pick up...

This battle went on in his head for a got ten minutes. In the end, he had to haul Noiz inside of his back. He frowned in discomfort the whole time.

Oh shit..., Mosh thought as he walked up to the front door.
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