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28. Band Practice

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Edith's POV
"I'm getting ready. Oh yeah I'm getting ready for my da-ate!" I sing as I get ready for my date with Harry. We complete 3 months today and we just have to have a small date to celebrate. I just can't wait to spend my day with him. It's going to be so much fun!
"hey are you downstairs yet!?" I say through the phone without a hello when Harry calls. 
"actually I'm not."
"what time are you getting here? I want to be with you already!!"
"I want to see you too babe but.. I'm going to have to cancel."
ripped disc
"yeah.. I have another meeting again."
"I'm sorry! It's a pain in the ass but I have to attend. I'll make it up to you, I promise."
"fine. I love you." 
"I love you too. Bye."
"bye." I throw my phone on the bed and pout. 
What an ass, I was dressed already with a perfect outfit for a sunny day in fall--which is weird--but whatever and now.. I have no plans for the day. Even Annie and Carlos are out today so I can't hang with them. Great. 
I kick off my shoes and sit on my bed when I get another phone call. This time from Emma. 
"hey girlfriend." I answer walking over to the kitchen to grab a small shot of wine to calm my nerves. 
"you busy?" she asks.
"no why?"
"want to hang out today?"
"oh yes!! What a life savor. Harry ditched me today for some stupid meeting so I have nothing to do."
"okay great, come over to my house."
"ugh, I'll be there in a heart beat!" 
"Kay, I'll be waiting." 
I hang up and throw my phone in my purse, grab my car keys--or Annie's should I say--and leave my house running. 
I'm so glad Annie doesn't use her car a lot so it's basically mine. I even use it to go to the store around the corner! 

The ride over to Jersey was fucking hell. There was traffic and I was stuck in the same spot for 10 minutes! Did I mention it was hot too?!
Now what's making my life hell is finding parking space. I finally find one a block away. 
And now that I'm walking over to Emma's house, some little girl is walking her dog and her stupid dog decides to start barking at me. 
"get away!" I yell and the dog starts to bite my shoe. 
"ugh!!" I start to run and the dog chases me. 
"this is not my day!" I yell and run inside Emma's apartment building. Thank god it was opened! I run up the stairs and knock. 
"hey why do you look so.. Beat up?" She answers letting me in.
"ugh, you would not imagine what I went through to get here."
"how horrible. Do you want anything to drink?"
"just cold, cold water please."
"kay." she laughs and pours the water in a cup.
"where's Frank?" I ask her when she comes to sit with me in the living room.
"he's.. He's suppose to be with Ray.." 
"oh okay.." Emma sits next to me 
on the couch and turns the TV on.
"what do you normally do Emma?"
"like on a daily bases?"
"well, go to school from like 8 to 12 and then come home and eat, clean up a little, feed the dogs and do homework. Oh and watch TV. On other days like the weekend I got to work at the mall."
"oh, sounds busy." 
"yeah, or sometimes I find Frank here cleaning up so I don't clean up." she giggles. 
"he cleans??"
"yeah!" she laughs again. In that moment, the door bursts open and Frank with the guys come in wildly. 
"what are you guys doing??" Emma yells. 
"we came to pick something up. Hi Eddie." 
"hey." I reply. Gerard spots me and greets me with a kiss on the cheek and sits next to me. 
"what are you looking for?!" Emma yells. We hear Frank rumbling through something in the closet. She runs inside the closet with him and all we could hear is muffled screaming when she closes the door. 
"what are you doing here?" Gerard asks me with a sweet warming smile. 
"hanging with Emma. I have nothing to do so I'm here."
"great, want to watch us practice for tonight's gig?"
"you have a gig tonight?"
"yeah, wanna come?"
"I'll see." I reply with a smile. His smile slightly fades and he looks down at my knee. 
"boyfriend?" he asks. I nod. 
"well, anyway.. Want to watch us play?"
"sure." I caress his cheek and his sweet smile returns. 
"ahem." I hear someone say and I turn towards the direction it's coming from.
"I'm keeping an eye on you two." Ray says through squinted eyes. Gerard turns around to him than back at me. 
"I understand you guys still like each other but you two both know it's not right." we both nod. He looks at me with a sweet smile and grabs my hand.
"can we at least hold hands?" Gerard scolds.
"whatever. Your choice." he sits comfortably on the couch and picks up a magazine that's on the table. 
"I don't think we should make him mad. He has a point Gerard." I whisper. 
