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That night when the kids were asleep, I slipped out of the house and got into the passenger’s seat of the Trans-Am. I did this most nights when the kids were sleeping. Gerard never noticed. Or if he did he didn’t say anything about it. I started the engine and started driving.

If the kids knew I was going out by myself every night they’d panic and shriek at me to stay home. But it wasn’t like I was putting myself in any danger. I wasn’t going to BLI or looking for Crayon and the others or anything. Honestly… I was looking for Ben and Jack.

Gerard said there was no hope for us but maybe Ben and Jack had ray guns or an idea or something. Even if they didn’t want to help me or the others they’d surely want to help their children. Sapphire and Finn were technically their children even though they hadn’t been around for their lives.

I looked out of the window for a few hours, nearly falling asleep at the wheel but I couldn’t find either of them anywhere. There was no sign of life anywhere. I groaned and went back home “Where were you?” Shayla cried as I let myself in “I woke up and Jora was screaming because she had an awful nightmare and you weren’t there so I had to calm her down myself.” Shayla burst into tears “I thought they’d killed you!”

“Oh please don’t cry.” I sat down and pulled her onto my lap.

“I’m not a baby.” She mumbled but hugged me tight.

“I know, I know. You’re certainly more mature than Gerard.” I laughed and kissed her cheek “I’m fine, I was just looking for Ben and Jack. I think that they’d help us. And it’d be good for Sapphire and Finn to be with their Dad’s.”

“My Mom said their Dad’s didn’t care about them though.”

“That’s not true. They just had feelings for each other instead of for Hozzie and Crayon. Just like the way Gerard didn’t have feelings for Lucy anymore so he went with Crayon instead.”

“Do you really think we’re gonna save them?” Shayla asked, looking up at me “I miss my Dad, my Mom and all the others.”

“We’re gonna save them, I promise.” I muttered. Someone from the bedroom started shrieking so I sighed “I’d better go and sort them out before they wake all the other ones up.” Shayla slid off my lap and we went into the bedroom.

It was Draven screaming his head off. I lifted him out of bed and pulled him onto my lap “Hey, what’s wrong?” I whispered, kissing the top of his head.

“I want my Mommy!” Draven shrieked.

“Shush, yeah, I know… Please stop screaming though, you’re gonna wake the others though.” I kissed the top of his head again “Just close your eyes and go back to sleep. We’ll figure out a way to get your Mom back, I promise.”

The next morning I woke up and only Shayla and Levana were awake. They were in the living room looking at a large piece of paper “What’s that?” I asked them.

“It’s a map of BLI.” Shayla replied “We’re figuring out a way to get into BLI, sneak around and where our parents would be.”

“They’d be down here in the dungeons.” Levana said, stabbing at the picture with her finger “And we could get in here.” She pointed at something else on the picture “Then go down here, through here.” She traced the corridors with her finger “And then we’d just leave that way.”

“But what if they’re all BLI draculoids or something?” I asked, sitting down “I don’t wanna scare you or anything but if we want to save them then we need to think of every possible thing that could go wrong and stuff.”

“We just take my Mom!” Penina shrieked “And my Daddy! And we cure them! PLEASE!”

“Why don’t we just take the cure with us?” Shayla asked me “Then we could cure them the moment we get there.”

“If they were draculoids they’d try to shoot us.”

“Danielle, I’m sick of waiting around for this.” Shayla sighed “I want my parents back! You don’t understand.”

“Yes I do!” I yelled, suddenly losing my temper “My big sister was taken, how do you think I feel? I relied on her for everything and now she’s gone!” Levana started crying “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get angry. Come here Levana.” I hugged her close “Okay, fine. We’ll take the cure and save everyone. Go and wake up the others. We’re going right now.”
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