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It took me, Shayla and Levana some time to decide who should come with us. In the end we decided that no matter what we had to try and convince Gerard to come with us. He was the strongest person here and he’d really help us. It all depended on whether or not he’d snap out of his weird dreamlike state that he’d been trapped in. We decided that Ezra, Draven, Rosie, Miles and Alicia would come with us. The rest of the kids would stay here “But who’s gonna look after them?” Levana asked “They’re too little to look after themselves.”

“They’ll be fine by themselves until we get back, I’m sure of it.” I replied “We don’t have a choice anyway.”

“But Danielle… What if we don’t come back?” Shayla whispered, her bottom lip trembling.

“We will come back. Gerard will take care of us.” I stood up “I’d better go and tell him he was to grow the hell up now.” I went into Gerard’s bedroom. He was wide awake but still in bed, staring up at the ceiling. I sat on his bed “Gerard, we’re going to save our friends. We have a plan. Do you want to hear it?” He didn’t reply. He didn’t even look at me “Gee, please snap out of it. If we’re going to BLI headquarters then we need you there. What if something happens to us? What if something happens to Rosie?”

“Rosie’s not going.” Gerard suddenly said, his head snapping to look at me. He sat up “I already lost my girlfriend, my soul mate. And now you’re putting my daughter in danger? What the fuck is going through your head?”

“Gee, we need all the help that we can get. Rosie’s old enough to come and help us out.”

“Forget it. I’ll come with you on one condition. Rosie stays here and looks after the little kids. You got that?”

I sighed. I knew that Gerard was too stubborn to change his mind. Now I had to choose between taking Rosie or taking Gerard. But I knew Gerard would be way more useful than Rosie. So I just nodded and he nodded too “Alright. Better pull my killjoy outfit out.” He muttered, getting out of bed and going to the wardrobe.

I grinned “Thanks Gee!” I ran out of the living room “Alright, into those killjoy costumes that Raven made you before she went missing!” I yelled “We’re going to BLI!”

Once everyone was dressed and ready, Gerard said goodbye to Rosie and we all got into the Trans-Am with Gerard driving of course “Wanna run through the plan then?” Gerard asked.

“Alright. First thing is this and I cannot stress this enough. This isn’t a game.” I told the kids seriously “This is grown up stuff and you have to treat it like that. You know how you always play games of BLI and you pretend to be draculoids but it’s okay because you’d never really hurt each other?” They all nodded “Well this isn’t like that. If they catch you, they won’t waste any time. They’ll either murder you or capture you and torture you. I don’t like scaring you but I need you to know how serious this is. Do you understand?” They all nodded again “Good. What’s the plan then Shayla?”

“We have a map of BLI.” Shayla told them “We’ve found a way into the building, the most likely places that our parents will be hidden and how to get back out again. Danielle has the draculoid cure so that if our parents are draculoids, we can just cure them straightaway. The only trouble is that we only have a couple of ray guns.”

“I have a plan for that.” Gerard said surprisingly “We have this invention called a ‘vend-a-hack.’ There are vending machines for BLI citizens where they put in their tickets at petrol stations and they get access to things like batteries and all sorts. One of the buttons gives you a ray gun. We’ll just hack the vending machine and get as many ray guns as we need.”

“Take care of your ray gun!” I told the kids. I was still so worried that they wouldn’t take this seriously and end up killing one another or something “Don’t go round shooting at random! Aim properly and then shoot. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little off, just try your best.” They all just nodded wordlessly, most of them looking too terrified to speak “Don’t worry. I know that we’re going to succeed.”
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