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We looked for half-an-hour but couldn’t find them anywhere “Here, check the map.” Levana whispered, holding it out to Gerard.

Gerard studied the map for a long moment “How the hell did you two figure out how to read this map?” Gerard asked, looking at Shayla and Levana “Here, you two read it. I can’t read it at all.”

Shayla and Levana took the map off of him “I don’t know where else they could be.” Shayla muttered “Where else are we supposed to look?”

“Where Crayon was held when she thought we were all a dream?” Mikey suggested.

“But Jennifer was the one who found her and broke her out.” Frank replied “We have no idea where that is.”

“Then we’d better just keep looking around.” I said and so we started walking off again.

Gerard bravely checked every room that we passed, shooting the odd draculoid that we saw. Surprisingly there were hardly any draculoids hanging around “Where are they all?” Draven asked “There’s hardly any of them.”

“The citizens that were on our side when we were in charge tried to take over.” Frank told us “They killed most of the draculoids. But unfortunately they didn’t win and most of them are dead or they’re being turned into draculoids as we speak. That’s why there’s hardly any of them left.”

“What about Korse and Haru?” Gerard asked “Are they still alive?”

“Unfortunately.” Mikey said bitterly “They survive everything and it’s starting to piss me off.”

“Wait, maybe they’re in here.” Draven said, pointing to a door with a large lock on it.

“Oh my god, obviously they’d be behind a locked door!” Gerard cried “Well done Draven, honestly, we’re so stupid.”

“I know and I’m really smart.” Draven grinned and the rest of us laughed even though it wasn’t that funny. We just wanted to lighten the mood.

Gerard shot the lock and pushed open the door. All the girls were behind there! I shoved past them all and threw my arms around Jennifer’s neck “I missed you so much!” I cried before bursting into tears.

“Hey, I missed you too.” Jennifer croaked, hugging me back.

“Jennifer!” Bob cried, running into the room and hugging her close. I was still hugging Jennifer though so I was squished between them. But I didn’t care. So long as Jennifer was okay.

“We’d better get out of here.” Gerard said nervously, one arm around Crayon “Come on, we need to leave, like right now.”

“How do we leave?” Hozzie asked.

“We take the exit obviously.” Ezra laughed.

“There will be draculoids at all the exits though.” Penina pointed out, leaning on Frank.

“No, we found a tunnel into the building.” Gerard told her “We’ll leave that way. BLI won’t even notice.”

We made it out of the building pretty easily “Where are the other kids?” Penina asked.

“We left them at home.” I replied “We didn’t want them getting hurt.”

“But what if BLI found the building and broke in?” Penina panicked “We’ve gotta get home, right now!”

“Mommy, stop panicking.” Levana said, getting into the Trans-Am “Everyone will be okay, I promise.”

“You’re such a Sweetie.” Penina laughed, pulling Levana onto her lap.

“What took you so long?” Raven asked “We were there for ages, why didn’t you come sooner?”

“Gerard kind of zoned out for the whole three years.” I said “And also the kids were way too young. I didn’t think Gerard would snap out of it so I wanted to wait until the kids were old enough. I couldn’t have found you all by myself.”

“That’s true.” Raven nodded “I’m sorry. But it was so awful there. You don’t understand.”

“It was awful for us too.” Gerard replied, not taking his eyes off the ‘road’ “It was awful for Danielle having to raise all the kids by herself. I couldn’t handle that I’d lost you all. So I just sat in my chair, thinking, all the time.”

“Thinking about what?” Crayon asked him.

“About everything.” Gerard whispered “Oh well. I just wanna get home and make sure Rosie’s okay now that I know you guys are okay.”

I stared out of the window on the way home, hoping to find someone. We’d found our friends but we still hadn’t found Ben and Jack.
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