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30. Thanksgiving

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Frank's POV
Wake up in the morning feeling like Frank Iero! Gotta kiss my MJ and head over to the kitchen, and brew some hot coffee cause I'm gonna rock this city! 
"Fuck Yeah! Happy Thanksgiving!!" I yell making the dogs wake up and bark. 
"hear that poncho? It's Thanksgiving! Meaning your second birthday!" Today is also extra special because my poodle poncho is 2 years old!
"who's a good boy? Yes you are poncho, yes you are!" 

ding, dong

Huh? Who could that be? I walk to my door and open it to find Vicky and Gerard with over excited smiles holding bags. 
"this early?" I laugh making room for them to walk in. 
"for damn sakes Iero, put some pants on." Emma enters the restroom yawning.
"today is your day huh?" Vicky says taking the food out of the bags and placing them in the counter. 
"yup, I've been waiting for this day my entire life." I plop down next to Gerard.
"why exactly?" he asks. 
"yeah, you've never told us"
"hmm.. Well, it's going to be the first Thanksgiving in so long where we have Edith and Vicky and Jade together. Ain't that cool?"
"oh that's true." Gerard says looking over at Victoria who stands there holding a carrot awkwardly. 
"so true.. I am so happy to be with all of you guys today. Thank you." she cries and hugs me and Gerard. 
"we're thankful for you too. Thank you, for volunteering to help cook this evening Ms. Beauté."
"you're welcome Mr. Iero." she smiles and heads over to the kitchen. Emma comes out with her hair in a bun.
"wow.. Your hair is up!" Gerard yells.
"yeah get over it. Hi Vicky." her and Vicky start to talk about something else. I get up and walk to my room. I turn around and find Gee following me. 
"hey Frank." he says closing the door. I grab any pair of jeans and slip them on. 
"what's up?"
"is Edith going to be here today?"
"uhh.. I'm sure. I invited her."
"is she going to be here alone?"
"I dont know man. I kinda invited her boyfriend too.."
"wait.. You know him?"
"mhm." I answer shyly. 
"pfft great. Anyway.."
"why do you ask though.."
"oh well..." he flips his hair and stuffs his hands in his pockets, "I wanted to spend time with her."
"oh.. Well.. Sorry brah.."
"how does her boyfriend look like?" I step out of the room and enter the balcony. 
"well.. He's.. Tall.. I guess.."
"no, what I mean is..Well, how old is he?"
"29 I believe.."
"and how did they meet?" 
"look Gee, why don't you just ask her yourself?"
"because when we talk about it I get really jealous. So I rather hear it from you since you're my best friend."
"fine. He's 29. He's a dancer. She works for his company. They met in Canada not too long ago. They have about 3 months together. Umm.. Oh! And.. He sucks at guitar just like you do."
"what.. That bastard! Seriously? They've been together for a little while?"
"hmph.. They won't last."
"I know Gee.. She's yours." I wink. 
"hey, Edith's mom is coming by later." Vicky announces entering the balcony. 
"oh alright. Me and the guys are going to start setting things up."
"where? I mean, no offense Frank but your apartment is too small for a party."
"I know, that's why I rented the roof." I feel soo conceited now.
"what?? You did??" Gerard says. 
"yeah.. I talked to the manager. It's going to be rad."
"well, perfect!" Vicky laughs. 
"alright, let's call the others." I drag Gerard with me. He grabs the bags he was carrying and follows me outside. 

Gerard and I walk up to the roof and inspect the space as he calls the others to bring up the chairs and tables. 
"this is going to be bad ass." I tell myself. 
"okay.. So Mikey and Ray are getting the tables and chairs and I... Am going to get a haircut."
"what?!" I question walking towards him.
"yeah, my hair is too long."
"but that's the point! It's your signature hair!"
"But I want to have it like in high school again."
"oh my god, cause of Edith?"
"ahh, partially. And because I want to change my ways you know?"
I smile, "finally."
"I know." he smiles and we head downstairs. 

