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“What are you doing?” Levana asked me, looking slightly worried.”

“I’m coming down now. I was just looking.” I replied, hopping off the window ledge and down onto the floor “In case someone was out there.”

“BLI won’t find us here, you promised.” Levana whispered, biting her lip “And they won’t be coming back Danielle, you know that.”

Three years ago BLI caught up with us and abducted our friends Crayon, Frank, Penina, Mikey, Sam, Ray, Hozzie, Kat, Jennifer, Bob, Doctor DD and Molly. That left me as the oldest so by default I was left in charge.

Well, I’m not technically the oldest because Gerard is still here. But he’s useless. Ever since Crayon was abducted along with the others he just sits back in an armchair, staring into space. He won’t talk to us anymore. So that leaves me to look after the kids.

When my sister Jennifer was here, I was such a wimp. It didn’t matter though because Jennifer was always there to protect me. But now I don’t get to choose. I have to be brave now.

“We’re hungry now.” Levana pouted “Can you make us something to eat please?”

“Yeah, come on.” I took Levana’s hand and led her into the kitchen where the other kids were waiting “What do you want then?”

“Anything that isn’t power pup.” Draven said and everyone else agreed.

I looked in the cupboards “I’m afraid we don’t have anything else. We’ll have to have power pup.”

Everyone groaned and I sighed. I was trying my best, they knew that but they wanted their parents. Some of them were too young to remember their parents but it didn’t stop them shrieking in the middle of the night for them. I tried my best to calm them down but they needed birth Mother’s. Not me.

Once I’d given everyone their own can of power pup, I took one for myself and got one for Gerard then went into his bedroom. He was still in his arm chair, staring into space. Just the way I’d left him after breakfast “I got you some power pup.” I said, placing the can on his lap. He barely responded “Why don’t you go talk to Rosie? She really misses you.” Gerard just blinked at the mention of his only daughter “Please Gee, I can’t do this all by myself. We need a plan. To save the others.”

“There isn’t a plan!” Gerard suddenly snapped, throwing his can of power pup at the wall “It’s hopeless Danielle! We might as well just give up now!”

“No.” I said “I won’t stop until I get my sister back. And the others. We could find someone to help us. What about Ben and Jack?” Gerard groaned at the sound of their names “I’m sure they could help us if we asked.”

But Gerard was back to staring into space and not saying anything. Why did he have to be so difficult? I couldn’t do all of this by myself.

“I’m gonna bring Rosie in to see you.” I told him and left the room. I went into the kitchen. All the kids had finished their cans of power pup but mine and Gerard’s were still untouched “Rosie, do you wanna see your Dad?”

“Will he talk to me?” Rosie asked worriedly “I don’t like it when he ignores me.”

“I dunno Rosie.” I admitted “It might make him feel better though if you at least tried to talk to him.”

Rosie got up and went to go see Gerard. I sat down and opened my can of power pup. I started eating casually then asked “Do you guys want your parents back?” They all nodded eagerly and started paying full attention to me “Then we need to think of a plan. I know they’re still alive.”

“But they’ve been missing for three years.” Ezra said “I don’t think BLI would bother keeping them alive that long.”

“Yes they would. To turn them into draculoids. But Doctor DD came up with a cure for that ages ago and I know we have some in here because we hid it in the Trans-Am years ago.” I nodded knowingly “I think your parents have been turned into draculoids. All we need to do is figure out a way to get them all back, or at least a couple of them and cure them so we can save the others.”

“I don’t know how we’re gonna do that with so many little kids.” Shayla said. She was the oldest child, only a few years younger than me. She was Doctor DD’s only child and they’d lived in the safety of the diner for most of her life. And then my sister and her friends had shown up out of nowhere and dragged them into this terrible mess. But Shayla didn’t hate us for that.

“Well some of the kids will have to stay here. Gerard can look after them.” Ezra snorted when I said that but he didn’t look happy “Okay fine, the kids can look after Gerard. But before we do anything, we need a plan.”

“Where are we gonna get a plan from?” Levana asked “Our ray guns were destroyed in the fire at the diner, there’s so many of us that have been abducted and only a few of us left to save the others. We’ve got no chance Danielle.”

“We have one thing that BLI don’t.” I reminded them “Hope. Remember what Gerard told us all? About building our own town, even if we had to build it out of the sand. I don’t know about you guys but I’m going to make sure that happens. Now everyone start thinking about how we can save them.”

“Danielle, they’re little kids.” Shayla said “They’re not gonna think of anything. If you can’t think of anything then how do you expect us to?”

I just looked at her and sighed, remembering the stories that Jennifer would tell me about the killjoys when I was still a little girl. About how they weren’t scared of anything, that they were extremely creative and that they were the friendliest people we’d ever meet.

Well she was wrong. About nearly all of that stuff.
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