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29. Jade Comes Along

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Frank's POV
"hmm, Emma what else do we need?" 
"well, lettuce and.. Pretty much the vegetables. Ms. Lynn and Victoria are taking care of the party supplies."
"oh great. Finally! Fuck, I wanted to get this over with." 
"what?!" She smacks me with our party list. 
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we're shopping for tomorrows party.
"I thought you were the most excited for this party than all of us!"
"I am! But ugh, I don't want to do the shopping for it!"
"wait shut up, getting a call." while Emma answers her call, I make a right turn and go into the cake isle. I grab some cheesecake mix and throw it in the cart. 
"Vicky says if she should buy decoration flowers or not and what color."
"yes! Tell her to buy them a color that reminds her of Fall season."
I get out of that isle and head over to the veggie section. 
"Emma, can you pick out the veggies?"
"sure." she walks by me and starts to check the veggies out.
I cannot believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I have been waiting for this day for a really long time. Why? Well because, it's the first Thanksgiving in so long where we have Edith and Jade with us. It'll be like old times. The last Thanksgiving we had together, Edith and Gerard looked so happy together and they both prayed a thank you for being with each other. It was one of the best ones ever. 
And now, we'll have them both together again along with Jade. They're probably not a couple anymore but at least they're friends. And that's what counts. 

Mikey's POV
Why is it that I am sad? Shouldn't I feel happy? And thankful? That Thanksgiving is tomorrow and my Jade is coming? Come on Mikey.. Jade is finally coming.. After 4 years. 
These 4 years have been really hard for me.. And not to mention Gerard too.. But he already almost has Edith back so his sad days are almost over. 
But me? Not really.. Jade will only be here for a short period of time and she'll be leaving again.. 
"promise me we'll talk everyday Mikey?"
"I promise Jade. If I didn't, that's suicidal. I don't think I'll handle not talking to you for one day."
"oh Mikey... I don't want to go. Not anymore at least.. I want to stay here with you." she hugs me tightly. I close my eyes as tears shed.
"but you have to. Follow your dream. Don't let me hold you back. I'll be okay. I'll be here missing and loving you and waiting for the day you'll come back."
"oh Mikey.. I love you so much.. You're the best boyfriend anyone can ever have." she kisses my lips so gently and romantically it makes me want to sob and hold her forever in my arms. 
"I love you too Jade. You're the best girlfriend. I'll miss you dearly..
Now I think you have to go if you don't want your plane to leave you."
"fine.. I'll start heading out." she grabs her luggage and looks back at me with watery eyes. 
"go." I say smiling and wipe her tears away. 
"goodbye Mikey." she kisses me once more and starts to walk away. The last thing that makes us let go is our hands. I touched her fingers for one last time and when I watched her go into the tunnel to the airplane, I started to cry silently. I made my way over to the others who had been watching.
"come here." Ms. Lynn said and hugs me. I started to sob in angst.
Remembering the day she left always brings me back tears. 
On Frank's birthday, while everyone was in the water doing who knows what, I was walking around kicking the sand.. Crying. I was crying for Jade. I really wanted to be with her. I was thinking about Thanksgiving and how I wasn't able to wait for this day. 
But now that it's just tomorrow, I'm not as excited as I expected to be. I don't know what to expect when I see her...

Jade's POV
Busy, busy, busy seems to be an everyday thing for me. But today will be my last day of my busy life.. Hopefully. I'm leaving to New Jersey today!! Woo-hoo!! I'll finally be able to see my family and friends and most importantly(other than my mom) my beautiful boyfriend Mikey. Oh my gosh, I want to see him already. I really want to be with him and give him a hug. It's been such a long journey for 4 years and finally.. I'm going to be free!! 
"what do you want!?" I yell irritated. 
"come help me." my roommate, Ariana, is also going on vacation and is packing. 
"you know what, I have my own problems and luggage to worry about." 
"oh come on, real fast."
"ugh, what is it?" I come out of the restroom where I was doing my hair and help her. 
"I just need you to help me close my luggage." I kneel down and try to close the zipper. 
"ugh.. This is hard!"
"I know.."
"you need to take some things out." I re-open it, "you have your flute in here??"
"yeah.. I don't want anyone to jack it."
"ugh.. Just take it out!" I pull it out and now I'm able to close the luggage. 
"fine, I'll take it in my hands. Thanks." I get back up and head back in the restroom. 
"hey Jade."
"ugh what is it now?" I pop my head out. It's not Ariana this time, but my good friend Christian who will accompany me on my flight.
"oh hi Chris, what's up?"
"I was wondering if you wanted to get something to eat before we leave."
"oh sure, let me just finish my hair."
"Kay, hi Ariana." he says. 
"hi Chris."
"where are you going to again?"
"Hawaii." I over-hear their conversation. I'm so sure she said that over excitedly. 
"oh nice." 
"okay I'm done." I announce and grab my bag. 
"should we take our luggage so we could just head over to the airport?" I say.
"uhh, but I don't have my luggage with me right now."
"we'll go get it." 
"bye Ariana! Have a good trip. See you next semester."
"oh I'm gonna miss you." she gets up from the ground and hugs me. 
"I'm going to miss you too girl. Take care."
"you too. Bye you guys!"
"bye!" we both say and step out. 