Edith's POV
"what are you doing today?" Shanelle asks me. Him and the others plus me sit around in the studio as we wait further instructions from Harry. I can't believe he made us dance today. It's Thanksgiving! I'm suppose to help my mom cook!
"I'm going to visit family and friends with my boyfriend."
"ohh how nice. Carly, Scott and I are going out clubbing."
"hell yeah!" Carly adds high fiving Scott. 
"what about you William?"
"spend time with my girlfriend's parents." 
"awww!" we all say and giggle. 
"okay.. Uhh... Dismissed!" Harry yells. He clasps his hands together rather confusedly. 
"bye you guys." I tell them and grab my dance bag. When everyone exits the room, I walk over to Harry who's standing by his computer. I stand behind him and place a hand on his shoulder. 
"why do you look so confused?"
"I remembered Mike told me he has to speak with me one of these days and I dont know when."
"ooh, about what?"
"I dont know.. Something about his tour."
"oh alright. Well, ready to go?"
"yeah hold up. Meet me in the car." he hands me over his keys. 
"Kay." I kiss his cheek and walk out. 
On my way out to the parking lot, I spot Hailey entering her car. 
"hi Hailey."
"oh hey Edith. What's up?" I walk over to her and sigh, "oh you know.. Okay I guess." I laugh. 
"cool, are you and you know who doing anything today?"
"yeah, we're going to visit my friends and mom."
"oh nice."
"I'm going on vacation with my sister to London."
"oh nice. When are you coming back?"
"next week."
"did you let Harry know?"
"yeah.. It was awkward."
"oh I'm sure." I laugh again, "anyway, I just wanted to tell you you were right about what you told me."
"hmm... Oh!! Right?! Oh man, what happened?"
"2 times in a row. Night and morning."
"hmm, see? I told you." she laughs. She looks behind me and gives me a heads up. I turn around and see Harry coming our way holding a rather large dance bag. 
"hi Hailey." he says, Let's go Edith?"
"sure. Bye Hailey!" 
"bye Edith."
"have fun on your trip." Harry says as we walk to his car.
"thank you." she smiles and steps In her car. 


It's almost 5pm when I get a call from my mom. 
"Hi Edith, what time are you getting here?" she asks. 
"in a bit. Harry is cooking something up and it isn't ready."
"oh how nice of him. Well, we'll be waiting. Everything is almost ready."
"great! I'm sorry I couldn't help out."
"it's okay Edith. We know you're busy. Ok I have to go, I have to check on the turkey."
"okay. Bye mom." I hang up and place my phone on the night stand. I go back in front of my mirror and continue fixing my hair. 
I grab my hair in a low bun and my small layers drop down by my ears. I wear my red lipstick with eye liner and mascara. I put on my favorite red cardigan and a black strapless sun dress with red heels.
"perfect enough?" I say to myself as I inspect my figure in the mirror. 
"Edith!" I hear Harry call me from downstairs. I run down the stairs and meet him in the kitchen. 
"yes?" I answer. He turns around and raises his eyebrows. 
"you look stunning." he comments. 
"thank you." 
"anyway, Taste this." he gives me a spoonful of rice. 
"hmm, this is great."
"you think so? I thought it needed more salt. This is French rice with cut up tomatoes and pieces of chicken."
"wow, that's amazing." I kiss his cheek. 
"you look great too." I comment and walk away. He's wearing just a plain white dressing shirt with black skinny jeans but will wear a black vest with his sleeves folded later on. I saw him in it earlier. He looked really good. 

Emma's  POV
"so everything is set up right?" I ask Frank as we stare at our party from an angle also observing the sunset. We have party lights hanging and tables set up with food, drinks, and snacks and we brought out a little boom box so we can listen to music. 
"yup, looks great doesn't it?" 
"yeah and.. What's up with your hat?" I snort. Although the hat looks a little different on him, it compliments his cacky vest real well. 
"oh.. When I went with Gee to get his haircut, I saw it and liked it so I bought it." 
"it looks good."
"thanks and you! You're wearing a dress!! Oh my god!" he covers his mouth. He steps a few feet back and looks at me from head to toe. 
I haven't really worn dresses since I was 18 but since this is a special occasion, I made an exception. It's a light beige pencil dress with short sleeves and a small black belt with black heels. 
"I really like this dress. Edith gave it to me for christmas."
"oh that's right, and you never wore it. But it looks great on you. It makes your red lipstick pop."
"thanks Frank." I kiss him. We hear the roof door open and Mikey, Victoria, Ray, and Christa join us up here.
"wow, we all look great. When was the last time we dressed this formal?" Frank laughs. 
"I have no clue." Ray answers. 
"Gerard is going to be late." Mikey says. 
"why?" Frank talks.
"he doesn't like his haircut."
"oh my god." I shake my head. 
"he looked fine to me." Christa says. 
"I know, that's what I told him but he won't listen." Mikey walks over to one of the tables and grabs a drink. 
"so Ms. Lynn says we should start while everyone gets here. The dinner should be when everyone has officially met and is here." Victoria announces. 
"what do you mean?" Ray asks. 
"well, Eddie's boyfriend is going to be here. Jade is going to be here later and I heard she's bringing a friend so, you know."
"wow.. It's going to be a long night." Mikey says. 
"yup.. Okay people! Let's start the party!" Frank yells and turns on the music and everyone walks over to the snack table. 

