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It's for the Best

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It just has to be this way.

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Mia's P.O.V

'You know why we're here right?' I asked Penina. She nodded her head.

'But it's kind of pointless Mia. We're staying in some shack until Sam and Dean have left this state just so I can go to somewhere for no reason.' She argued.

'It's for a good reason. Penina, you're ill. Why don't you get that?' I asked.

'I'm fine.' She said stubbornly.

'Penina, you tried to kill yourself. How could you possibly say you're fine? I know you feel terrible. Even Cas agreed to this. An angel said it's best that you go somewhere for help. You're just as stubborn as Dean sometimes.' I said.

'For god sake. Why don't I get a choice in whether or not I live anymore? I just want to die. Why is that so bad?' She asked.

'Because you don't deserve to feel so bad. You're amazing Penina. Too amazing to be feeling this way. Besides, they'd just keep you locked in a salt bath or something. This is the right thing to do Penina. And I'll be there for you. Besides, we get to see Cas acting as your uncle. That's going to be hysterical.' I told her. She smiled at the thought.

'If he thinks it’s so bad for me to be feeling like this, why can't he just fix me with his magical powers?' She asked sarcastically.

'You know it doesn't work like that. Besides, you get to learn something from this. You get to have the feeling after this of conquering your depression yourself.' I told her.

'I'm not something that needs or wants to be fixed.' She mumbled. About an hour later, we heard the familiar flapping of Castiel's wings. We turned around and saw him standing there.

'They've gone. They found your note, and they hate me now. But it's time to go.' He said.

'Where do I go once she's settled in?' I asked.

'I've found somewhere for you. However, we must go now.' He answered. He touched our foreheads and we were teleported to the front of the hospital.

'I don't want to go.' Penina said crying.

'It's okay. You'll be fine. I'm going to check on you everyday.' I told her.

'I'll check on you every so often too.' Castiel said. We walked to the front desk having to drag Penina with us. The receptionist looked at us in bewilderment.

'What's going on?' She asked.

'Nothing.' Penina answered.

'She needs help. She tried to commit suicide a few days ago.' Castiel said.

'I said I'm fine.' Penina screamed at him.

'I'm her uncle, and this is her sister. I just found out.' He said. I've got to admit, for an angel, he was a terrific actor.

'Okay. What's your name sweetie?' She asked Penina.

'Penina Dayne.' She said. We can't use the name Winchester, so she had to lie.

'Okay Penina, my name's Heidi Foster. I promise no one's going to hurt you. You do need to go to have an interview with Dr Williams, but that's just for precautions.' She said. Penina seemed to be calming down a bit. She got a nurse to take her into a different wart to the interview room.

'What's going to happen to her?' I asked.

'Well, if what you said is true, she's going to have to stay in the asylum until she gets better. I need you to fill out these forms.' She said handing the forms to Castiel. We sat down on the seats.

'I've looked over a couple of people in asylums before. They've always been okay in the end.' Castiel said trying to make me feel better. I sighed and nodded my head. He filled out the forms that ended up with all the information on her, except from the hunting business of course. Castiel handed it to Heidi and she put the forms in an envelope.

'Who did you look over?' I asked.

'A girl who was Penina's age named Melody Peters, and Elton John.' He said. My eyes widened.

'Elton John?' I asked.

'Yes. But he still doesn't know I exist.' He answered. After talking to each other for about an hour, Heidi came up to us.

'I'm afraid she's been admitted here indefinitely.' She told us.

'She'll get better right?' I asked.

'We're not sure. She's admitted to other various suicide attempts that you don't know about. It's a miracle she's alive today. We've never seen anything like it. We're going to do our best though.' She said before going back to her desk.

'What if she doesn't get better?' I asked Castiel.

'She's a Winchester. If there's one thing everyone knows, it's that Winchesters always get better. Some angels in the garrison are terrified of that fact.' He said.

'But, what if she doesn't. She's my sister.' I said beginning to cry.

'I should probably tell your brothers that you're safe.' He said before vanishing for a few minutes. When he came back he zapped me to a comfortable looking, homely place.

'This is my vessel, Jimmy's house. His wife and kid had to leave a while ago, so it's safe for you to live. I'll check up on you. There's money underneath his mattress.' He told me. I nodded and he left again. I need my sister back. I didn't know how hard this was going to be.

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