"fine." he lets go of my hand but then grabs my pinky with his.
"pinky is fine right?"
"sure." I laugh. Emma and Frank come back out. Frank holds a type of pedal. 
"let's go?"
"Matt says he's at the garage already." Mikey says standing up and putting his phone away. 
"great." he walks over to the door and opens it. 
"you're going Emma?" I ask. 
"yeah, wanna come?"
"yeah I'm going already. Gerard asked me."
"oh, okay." 
"beat cha!" Gerard says flicking her head as he passes. 
"dork." she replies and walks out behind us. 

I sit in the car next to Gerard while he drives. Mikey sits in the back with Ray. Frank and Emma take their own car. 
On our way to the Way's garage, we stop by a 7 Eleven.
As always, Frank and Ray go to the beer section, Gerard and Mikey at the coffee section, Emma in the wine section and I just stay looking around. 
"getting anything?" Gerard comes up behind me sipping his dark coffee.
"I dont know yet." I keep looking around as he follows and I go into the fridge section.
"Frankie... Frankie.. Frank!!" Emma pulls on his sleeve. 
"I dont know what wine to get." he stops what he's doing and turns to Emma facing the wines. 
"get.. Get the red one. You always get that one."
"but I want something new."
"umm.. Blue." he points out and goes back to Ray. 
"Frankie!!" she pouts. 
"wait! Let's get the 24 pack." He tells Ray.
"oh hell yeah! Budweiser?"
"you know it!" Ray opens the fridge, grabs the 24 pack and leaves with Frank.
"ugh, I hate you!" she yells. I keep walking around laughing to myself as I just encountered this childish scene. Moments later, Frank comes over and picks Emma up.
"I'm sorry baby," he kisses her, "let's pick wine together." he sets her down and they stand there looking at the wine. 
"you guys are retarded." I comment passing by with Gee. 
"yeah well... Shut up!" Frank yells and throws me a peanut. 
"what the.. Oh god." I turn the aisle and end up in the chips section again. Where did he even get that peanut?
"you would be here." Gerard comments hugging my waist with one hand.
"I know.." I laugh, "I still don't know what to get." we walk down the aisle, still being held by my waist. But he immediatly let's go and continues drinking his coffee as we bump into Ray. He glares at us as we walk on by. 
"I think I'm going to get a slurpee." I say and walk faster. 

When we're all settled inside our cars, we continue our way over to the Way's garage. 
As we got closer and closer, I kept getting flashbacks of my old days in high school. We reach our neighborhood and we pass the market, the park, Bob's old house and then Gerard's old house. 
"wow." I say and step out of the car once we're parked. 
"memories huh?" Gerard says coming by my side. 
"yeah." I reply.
"yeah, I get them too." I smile at him as he already smiles at me genuinely. 
"what took you guys so long?" a guy comes around to us. 
"we went to 7 eleven." Ray answers winking as he shows this guy the beers. 
"hey Matt come over here." Gerard calls him.
"Matt, this is my friend Edith. Edith, this our drummer Matt."
"hi nice to meet you." I say and shake his hand. 
"nice to meet you too. Edith.. Sounds familiar.." he says and strokes his beard. 
"have we met before?"
"I don't thinks so." I giggle. 
"huh.. Weird..." 
"anyways, let's step inside." Gerard drags us up the parking space and leads us inside. 
Inside, it's pretty spacious and all the things are set up. microphones, guitars, base, and drums. 
"here I brought the pedal." Frank says and passes it to Matt. Emma comes and joins me on the couch.
"are your parents home?" I ask Mikey who sits next to me with his base. 
"nah, they're visiting my grandma out of state."
"aww, okay. Tell them I said hi when they come back."
"sure will." he looks up and smiles. 
"Kay, let's get started." Gerard announces and Mikey makes his way up. 
The guitar starts to play and I remember this song.
"what's the name of this song?" I ask Emma. She sips her glass of wine, passing me a glass and answers, "Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For the Two of Us." 
"what a long name."
"I know." she laughs. 
Well I find it hard to say, with the words you say, oh baby let me in.. Oh baby let me in!
I watch as Ray head bangs and plays that guitar solo. I remember he'd always talk about playing guitar in high school. What a dream come true isn't it? Playing guitar in college and in a band with your best friends. What a dream. 