Edith's POV
We arrived at Frank's house a half hour after the party was suppose to officially start. I feel kind of bad that I'm late. I didn't help out and now I'm late. So rude.
"So where is this party located?" Harry says as we walk up the stairs. 
"in the roof was what Frank told me." we walk up the last set of stairs, I open the door revealing the party that was planned. It's quite fancy. Everyone is eating and laughing. 
"hey! It's Edith!" Frank says and walks over to me greeting me with a hug. 
"hey! Oh my god, this is great Frank!" 
"Thanks! Hi Harry, what is this?"
"it's French rice, I gurantee you'll love it." he hands it over to Frank. 
"thanks. You guys look great by the way."
"you too. Nice hat." I laugh. 
"I know, I like it too." he laughs. He walks away and we walk over to where the others are. I expected to find Gee, but he isn't in the group. Thank God. 
"hey you guys!" I hug everyone. It's so nice to see everyone. 
"I'd like you guys to meet my boyfriend." I call Harry who's speaking to my mom. 
"Ray, Mikey, Christa, this is my boyfriend Harry. Harry these are all my best friends. One of them is missing though. And you remember Victoria and Emma right?"
"of course. Hello, nice to meet you all." Harry says and shakes hands with everyone.
"what a surprise Edith, where did you guys meet?" Ray asks. 
"Canada." I respond happily. 
"oh how nice."
"How long?" Christa asks. 
"3 months." 
"sweet. Freshly new." she laughs. 
"oh yeah, all of my friend's have been in a relationship for years. I'm the only one that hasn't." I tell Harry.
"wow, how long?"
"almost all of us have 7 to 8 years." Ray answers.
"wow, any marriage plans?" Harry starts. 
"Edith!" Frank calls me. 
"I'll be back." I leave Harry talking 
with them and walk over to Frank.
"mind helping with something downstairs?"
"no not at all. What is it?"
"okay well I have a pack of ice in my car."
"Frank! That probably melted!"
"I know but I need to get it. But can you get it while I get more wine from my fridge?"
"sure." he gives me his car keys and I start to walk out. 
I exit the building and walk over to Frank's car that is parked just a few apartments down. In the distance, I see a dark figure walking my way. 
As we keep getting closer and closer by the step, this dark figure looks a lot familiar. 
"is that who I think it is?" I say out loud so this person could here me. 
"yes sugar." they reply. He extends his arms and hugs my waist. 
"you got a haircut!" I pull away to look at his beautiful hazel eyes and brush my fingers through his hair.
"yeah, I wanted something different."
"well you look like Gerard from high school." I laugh. 
"I know, you like?"
"of course." I kiss his cheek. 
"walk with me to Frank's car?" I add. 
"sure." we walk over to the car and get the ice pack.
"let me carry it" he says. He takes it from my hands and we start to walk out. 
"well you look great." he comments.
"thanks. You do too." 
"Thanks." I open the building door and we walk inside. 
As we walk up the stairs, I find my mom. 
"oh Edith, we haven't hugged since you arrived. How are you?" she kisses my cheek. 
"I'm great! I'm so glad to be here. You?"
"splendid! Everything is going as planned. And I see Gerard got a haircut." she laughs. 
"yup, good?"
"perfect. Okay I'll see you guys upstairs. I'm gonna call your sister."
"oh good. Kay." Gerard and I keep walking up and when we step out, everyone approaches us. 
"look who got a haircut!!" Ray laughs. 
"yeah c'mon Ray. YOU need a haircut. Fucking Afro hair." we all walk back to the snack table. 
"it looks good." Vicky says. 
"I dont know why I don't feel comfortable though." 
"but it looks good!" I say. Then I feel a pair of hands grab my waist and everyone looks at me--even Gerard--like if I just killed someone. 
All of a sudden, everyone backs away and talks about something else somewhere else leaving Harry, Gerard, and I alone. 
"hey, where did you go?" Harry says still embracing me in his arms. Gerard looks down at the ground. 
"I went to Frank's car. Look, um.. Harry this is my other best friend Gerard. Gee, this is my boyfriend.. Harry." my voice cracks.
"hi nice to meet you." Harry comes around and shakes Gerard's hand. They both look at each other hesitantly. 
"hey.. You work at that video shop don't you?" Harry says. Oh shit! I totally forgot about that!
"yeah.. You're Frank's friend." I can hear the anger in his voice. 
"yeah. Wow, what a small world." Harry laughs. Gerard looks at Harry straight in the eye and says through gritted teeth, "yup." what makes it even more awkward is that they're wearing the same exact thing. Only Gerard added a red tie tucked under his vest. 
"I'm helping your mom serve so I'll be back." Harry says. 
"kay." he leans in and kisses me. I stay tense as I hear Gerard cough. 
Harry leaves and I'm all alone with Gerard. Emma walks by "casually" and looks at me with a long face and puckered lips. I roll my eyes as it irritates me. I look at Gee and smile. He rolls his eyes and walks past me. I feel the cold breeze swift right by me and I feel like my whole world has gone down.