"so does your boyfriend know you're going?" Christian says as we eat dinner at our favorite place. 
"no, it's a surprise. They're expecting me for tomorrow but they don't know I'm going today."
"ahh, nice." he laughs. 
"how about you? Going to search for your ex-girlfriend?"
"nah, remember she lives in Canada?"
"oh right, what was her name again?"
"hmm, you know I have a sister named Hailey?"
"I thought her name was Edith."
"oh it is, but her middle name is Hailey.."
"oh okay." he drinks his soda but all of a sudden, chokes on it. 
"what's wrong??"
"wait.. What's your last name again?"
"and.. You're sister is Lynn too right?"
"yeah.. Where are you going with this?"
"Hailey.. Lynn.. Lynn.. Edith.. My ex girlfriends name was also Edith and Lynn.."
"no, you did NOT go out with my sister." I laugh. 
"wait! But didn't you say she was in Canada too?!"
"still, I don't think so. I think I would have noticed if you went out with my sister from the day you told me... 3 YEARS AGO!"
"but look! Think about it.. My girlfriend's name was Hailey Lynn, she said her first name was Edith but she didn't like using it. Your sister's name is Edith Lynn and her middle name is Hailey. Isn't she a Ballerina?"
"well Hailey was a ballerina too!"
What? This is just.. Impossible! Edith doesn't go out with anyone! At least not anymore! Not since Gerard!
"oh my god you're right.."  I finally realize. It would be too much of a coincidence if it wasn't my sister. Besides, he met her in Canada. Edith lives in Canada. 
"why the hell didn't we notice this before??" he says loudly.
"well lets see, you never told me such information! You just said her name was Hailey and she was a ballerina in Canada. It reminded me of my sister but it never occurred to me. This is soo awkward. Can't believe you were my brother-in-law for a while. Blegh!"
"pfft, well fine! But anyway... What the fuck... That's fucking weird. I always questioned myself. I was like, whoa! They have the same last name! but I was like, there's many others that have my last name too so I was doubtful of you two being related. But damn! Now to think of it, you guys look alike."
"hmm, don't know about now... I mean I'm sure we both look different" I continue to eat.
"true.. I wish I could see her again. But I'm not going to Canada. Sucks."
"ready to go?"
"sure, I'm not done but I'm full."
"let's go anyway." he laughs and leaves the tip on the table. 


So now we're both here very anxious to fly over to New Jersey. It's 4pm here so that means it is 12pm over there. Wow, what a time difference. 
"will you shut up?" I hit Christian's arm. 
"no! I want to know about her!" Chris has been talking about Edith for the past hour and won't shut up.
"what was she like when she was a teen?"
"ugh.. I dont know.. Crazy? I guess. We had a friend called Frank and he was really crazy too. They always went to punk shows till she got in trouble."
"wow.. She sounds fun." he looks up at the sky in amusement. 
"how was your relationship with her?"
"it was great. One of the best ones. We were pretty mature so it's hard to believe she was crazy. But I loved her so much."
"do you still?" now I've caught his attention. He looks at me with a hesitant expression. 
"well.. It's been so long. I guess.. If I were to see her I'd be really happy. But I dont know if I'd like to continue the relationship."
"what if she wanted to?"
"well.. I'd say, let's start over and see how it goes."
"hmm.. Nice." I close my eyes and slip into a light sleep and think about my reaction when I see Mikey standing before me. 


"oh my god we're finally here!" I scream as I get out of the plane. I walk fast and Chris stays on my tail. 
"come on hurry up!" I almost run over to the pick-up-your-luggage section. Unfortunately the first one I find is Chris'. 
"help me find mine!"
"okay okay.. Hmm.. It's over there!" he runs over to it and grabs it.
"hmm.. I didn't see it. Oh well, let's go now!" I snatch it from his hand and we walk over to the waiting area. 
"it's barely 4 over here." Chris says. 
"that's perfect." I take my phone out and make a call...

