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[A/N] – Way too happy to sleep so here’s the latest chapter. I met Jordan and Rob from We Are The In Crowd and they were so nice. I totally attack hugged Rob but he didn’t get mad at me or anything :D I also managed to give Jordan the book I’d made for them and I’m actually pretty embarrassed about some of the stuff I wrote because I didn’t think I’d be able to give it to them but whatever…

On the way to BLI me and Gerard stopped at a petrol station to hack the vending machine while the kids stayed in the car “I don’t know if they’re ready for ray guns you know.” I whispered “I’m still worried that they’re gonna blow each other’s heads off.”

“Please. Mikey and Hozzie were just little kids when they got their first ray guns and they were fine.”

“Well that’s different. They do what you tell them to.”

“The kids listen to you. They respect you, honestly.” Gerard told me “Come on, keep pushing the ray gun button until we get enough.”

“I hate the white ones.” I sighed “I wish we had some paint or something to decorate them. Whenever I use the white one, I feel like a member of BLI or something and it makes me feel sick.”

“Maybe sometimes we hide behind our colours.” Gerard replied “Come on, we’ve got enough. The kids understand not to destroy each other. Honestly, they just want their parents back. They’ll be sensible now, I promise.”

Gerard pulled up outside BLI “Alright now it’s time to get really serious.” He turned around in his seat “Don’t make a noise unless it’s an emergency. If you see a draculoid then don’t scream, just shoot him straightaway, okay?”

“Okay.” They all whispered, far too terrified to say anything else.

I was getting nervous too. We hadn’t seen our friends in three years and I’m really worried about what we’ll find when we get there. What if they’re dead? If they were draculoids then I guess that’d be okay because we could just cure them. But what if they were dead? Then what would I do? What if Jennifer was dead? I wouldn’t be able to handle that.

For a moment I considered waiting outside for the others to come out and tell me what had happened. I couldn’t face it if Jennifer was dead. But then I saw the looks on the kids’ faces and knew that I didn’t have a choice. Either we all went in together or none of us went in at all.

Shayla took charge and lead us through a corridor into BLI headquarters and then we emerged into the actual building. I started shaking but tried not to look scared so that the kids wouldn’t see. Gerard noticed though and put his hand on my shoulder “It’s gonna be okay.” He whispered.

We walked through the building. We bumped into one draculoid but luckily the kids didn’t over re-act and just shot at him. He died almost instantly “What if that was my Daddy in a killjoy mask?” Ezra cried, running over and pulling back the draculoid mask. Luckily it was just a complete stranger.

“I think they’d be down here.” Levana whispered, looking at her map and leading us down a flight of stairs.

There was a door at the bottom. Gerard shot the lock off of it and pushed it open. Sitting inside looking beat up, tired and scared were Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob and Doctor DD “Danielle!” Bob cried, standing up.

“Gee!” Mikey shrieked, running over to him and throwing her arms around his neck.

Gerard hugged him back “Did they hurt you Mikes? Oh god, please don’t cry!”

“I can’t help it!” Mikey sobbed into his shoulder.

“Daddy!” Alicia squeaked. Mikey laughed and lifted her up then kissed her cheek. Doctor DD was holding Shayla, Frank had Levana in one arm and Ezra in the other with Miles clinging to his leg and Ray had Draven.

“Where are the girls?” I asked them “We need to get out of here as soon as possible.”

“We don’t know. We haven’t seen them in three years.” Mikey muttered “I’m really sorry. We’re so useless.”

“It’s not your fault Mikes.” Gerard replied, putting his hand on Mikey’s shoulder “We’ll just have to look for the girls. Let’s go…”
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