Mikey's POV 
"isn't it so awkward?" I whisper to Victoria who's sitting next to me at the table. 
"yeah, just look at Gerard." Gerard is sitting with Ray at the other table while Christa talks with Edith and Harry is talking with Frank and Emma. 
"I can't believe this." I say, "I didn't think Edith would ever get with someone."
"yeah.. I doubt it too." she sighs. I feel a vibration in my pocket and my heart jumps. 
"I'll be back." I tell Vicky and run to the door. 
"Jade!" I yell. She stands outside with her friend Chris. 
"oh my god!" she says and hugs me tightly. 
"you look beautiful." she wears a beautiful white dress with a daring low cut with the beautiful pearled necklace I gave her before she left. 
"thank you. I miss seeing you in formal clothing."
"I miss you in general."
"I know Mikey.." she kisses me so passionately it makes my heartburn. 
"let's go upstairs." I say and hold her hand. 
"okay." she grins. 
"oh sorry Chris, hello." I laugh. 
"it's okay. What's up." we walk all the way upstairs and when we reach the door... 

Edith's POV
"oh shit!!" Ray yells running to the door and embracing Jade. It surprises me to see her so I start to tear up. She looks so different. I walk over there and wait, as she's hugging my mother crying. I feel someone tap my shoulder and I turn around.
"hi Hailey, remember me?" he says. I open my eyes wide in shock. 
"oh my god!" I scream and throw myself on Chris. 
"oh my god! What are you doing here!?" he spins me around as I cry on his shoulder. He puts me down.
"I came back. Well, to my hometown. I came with Jade because we met in England. I swear I had no idea she was your sister."
"what the fuck, what a small world. It's great seeing you again." I say and hug him again. I look around and notice both Harry and Gerard are looking at me weirdly.
"here, come." I drag Chris with me over to Harry," look, this is my boyfriend Harry. Harry, this my long lost friend Chris." 
"oh that's interesting. Nice to meet you." they both shake hands. 
"hold on Chris, come Harry." I drag Harry with me. I pass by Gerard and I make really awkward eye contact with him. 
"Jade!" I scream and hug her. She hugs me tightly as she cries on my shoulder. 
"you look so different." she pulls away to look at me," your hair, it's short!"
"your hair isn't red anymore! What's up with that?" I say and hug her again. 
"I missed you so much. Look, this is my boyfriend Harry. Harry this is Jade, my sister."
"finally I get to meet the famous Jade. Hi, nice to meet you." she cocks and eyebrow and shakes his hand. 
"well hello Harry, nice meeting you too." she grins. 
"someone hasn't told me hi. Ahem." Gerard comes by. 
"oh my god Gerard!" she screams and throws herself on him. After that, I walk back to the table with Harry. 
"what a day. So many new people." Harry comments.
"I know." I laugh and kiss him. 
"I love you." I whisper.
"I love you too." he kisses me back. 
"okay everyone! Food is served!" my mom yells. Everyone chants and walks over to the table. 
I can't help but admire my view. Mikey and Jade sit across from us and they just can't stop holding hands. They giggle and smile and kiss admiring each others presence. They deserve it. 
"okay, anyone has a thank you prayer for tonight?" my mom announces as she sits at the head of the table. 
"I have one!" Mikey stands, "I want to thank God for letting me spend time with Jade." he sits back down. Everyone claps. 
"perfect. Anyone else?"
"for us!" Frank yells.
"for such love everyone has given me." Vicky announces with a sweet calm voice. We all smile greatfully. 
"I'd like to thank God for Edith. She is beautiful and amazing. She is the greatest girlfriend anyone can ever have." Harry says and kisses me. Everyone chants an "aww" and claps. 
"that's perfect. I have a thank you prayer." my mom says, "I want to thank each and everyone one of you for supporting each other no matter what. You kids have treated me with such love and comfort when my two daughters were gone. And you guys have been great friends to them both. I am glad to live in New Jersey and to be here tonight with all my wonderful children." everyone claps and whistles at my moms speech. Frank's hyper self gets up and kisses my mom on the cheek.
"okay, dig in." my mom announces. 