Now this guy Matt is really good. It's incredible. I remember I was always into the drums. I always wanted to play drums as a kid but soon got over it when I was introduced to dance. I admire Matt, even though I barely met him today, he looks as if he's putting out his soul to play. It's really cool. 
"Let's me live the life I live ahh!!"
Same thing goes to Frank. He's just like all over the place playing that guitar and screaming his lungs out. Who knew he was really good. 
And Gerard's voice. Just.. Wow. I never thought it'd be this amazing. I mean he use to sing to me a song or two but I never put much interest in his voice. Till now. It's beautiful. Who knew he had such talent. 
"so that seems to be about it. How much time do we have left?" Gerard asks drinking his water. They played non stop for about 2 hours. It was amazing. They played Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us, Cubicles, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, This Is the Best Day Ever and whole of other songs.
"about half hour before we have to leave." Frank answers.
Ray starts to play something in his guitar and everyone just starts to laugh. 
"let's practice this song!" Frank yells and looks at me, "Astro Zombies." he winks and joins Ray. 
Oh, all I want to do, all I want
With just a touch of my burning hand I send my Astro Zombies to rape the land
Prime directive, exterminate the whole human race.
Gerard starts to sing with a smile. He looks so happy and into the song. 
and your face just drops in a pile of flesh and then your heart, dart pounds. Gerard smiles and winks at me and I can't help but feel all warm inside. He looks really hot singing this song.
"doesn't Harry like this song?" Emma asks me.
"yeah he does. If only he were here to hear it. He said he wanted to watch them play."
"why don't you guys go to the show tonight?"
"oh I dont know.. I'll ask. But not sure if he'll want to." 
"hmm." she says and drinks the last of her wine. I look back at the band and watch Ray who also looks really into the song. 
Ugh.. It's not that Harry won't want to go. He's up for anything but.. I just don't want him to meet Gerard yet.. It'll hurt Gerard and me..
oh, all I want to know
All I want to know
All I want to know
All I want, oh
In that last part, everyone does one head bang making it look really cool. Everyone starts to clap and the band hugs each other. 
"that was great!" I say and get up to hug Gerard. I hug his neck as he wraps his arm around me lifting me a little. 
"you have an amazing voice." I tell him looking at his beautiful hazel eyes. 
"thanks. You don't know how much that means to me." I grin and slightly kiss his lips. But he pushes it and deepens the kiss. 
"oooohhh.." we hear everyone say. Including Ray who doesn't seem to be mad. We let go and laugh. He puts me down but keeps an arm wrapped around my waist. 
"looks like I can't stop you two." Ray says. He sighs, "oh well" and passes us patting Gerard's back. 
"that was awesome dude." Frank says and let's go of Emma to hug Gerard. He lets go of me and I walk to Emma. 
"it was good huh." she says. 
"yeah, it was incredible."
"aha!! Now I know where I saw you!" Matt says snapping his fingers and coming closer to us. Everyone in the room stays silent and listens. 
"at one of our gigs. Gerard pointed you out." 
"oh yeah.. I did" Gerard admits.
"oh really? Where was I?"
"you were at the bar drinking and I had seen you from backstage. But at the time I didn't know it was you. I had just seen a pretty girl who apparently was you."
"haha, funny. Pretty girl." Frank laughs.
"oh okay." I giggle. 
"anyone want beers?" Ray says coming in the room. Everyone chants a "hell yeah" and they all get a beer. 
"can I use your restroom?" I ask Gerard. 
"oh yeah sure. Remember where it is?"
"yeah, thanks." 
"Kay." so I walk out of the room and into the kitchen. Everything seems the same but the couches. They've got new black leather couches. 

Gerard's POV
"I'm going to go pop some popcorn." 
"alright. Bring some soda!" Matt yells. As I enter my kitchen, Edith appears around the corner. 
"hey." she says and sits down on the kitchen counter. 
"hey, want anything to drink?"
"nah, I'm good."
"alright, I'm popping popcorn."
"oh cool." I put 3 minutes on the microwave and then turn to her. 
"how were we?" I approach her and rest between her legs. I place my hands on her thighs and look at her smiling. 
"you guys were great. I think you guys are amazing."
"thanks." I giggle. 
"you know, I just remembered." she wraps her arms around my neck and plays with my hair. 
"what?" I grin. 
"the day I was at your gig, you guys played Bury Me in Black and I recall you calling me a bitch.." she raises her eyebrows and widens her eyes. 
"I did? I honestly don't remember. I was really drunk."
