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Pete and Patrick discuss where they're going to go

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“If you ever talk to Pete boy about the personal things that go on in our home again, you’ll get a lot worse than this.” my mother yells, slapping me in the face with a hardback copy of some book. My broken glasses fly across the room as I feel my nose break. I don’t let out a scream of pain, like my body wants to, though. It’s not allowed. If I cry, yell, or even whimper, she’ll do much worse. I’ve learned to keep my emotions in check, because if not I would probably be dead.

“Does that hurt, boy?” My father walks up behind me, shoving me to the ground.

“N-No sir.” I clutch my bleeding nose, holding back tears.

“That’s right. Because you don’t feel. You’re nothing.” he kicks my side.

I bite my lip hard, holding back a yelp of pain as they leave my bedroom. I don’t allow a tear to fall until I hear their car leave the driveway.

I wake up to Pete gently nudging my shoulder. I rub my eyes sleepily and look around, noticing that we’re in the parking lot of a hotel. Looking over to Pete a feel a twinge of guilt hit the pit of my stomach. He’s already done so much for me, and he’s paying for it all. Literally, and figuratively. I haven’t had money of my own my entire life. My parents were very against me saving money, because they knew I’d leave. So Pete’s saved his money since we met, and he’s left all of his family and friends, just to save me.

“Bad dream?” he frowns.

I subconsciously rub the bridge of my nose and mumble, “Bad memory.”

He nods and leans to kiss my cheek, “And now that’s all they are, ‘Trick. Memories.” he gives me a smile, “You’ve nothing to worry about any more. Let’s go get a room, okay?”

I nod.

We carry our things to the hotel room and collapse onto the beds. I look over to Pete, rubbing his eyes tiredly. Poor guy, he’s been driving for hours. He walks over to my bed and pulls me into a hug. Random affection, is something I’ve gotten used to, with Pete. The first time he tried to hug me, though, I was afraid for my life. I guess it makes sense though, because the only physical contact I’ve ever gotten before that was violent.

“Pete?” I ask softly.

“Yes, Patrick?”

“Wh-Why are you doing this? You’re spending all of your money a-and you left e-everyone-”

“Stop that right now, okay?” He hugs tighter, “I wanted you safe. I can make you safe. And I’ll visit my family occasionally. But this... your safety is so important to me.” he kisses my cheek, “Nothing is worth risking them going too far. They’ve already gone to far...” his eyes water, “But you’re alive, and now I can keep you safe.”

I lean into the hug and nod in defeat. Pete’s a really caring person, of course he’d jump at the chance to help me. He’s perfect. The day he found out my parents were abusive he was livid. He wanted to call the police immediately. I changed his mind, by informing him that they’d kill me at the sound of police sirens. I wasn’t exaggerating, they told me themselves and they meant it. I still feel bad for Pete, though. The few times my parents have let me stay at his house, I did nothing but cry, wake up from nightmares and cry more. I’m always upset and miserable and only Pete sees it. Only Pete sees my pain and suffering. Because I only trust Pete. He’s the only person who’s never hurt me. He’s the only person who cares about me. he rubs my back gently.

“Hey Patrick?”

I look up to him, “Y-Yeah?”

“What do you think of New Jersey? I have a friend that lives there.”

I nod, “Sounds fine to me.”

He smiles, “I think you’ll like him. His name’s Mikey, and he and his brother are really cool. Mikey’s a bit more quieter and reserved, like you.”

I fidget, “Y-You won’t leave me r-right?”

“Never, Patrick.” He kisses my forehead, “I’ll always protect you.”

“What if they find us?” I ask fearfully.

“They’re probably sitting in a jail cell right now. You remember the pictures I took of you all bruised up? Evidence. Since you weren’t there for them to harm... I provided the police with everything they needed.”

I hug him tightly, “S-So they’re going to jail?”

He nods, “And you’re far away, safe to start a new life.”

I blush as my eyes water, “Th-Thank you Pete.... so much.”

“I’d do anything to make you happy.” he smiles, gently wiping my tears away with his fingers.

I curl into him as we fall asleep. I’m free, thanks to Pete. I’m save, and I think I’ll end up being happy. Things I never imagined possible until I met him. He’s always been the best friend I’ve ever had, and the fact that he’s sticking with me through this is purely amazing. He’s so perfect. I don’t know if I’ll like meeting Mikey, though. I know Pete won’t ditch me, but I’m sure I’ll dislike sharing my best friend with him. I can’t help but worry that they might be more than friends, but I’m probably just drawing the worse conclusions possible. I’m sure we’ll all get along fine, and as Pete said I’ll be safe.

Safety. How so many people take it for granted.
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