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[A/N] – It’s one of those afternoons where I’m not happy unless I’m reading or writing. And I promised myself that I wouldn’t start reading my book until I’d updated all my fics :) Here’s the next chapter of Ashes!

Rosie’s POV…

“They’re never coming back!” Finn said cruelly to Sapphire and Jora “We might as well give up hope. Danielle can’t save us. If anything bad happens, Gerard will just zone out again.”

“Shut up!” I yelled “My Daddy’s amazing! He can do amazing things! You don’t know the first thing about him.”

“And Ezra, Levana and Miles are all really brave.” Jora yelled, sticking her tongue out at Finn to show him that she wasn’t scared at all. She took after her Dad. She was loud, brave and cheeky.

Sapphire burst into tears. I was pretty sure she took after her Mum but I’d never really gotten to know her Dad so I wasn’t entirely sure “Quit crying, they’ll be fine, just ignore silly old Finn.” I pulled Sapphire onto my lap “Don’t be so mean Finn. You definitely don’t take after Crayon; she’s the greatest step-mom in the whole world. And you’re the most annoying twerp of a step-brother in the world.”

“I wish my real Dad was here.” Finn sighed “He’s not afraid of anything. He’d go to BLI by himself and save all of them!”

“Well your Dad’s not here because he ran off and left your Mom all by herself.” I said cruelly. Well I was sick of him being mean to Sapphire and Jora.

“Well your Mommy was insane! Danielle told me that she shot Crayon. So your Mommy is worse than my Daddy!”

Unfortunately, he was right. I only remembered my Mom a little bit but I could remember her getting mad at Gerard and Crayon. I also remember sobbing that it was all my fault. Maybe it was all my fault? It’s not like I can remember.

“Shut up!” Jora shrieked “You’re giving me a massive headache! I wish my Daddy was here. Levana said that he used to read us stories at night. Why doesn’t Danielle read us stories?”

“The only stories she knows are the real stories of what happened to our parents and stuff.” I told her “She doesn’t want to tell us about all that stuff.”

“But I wanna know about that stuff.” Jora cried, jumping up onto the sofa and turning her hand into a pretend ray gun “I wanna know all about the stuff our parents did as killjoys. About the day they overtook BLI. About how brave my Dad was because Ezra always told me Daddy was really brave. Why can’t Danielle tell us all about that?”

“She probably will when you’re a bit older.” I muttered “Shush! What was that?”

We heard a car outside “It’s only Danielle.” Finn laughed at me “You’re such a baby.”

“They wouldn’t be back so quickly.” I said hastily, trying to make all the kids shush. Finn was laughing hysterically at me, Jora was babbling questions at me and Sapphire was still sobbing her eyes out. I crept over to the window and looked outside. My heart almost stopped. There was a man with a bald head outside dressed all in white. He reminded me of someone. Perhaps I’d seen him when I was little? I had a sudden flashback of crying and crying until suddenly I was safe in my Dad’s arms. No matter what, I knew this guy was bad and I had to hide us from him.

I turned back to the kids and put a finger to my lips. They all instantly shut up and looked confused. I lifted up Sapphire, took Jora’s hand and told Finn to keep quiet and come with me “We need to hide until our parents get back.” I whispered “And we need to be extra quiet, okay?” They all nodded and we ran into the kitchen “What did Danielle tell us to do in emergencies?” I asked hastily.

“She said go to the secret hiding place.” Finn replied.

“Where is the secret hiding place?” I asked, putting my hand over Sapphire’s mouth quickly because the door thumped and she started shrieking.

Jora ran into the middle of the kitchen and lifted up one tile… But a lot of other tiles went up with it and there was a small trap door in the middle of the room “Well done Jora!” I whispered, leaping inside with Sapphire. Jora and Finn climbed inside too and then I shut the trap door “Now we have to be extra quiet so that he doesn’t find us. Don’t worry, our parents will be back soon to save us.”

There was a loud bang and I assumed that the bald man had succeeded in knocking the door down. There were heavy footsteps, more than one pair “The killjoys must’ve been here.” I heard a low, rough voice say “You know, the ones with the irritating names like ‘Party Poison’ and stuff.” I gritted my teeth. Party Poison was my Dad’s killjoy name and I hated people mocking my Dad. He was my hero “We already exterminated their stupid friends Carl and Natalia. Where do you think they went?”

“They wouldn’t have gone too far without saving their friends.”

There was silence before the voice asked “What if they went to BLI headquarters to save their pathetic friends? They won’t have left here for definite. Look at all this stuff.” There were more footsteps into the kitchen “I vote that we sit it out here and wait for the snot nosed brats to return. Then we exterminate them all.”

“There are more of them then us Sir.”

There was an evil laugh “Not for long.”
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