Mikey's POV
"no mom, I'm okay."
"are you sure honey? Your dad and I could pick you up."
"no, you have fun with grandma."
"oh honey.. Don't worry, Jade will be here tomorrow."
"I know.. I'm okay."
"okay, tell Gerard I said I love him."
"okay mom. Bye." I hang up the phone and make my way back in my room. I've spent the whole day alone in my house. Told the others I didn't feel well so that's why I can't help them. sigh
Shit, my phone is ringing. I run to my room and grab my phone.
"oh my god." I hear a girls groggy voice. 
"Mikey, it's Jade."
"what's wrong baby? Are you crying?"
"yes but.. Of joy."
"Mikey, I'm in New Jersey!" she yells. My fingers turn numb, my face goes cold, and my heart wants to jump out of my body. 
"no, you're not. Shut up."
 "I'm serious, I'm in NJ's main airport." 
"oh my god." I sob with her. I cover my mouth and let out a little whimper. 
"I'll head over there right now." I'm able to say. I look over the key holder by the door and notice Gerard's keys gone. Shit.
"okay Mikey, I'll be waiting."
"okay honey. I can't wait to see you."
"me either. I love you."
"I love you Jade."
"bye." she sobs. 
"bye." I groggily say and hang up. 
"FUCK!!" I scream of joy and anger. My Jade is finally here but I don't have car keys. I run over to our garage and hope to find our spare key to my old car. 
Fortunately they're there and I run across the street where my old raggedy car has been for the past 7 months. 
"come on baby, work." after three tries, it started and I speeded over to the airport. 
I walk all along the waiting room looking desperately for Jade. I just hope she still has her red hair. 
"Mikey!!" I hear behind me. I desperately turn around and find a girl.. I've never seen before. 
She's tall and skinny, with shorter brown hair, down to her shoulders with light brown dip dyed tips. She's wearing a black V-neck with denim jeans and blue converse. She has a huge luggage with her and is accompanied with another guy and they're both coming my way. 
"Jade.." I whisper to myself as she throws herself at me crying on my shoulder. 
"Jade." I say louder in a speechless expression. She looks at me through watery eyes. 
"Mikey, you look different!"
"have you seen yourself! Look at you, no more red hair!"
"I know! You like it?"
"I love it." I embrace her into a deep long kiss as we both shed tears. 
"I missed you so much." I say hugging her even tighter. 
"I missed your lips. I feel at home now." she whispers and kisses my cheek. 
"look, I'd like to present to you my best friend Christian. Chris, this is my long term boyfriend Mikey."
"nice to meet you." Chris says and extends his hand towards me. 
"hi.." I'm barely able to say and barely grab his hand.
"I'm sorry, I'm just very shocked right now."
"it's okay dude, I totally understand." he smiles. 
"and.. Chris is Edith's ex boyfriend too."
"I know right! Weird!!"
"mhm.. Exactly what you hear."
"oh my god, I think I'm going to explode."
"okay, enough with the surprises. Do you want a ride anywhere Chris?" Jade takes hold of my hand making me tense up.
"no it's okay. You two have fun."
"are you sure?"
"totally. I'll call my sister to pick me up. It's cool."
"Kay, you have a good vacation." she hugs him. I take hold of her luggage.
"bye. Nice to meet you." he smiles at me. 
"nice... To meet you too." I barely smile and walk away with Jade. 
We walk to my car in silence. She holds my hand in hers tight as she rests her head on my shoulder. 
We reach my car and she steps in as I put her luggage in the trunk. 
I enter my car and sit there staring blankly at the wheel.
"hmm?" I answer quickly when I feel her soft touch on my cheek.
"you okay?"
"yes.. Just still shocked." I feel less tense and I look at her with a wide smile.
"I'm glad you're here." I grin. 
"I am too." she leans in and kisses me. 
"how much do I miss that." I sigh and drive away. 
"So how was England?" I ask once we're seated and eating pizza at the pier. 
"it was very nice. A lot different and it was hard getting use to the time difference. School was great too. I made a lot of friends and got well respected for the way I play flute. I did miss you a lot though. It was hard in the beginning to cope without having you and my family around. How was NJ?"
"well, problematic and also nice. We all finished high school and moved on to college and stuff."
"why was it problematic?"
"well, you know Gerard was depressed. Your mom was sad for a couple of months. It was complicated for Frank to graduate since he didn't have his credits. I graduated with a scholastic scholarship and Ray, he seemed perfect at the time." I chuckle. 
"aww, poor mom. I feel bad." 
"it's okay, she coped. She's really happy that both her daughters are successful."
"aww, that's nice. So.. Frank, did he graduate?"
"yeah he did, went on to community college and now is working on to go to university."
"how about you Mikes?"
"well.. I... Dropped out." she looks at me with wide open eyes.
"what?? Why?!"
"I dont know.. I didn't want to go to school anymore. I- I wanted to focus on something else."
"what can possibly be more important than education?!" she has fire in her eyes. I've made my Jade angry. I forgot I was dealing with a school freak here. 
"my brothers band." I gulp. 
"wait.. I'm confused. Gerard has a band?"
"yeah.. And I want to focus on the band's future. We have record labels after us. We're really good."
"what's your band's name?"
"My Chemical Romance."
"and who came up with such name??"
"I did." 
"oh... Well... I can't control your life. I guess I should be happy and support you.."
"I'm sorry Jade but.. I wasn't quite doing well in school either. I was.. Depressed I guess."
"why so?" her sweet calming voice fills my ears and her touch on my hand makes me feel calm. 
"you weren't around. I missed you so badly and I wasn't sure if I would ever see you again."
"oh Mikey.." she sets her plate on the ledge and hugs me tightly.
"I'm sorry for making you go through this Mikey."
"it's okay.." I cry, "you're here and that's what counts. I turned out okay anyway.." I sob silently. She's here in my arms.. Why do I still seem to be sad?

