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Peterick oneshot, maybe chapterfic Posted in the MCR category because most people who read my stuff lurk here. Don't like it? Don't read it. Pete helps Patrick run away from his abusive parents..

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Running away from home is not usually a well thought-out decision. It’s usually something kids do when they’re angry with their parents for taking their television privileges away, in the hopes that scaring their parents will get them back. Or they’ll run away for some petty reason, thinking their life is so unfair and they’d be better on their own.

This isn’t like that.

I quietly shove my clothes into Pete’s oversized gym bag. I bite my lip and listen for their bedroom door to open, because if it does I’ll have to run. Run, and leave everything I haven’t managed to pack forever. Because after running away, there is no coming back peacefully. Pete and I have already transferred my most prized possessions to his parent’s house, already. My guitar, for example, is leaned against the wall, right beside Pete’s bass. Now that Pete is eighteen, he’s leaving Chicago and he’s taking me with him. He’s saving me. Literally, saving my life. He gathers a few more things and shoves them into the bag.

“Calm down, ‘Trick.” He whispers, noticing my shakey hands, “It’s alright. We’ve been over the plan a million times, we’ll be fine.” He reaches over and takes my hand, squeezing it lightly before letting go and grabbing my teddy bear off my bed, putting it into the bag. I stuff in more clothes before freezing, my breath catching in my throat. Their bedroom door squeaks open and footsteps make their way down the hall. Pete grabs my bag and stuffs the rest of the clothes into it before opening the window and dropping it to the ground. He looks to me as the footsteps draw nearer.

“Come on, ‘Trick. It’s okay, we just have to jump. And remember, it isn’t far. I’ll jump first...” he bites his lip as the footsteps get even closer, “a-and then you jump. I’ll catch you. But Patrick...” the footsteps become even more loud as he puts his hands on the sides of my face, “Patrick you can’t freeze. You can do this. You can escape. You just have to jump. Okay?”

I nod, “O-O-Oka-kay P-Pete.”

He nods and kisses my forehead before jumping out the window. I watch as he lands on the bag, unharmed. The footsteps stop at my door way, stopping my heart as well. Fuck. Jump. Just Jump. the door knob turns as I jump down, out of the window. I expect to hit the hard ground, or even the bag. What I honestly didn’t expect was two arms to catch me. Pete..really caught me. I blush as he puts me on my feet.

“HE’S GONE!” My father’s voice thunders throughout the house, “HE PACKED HIS SHIT AND LEFT!”

Pete grabs my hand and pulls me, running to his car parked two blocks over. He drives to his parents house and takes me inside as we gather the rest of our things. I’m shaking and dropping everything I pick up, so Pete has me sit on his bed and trying to calm down. He takes everything out to the car and comes back, sitting on the bed beside me, hugging me tight. I shake in his arms, not even able to return the hug.

“Shh.. It’s okay Patrick.” he strokes my cheek, being careful of the bruises on my face, “They can’t hurt you anymore. You’re free.”

I whimper and hide my face in Pete’s shoulder.

“We have to go now.” He kisses my hair, “They’ll know to look here. That’s why we have to leave. We both have enough money saved up, we’ll be fine until we get jobs.”

“Y-You really c-caught me.” I look up at him.

He smiles, “Well I said I would, didn’t I?”

“Y-Yes but..”

Pete smiles and stands up, taking my hands, “I will always catch you.”

I blush and walk with him to his car.
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