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The Charms of 15 Year Old Twins

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Sam and Dean have 2 half-sisters. When they go missing, they do everything they can to find them, even though they blame themselves.

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Sam's P.O.V

'Sammy, just calm down alright?' Dean asked me.

'How the hell are you not freaking out Dean? They're our responsibility. What if it was Crowley?' I asked angrily.

'Listen, I'm as scared as you are, but we've taught them everything we know, and they're still better hunters than us. I just know they're safe.' Dean told me. 'Besides, why would Crowley take them? He's terrified of them.' He said.

'Well, whoever took them must have planned it. It's a bit of a coincidence right? It's been a year since they joined us.' I told him.

'We don't know that anyone took them!' Dean shouted.

'Well what do you think happened, huh? That they just went off to party at the local club with their fake I.D.'s? I don't think so.' I said.

Penina and Maria Winchester are our half-sisters. We took them under our wing a year ago when we first found out about them. We also found out they were wanted by the supernatural. Penina's got long, straight, chestnut brown hair with a full fringe and green eyes, and Maria has very curly, jet black hair that goes down to her chest, and she's got big, dark brown eyes. Maria's nickname is Mia, and she usually goes by that.

Penina's very quiet and she keeps herself to herself, unless she gets her hands on sugar. Then she's all over the place and spilling her secrets. Mia has basically taken care of her for her whole life. They're twins, and very different. While everyone's different, Penina's a different kind of different. She's got something called autism. She's been made fun of for being "crazy and stupid," but she's really one of the most clever people on the planet. Mia is loyal and dependable. She's just as clever as Penina, but even more clever on the streets. Penina likes to wander off on her own, so we all have to keep a close eye on her.

'Have you checked with Jen or Jay?' Dean asked. I shook my head.

'I'll do that now.' I said. I pulled out my phone and called 2 other hunters. It took a couple of rings, but eventually Jarrod picked up.

'Hello?' She asked.

'Hey Jay, have you seen either of the girls?' I asked.

'Nope. Why? What's happened?' She asked.

'They've gone missing.' I explained to her. 'I need to ask Jen. Just let me know if you find anything.' I said.

'Yeah, sure I will.' She said. I hung up and called Jen.

'You've reached a sexy bastard.' She said.

'Jen, have you seen the girls?' I asked.

'No. Oh god. This must've been what they were talking about.' She said.

'What? What do you mean?' I asked.

'Mia called me yesterday, and she told me to tell you guys to tell their mum.' She answered.

'Jesus. Did she sound scared to you?' I asked.

'Honestly, no. She sounded relieved.' She told me.

'Okay. Thank you.' I said. I hung up and called their mother, Jane Williamson. It went to her voicemail. 'Janey, call me back as soon as you get this. It's about the girls.' I said.

'Where do you think they could be?' Dean asked, driving around the most dangerous places in hopes that we saw them.

'How am I supposed to know when even Cas can't find them?' I asked angrily.

'Okay, stop taking it out on me. It's not my fault.' Dean shouted.

'It was your idea to leave them on their own while you went to get some more salt.' I said.

'We've done it loads of times before, and not once did they go missing. Don't you dare start blaming me for them disappearing.' He argued.

'I want my sisters back.' I said.

'So do I Sammy, but we need to be clever about it. Now think, is there any place they've mentioned in the past few months?' He asked.

'You mean besides going to a My Chemical Romance concert? No. And I've checked. They haven't even announced a tour yet.' I told him.

'They're really into them.' Dean said sighing. He then turned on the car radio and put in one of their CD's. I stared at him for a while, confused as to why he would do that. He then noticed and answered. 'Well, it's just not a journey without eventually listening to them. Seriously, their nagging drives me nuts, but until they come back, they're the only CD we're listening to.' He said. I smirked.

'I never knew you had this much of a sentimental side.' I said.

'Shut up.' He said.

'Have you checked with Bobby?' I asked.

'He said he's looking into it.' He answered. I noticed him tapping the steering wheel in time to the music. I laughed. 'Shut up, they're not half bad. Don't tell them that though.' He said before pointing at me in warning.

'I won't.' I said still in laughter. I let my arms dangle on the side of the chair. I felt a piece of paper on the side nearest to the window. I pulled it out. It said Hey guys on one side. I flipped it over, and the whole page was covered in Mia's writing.

Sam, Penina noticed that you put your arms by the side of the chair every so often. Kind of like blinking, you don't know you're doing it. If you're reading this, then she was right. We're okay you two. This is just something we have to do. If Castiel told you he couldn't find us, he's done what we asked. Don't bother calling him, because he won't come. It's for your own safety. Trust us. It wasn't my idea though. It was Penina's. She's clever, but she needs me. We'll be back, I promise, now why would a girl lie? Penina said that sounds like the beginning of a joke. Why would a girl lie? Because she doesn't want to stand up. Go on, laugh. It's funny. At least we thought it was. She said she partly got it from 13 Reasons Why. She loves that book. We're probably where we need to be by the time you read this, and if we are, then you won't be able to find us, and that's good news. Trust me. Penina's got Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge with her in case you're wondering where that went. We knew you wouldn't bother looking at it, so you can't trace the number on the CD case. I'll give you a hint about where we are though. We're closer than you think. We're always closer than you think. We've got to go now though. You're about to bring your food back. See you soon! We love you guys! Xx

'What's that?' Dean asked.

'Stop the car.' I said.

'Sam...' He started.

'I said stop the car!' I shouted at him. He eventually did and I handed him the note.

'I'm going to kill that damn angel.' Dean shouted.

'We should trap him and get him to give us information. No way is he going to go unpunished for this.' I said through gritted teeth. We're going to get them back as soon as possible, and nothing can stop us.

So, yeah. I rewrote this because I didn't think it was very good. I like this one though. Rate and review please! Let me know which one you prefer! XD xx
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