Third person POV(narrator)
Jade has arrived and is now very happy to be with Mikey again. Shouldn't Mikey be happy though? And this is true.. Mikey did drop out of school. But what else triggered this? He's hiding something from Jade and the others. What could it possibly be? 

Mikey's POV
We switched to a different topic after that. I started to feel numb and sad again so I decided to change the topic. I can't possibly tell her what's wrong. It'll brake her heart. 
"so it's a surprise?" I say as I drive back home. 
"yup.. Cool huh?"
"yeah, I'm glad you called me though. I was ready to die! I couldn't wait another day."
She starts to laugh, "I couldn't wait either. That's why I came a day earlier. To see you as soon as possible." 
"aww.. Oh you." I punch her arm softly.
"where to now?" she asks. 
"well.. where are you staying at?"
"I dont know.. Probably rent a room at a motel."
"oh nah, that sucks! You can't do that Jade!"
"it's for one night! Come on, so my surprise can go well!  I can't tell anyone!"
"fine, but I'll take you to a good one."
"fine." I drive over to a near hotel around my house. It's pretty decent but if anything happens to her, I'll be close by to rescue her. I park right in front and she starts to giggle as she looks up at the building. 
"by your house? Really?"
"I didn't think you'd remember." I laugh.
"well it's okay. I don't mind." she kisses me which brings a smile to my face. 
"hey so.. What's up with this guy that's Edith's ex?"
"oh I know! Weird but apparently they were a couple in Canada before he went to study in England. After so long of knowing him, I barely found out he's her ex."
"how weird. You know she has boyfriend now right?"
"she does? Who?"
"some guy named Harry. He's 6 years older than her."
"oh lord, do you know him?"
"nope, she hasn't introduced him to us but he's coming to Frank's Thanksgiving party tomorrow."
"wait what, she's here?"
"oh yeah. She lives in New York now with Annie. She moved a few months ago."
"Annie? What?? She still talks to her?? Oh my god, where have I been??"
"in England." I recall with a chuckle. 
"wow.." she looks around surprised. 
"I'm so sleepy.." she yawns. 
"let's go get you a room." we step out of the car and I carry her luggage as she buys her room and we walk upstairs. 
"thank you so much Mikey for helping me."
"anything for you Jade."
"well.. I'll see you tomorrow then." she says as we walk back to the front door. 
"wait.. What if I stay for the night?"
"you want to stay?"
"sure.. I really miss you." I hug her waist. 
"fine.. Because I miss you too." she pecks my lips and hugs me. She soon let's go and goes through her luggage. 

Once she's changed into her pj's, I slip off my jeans and sleep in my tee. We lay in bed with a great distance between us. 
"this feels weird." she says.
"I mean, we've never slept in the same bed together."
"that's so true." she scoots closer to me slowly and hugs me. 
"feel better?" she says.
"of course."
"me too. Goodnight Mikey."
"goodnight Jade." I close my eyes and a tear roles down my temple. Having her around makes me sad. Why? Because every hello has a goodbye. 

*I am super sorry I haven't piste. I feel bad but I've been behind with school work and stuff this week. It's been really hard to write, brainstorm, and edit my story. Hopefully next will be better. 
@killjoyMCRmy omg xD that's so funny. Between Emma and Frank, it's going to be this very special an romantic thing. But I don't think I'll be adding any babies.. I'm sorry!!! And sorry if that might have killed anything for you loo. 
With Vicky, I will not be doing anything bad. Hell no. It's some sort of nice twist in this ;) lol. 
@chloewayiero oh my god!! Teaser!! Lol I hope you find out ASAP so you could tell me! Please don't forget! Lol
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