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New MCR album 2013

by OhmyGee 4 reviews

New MCR album in Jan. Or Feb.

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My friend told me that there is going to be a new My Chemical Romance album. Probably some time in the first few months of 2013. I am like literally bouncing of the walls right now. Seriously. I hope the album would be sorta more three cheers/black parade... I like Danger Days, it's just im not so keen on there whole direction of 'happiness' and 'brightness'...Im still a dark child.

I dunno why but...i think it would ne hilarious if they start off singing little children and baby lullubys about friendship and love- then some heavy metal song just starts blasting...

Okay,so if I am wrong about the release date of the new album, then I'm sorry. I just heard it from my friend, and I still am bouncing off the fuckin' ceiling. Fuck if she's wrong im going to go insane...

Also, this is totally off topic but I think that the chemistry students should get to go on feild trips to a meth lab...and to see My Chemical Romance in consert!
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