"huh, really.."
"yeah.. I swear. I'm really sorry sugar."
"I guess it's fine. I'll let this one go." she giggles seductively and kisses my lips lightly. I enter her mouth and play with her tongue as I make my way up her thighs to her hips, waist, and below her breasts. She moans as I kiss all over her neck. She grips my back pulling me in closer between her legs.
"okay okay.." she says making me stop. I was almost lifting her shirt.
"oh yeah.. I forgot, sorry. It's just.. Really hard."
"I know but.. What can we do?"
"you can brake up with your boyfriend and come with me."
She laughs throwing her head back making me go crazy to kiss her, "I dont know.." she says blushing. Someone comes in through the door and we turn to look. 
"hey popcorn ready?" Frank asks ignoring the way we're positioned. 
"I guess." I reply. He comes around and opens the microwave.
"hmm, you wouldn't know since you're smooching with someone you're not suppose to be smooching with!" he says and throws me an ice cube. 
"well, we can't help it." I help Edith off the counter and we sit across from Frank who sits on the kitchen table. 
"Astro Zombies." he says looking at Edith. 
"that was great." she replies with a laugh. 
"I'll be back." I say and head over to the garage door. 
"hey Ray." I call. 
"what's up?"
"umm.. Oh shit.. Forgot your beer and Matt's soda." I make my way back to the door. 
"yeah Harry told me he wanted to come."
"why couldn't he?"
"he was busy." I was about to walk in when I heard Frank and Edith talking about some Harry guy. I open the door slightly and listen. 
"why don't you guys come to our show tonight?"
"oh, I rather not."
"oh you know why."
"oh Gerard?"
"yeah.. I don't want to hurt him more than what he already is."
"oh yeah true. But.. What are you going to do when they meet?"
"I dont know, probably freak out from the inside seeing both of my lovers right in front of me but I'll try to keep it cool."
"How long have you guys been together?"
"3 months. I was suppose to spend my day with him today but he was busy. So.. Oh well." she giggles.
"oh so it's your anniversary today?"
"well, happy anniversary." Frank laughs. 
So Frank already knows this guy?! Well obviously, they both share a shit load of secrets. 
Fuck my fucking life... I regret kissing Edith today. She probably smooched with him today too and I have his taste in my mouth. Disgusting. Fuck this Harry guy. I hate him with all my heart. 
I burst in through the door not looking at any of them. I grab the sodas and beer and head back without a word. 
"here." I say and toss Ray and Matt their drinks. I plop down next to Emma who's reading a magazine and drink my emergency Vodka and a pill. 
"what are you doing?" she questions me. 
"drinking and popping. What else does it look like I'm doing."
"I thought we had this talk. Even Edith is here. What's wrong with you!" she smacks my hand and turns all her attention to me. 
About a week ago, I was super drunk. I was remembering my times with Edith and I was so pissed off I started to drink. For some fucking weird reason, I called Frank to come drink with me but Emma answered instead and we had a serious talk. She told me if I wanted to be happy and have my amazing body again and Edith back, I should stop drinking. I agreed and we made a "pact". Looks like I just broke it. 
"sorry.." I reply and drink some more. 
"and you don't even care? Fine, don't come to me for some help anymore." she grabs her magazine and walks over to Frank who just came in with Edith. 
"hey guys, I have to go." she announces. 
"aww really?" Ray says and puts his guitar down. 
"yeah.. I'm really sorry. I wish I could have made it tonight but I can't."
"want a ride home?" Mikey asks. 
"um, just to Emma's. I have my car there."
"I could take you." I announce and get up. She smiles, "thanks." 
"you're welcome." I reply almost coldly. 
"be back in a bit."
I park the car in front of Emma's apartment and sigh. 
"thanks for bringing me." she says and rests her head on my shoulder running her fingers towards my knee. I move my knee almost not thinking about it and shrug. She lifts her head up and coughs. 
"so I'll be seeing you another time?"
"sure." I reply. 
"kay.. Umm.. Goodbye.." she says and leans in. I move my head and she plants the kiss on my cheek when she was aiming for my lips. 
She looks at me weirdly and shakes her head. 
"bye." I hear her say sadly and then steps out. I watch her go to her car from my rear view. She gets in and drives away. So then I start to head out too. 
I know I shouldn't be drinking and driving but I'm a pro at this so I don't care right now. All I want is to wash away her taste and image out of my head. 

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