"anyone have room for desert?" Frank says after a few laughs and chats. We have finally finished our dinner. It was some delicious food. I found out Vicky cooked the turkey all by herself. She's a great cook. 
"augh.." everyone says. I start to laugh when Ray leans back on his chair and pats his stomach. "I still have a little bit of room. Bring in the pie!" he yells. Everyone laughs. 
"I'll get it." I announce. 
"I'll go with you." Jade follows me. We meet up at the door. 
"so how are you?" I ask as we walk down the stairs. 
"I'm great. A little shocked I'd have to say." we grab the big pie Emma baked and walk back up the stairs. 
"That you have a boyfriend." we stop half way. 
"why so?" 
"I dont know.. I never thought you would have one. I was shocked when Chris told me he was your ex."
"oh.. I didn't think you guys were going to the same university. That's awkward."
"yeah, not as awkward as both your boyfriends in the same room."
"shh! Harry doesn't know about Gerard!" 
"what?" I hear someone say behind me. I turn around to find Harry standing by the door.
"how long have you been standing there?" I ask nervously. 
"just now." he walks down and grabs the pie from my hand. 
"oh.. Okay.." 
"I'll go leave this to your mom." he smiles and walks back up. When he closes the door, I smack Jade.
"what the hell?!"
"what is your problem?" I give her a mean look.
"sorry! I didn't know!"
"its okay.. but.. Do you think he heard?"
"I guess not. I mean.. The door was closed."
"I hope.."  we continue walking. I find Harry helping my mom so I go sit next to Chris. 
"liking the night so far?" I ask him. Gerard glares at me as he sits across from us with Vicky. 
"yeah it's one of the best nights. I'm just still very shocked."
"I am too believe me." I laugh. 
"wait how do you guys know each other?" Vicky interrupts. 
"we dated when we were in college." Chris answers drawing Gerard's attention. 
"oh really?! That is so weird!"
"I know! I'd never thought I'd see him again." I say. 
"yup.. I'm just glad I do have the chance to see you." he smiles, "we shared great times." I grin at him then back at Vicky. I glance at Gee who looks at him with death in his eyes. 

Gerard's POV
How many fucking ex-boyfriends does Edith have? Fucking.. Who-Fuck. I know if I say it I'll regret it later. 
"so you guys met in Canada?" I finally speak.
"yeah." Edith answers smiling. 
"cool." I nod.
"and how long have you two been together?" Chris asks us. Edith, who was drinking wine almost chokes on it. 
"oh we're not together." Vicky laughs. 
"oh really? I thought you guys were. You guys would make a cute couple." I observe Edith who cocks an eyebrow. 
"oh no.. Never." Vicky laughs, "we're just best friends." 
"but we use to date." I blurt out. Edith's attention is towards me now. 
"oh really? When?" Chris says. 
"back in high school. Yup, we had really good times." I lean back on my chair and cross my legs wrapping an arm around Vicky's chair. 
"um Gerard.." Vicky chuckles nervously. She looks at me hesitantly. 
"what, you don't remember?" I sit back up," we use to go to the beach and up to my SHACK all the time. It was great. She's one of the best girlfriend's I've ever had." Edith scratches the back of her neck. 
"that sounds nice. Why did you guys brake up?"
"well.." Vicky starts awkwardly.
"oh you know.." I interrupt her, "it just didn't work out. But even after that, I still loved her and missed her dearly. I didn't have a girlfriend after that and never loved ANYONE ELSE as much as I loved her." I laugh. 
"ok Gerard no.." Vicky throws her napkin and stands. 
"what! Come on Honey." I grab her hand. Edith sniffs and gets up and leaves. 
"Gerard what the fuck is your problem." she jerks her hand and runs to Edith. 
"oh forget her.. Women.." I drink my wine mixed with liquor. 
"yup.. They're confusing sometimes." he chuckles and joins me in my wine party. 

Victoria's POV 
"Edith wait!" I run after her. I notice Harry hear me and he follows me. 
"Edith.." I stop her and turn her around to hug me. She sobs in my shoulder. 
"I hate him! I hate him!" she screams. 
"what's wrong??" Harry questions nervously.
"I dont know.." I lie. 
"I don't ever want to see him again! Never! I want to go home!" 
"Edith calm down. He didn't mean that.."
"yes he did.. Yes he did!!" 
"Edith baby! What's wrong?" she sobs and hugs him. 
"what happened?" he tells me. 
"I think she should tell you.." I answer. He nods and strokes her messy hair that fell out of her bun. I smile and walk back to the party. I find Gerard alone. Before I approach him, I walk to Frank.
"don't let Gerard drink. Hide all the wine, beer, or any alcoholic drink."
"why?" he questions worriedly. 
"he just made the worst mistake of his life."
"fucking shit Gerard." he shakes his head. 
"what happened?" Emma approaches us. I leave them two alone and walk to Gerard. I snatch the new beer he's holding and place it somewhere else. 
"what the fuck?" 
"now you listen to me you moron." angrily, I clutch his vest and glare at him.
"you're fucking stupid you know that? Look at what you have done, you hurt Edith!"
"really??" he pushes my hand away an grabs my wrist tightly standing up.
"she brings her fucking boyfriend not caring about my fucking feelings!"
"she's not yours!"
"what is going on??" Emma yells. Everyone's attention is towards us since we are screaming. Harry comes back in the party and walks over to Ms. Lynn. Everyone starts to act normal again. Me and Gerard watch as he speaks to Ms. Lynn privately. They both nod and hug and he walks out. 
"okay, now can you guys care to explain!" Emma screams angrily. 
"it's his fault why Edith left!!" 
"no it's not, Edith wasn't feeling good." Ms. Lynn interrupts. 
"no, Gerard was purposely trying to make Edith jealous by saying he's never loved anyone more than he loved me!" Everyone gasps. 
"what the fuck." Frank says. 
"what?? She's hurt my feelings too! She has a fucking boyfriend for damn sakes! She told me she loved me and had-" he pauses.
"she told me she loved me!"
"she isn't yours!! She has a life! Forget her Gee! She's with her boyfriend for a reason okay!" I get tears in my eyes as I yell. 
"okay both of you calm down.." Emma says, "now Gerard.. Sit." 
"no no no, get the fuck out of my party." Frank snaps. 
"no, don't dude me! You ruined the night! You don't know how long I've been waiting for this day and now, Edith is gone. How fucking sweet of you." Out of rage, he growls and walks out angrily. 
"oh my god this is a mess.." Gerard gets back up from his seat and also walks out.
"wow.. Okay.. Party is over." and from the sound in Ms. Lynn's voice, she is also mad. 

Harry's POV
We drove back home in silence. Edith sniffing and crying a few times here and there. I have been wanting to say something but have no words to say. 
I park outside my house and look at her.
"Edith.." she turns her head weakly and looks at me. 
"what's wrong? Why don't you want to tell me?" she shakes her head. I sigh and step out of the car. I run over to her side of the car and carry her out up to my room. I lay her down and undress her. I turn on my night lamp and cover ourselves under the sheets. 
"I love you." I whisper. She turns her head towards me and starts to sob again burying her face in my chest. 
I also start to tear up. I can't help but feel helpless. I can't do anything about her crying. She won't tell me. 
Whatever it is.. I hope I find out soon.

T'sup everyone xD
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