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Giving Birth is a Bitch

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The next generation of Iero's comes along...

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Frank's P.O.V

8 months later...

'Hey, Frank?' Penina asked nudging me awake. I groaned.

'Yeah honey?' I asked.

'I... I think my water broke.' She said before letting out an ear-piercing scream. I jumped up immediately. Hozzie and Molly came running in.

'We are 2 growing girls. We need our sleep.' Molly complained.

'And I need some chocolate.' Hozzie said.

'Girls, call the band, you two are about to be aunties.' I said.

'Does that mean no school tomorrow?' Molly asked.

'We'll see, now hurry up and call the number. Penina's about to give birth.' I said. They ran towards the phone together.

'Oh my god. I'm scared.' She said.

'Honey, I swear it's going to be okay. We're going to be parents to a gorgeous baby, and I'm going to be there with you every step of the way. The guys shouldn't be too long.' I said. I can't wait for this for two reasons. The first one is obvious, I'm going to be a dad to the most amazing baby with the most amazing woman ever. The second reason isn't quite so obvious. In the bag with all her things is a ring. An engagement ring. So, I'm also scared shitless for the same two reasons. The doorbell rung a few minutes later. I took Penina and the bag downstairs, and opened the door.

'Can I be godfather?' Gerard asked immediately. The guys and all their wives came rushing in.

'We'll see. Listen, when our baby's born, I'm going to call you. I want you to bring the girls with you and they get a day off school. Make sure they get to sleep soon okay?' I said authoritatively.

'Yes mum.' Ray mocked. I rolled my eyes, and Penina and I ran out of the door and into the car.

'Okay, is it really painful?' I asked. Penina gave me a death glare.

'Yes, but if you ask me that one more time, it's going to be even worse for you.' She said darkly. I nodded my head nervously. When we got there, I ran to the reception.

'Um, hi. My girlfriend's got a baby shooting out of her vagina, and she's going to kill me because my loins caused it. Can we go to the nicest room to die in please?' I asked as quietly, but clearly as I could.

'Fill out this form.' She said sounding really bored.

'I bet you get this sort of thing all the time, right?' I asked nervously. She looked up at me getting annoyed with me already.

'No.' She said before closing her partition window. I frowned and sat down next to Penina.

'Can we go yet?' She asked.

'I need to fill out this form sweetheart. I'll do it quickly though, I swear.' I answered. I filled out all the basic questions like her name and age. There were some pretty obvious questions like "Has the patient had sexual intercourse recently?" So I answered "Yeah... 9 MONTHS AGO!!!" In a panic. I just want to see my baby. Once I was done, I handed it to the same receptionist. She got a nurse to come down and escort us to the room. We were left alone in there for a bit.

'Dude, I'm going to cause you so much continuous pain when we get home. This is horrible!' She complained.

'I'm sorry sweetie. The sooner this is over though, the sooner you become a mummy.' I said as encouragingly as I could. She was about to smile, but then another contraction came. She squeezed my hand, and it hurt. Badly. She must've been feeling worse though. A doctor came into the room around half an hour later.

'Okay, we need to estimate how far it's going to be.' He said. When he checked his mouth opened in shock.

'What's going on?' Penina asked in fear.

'I can see a head. I've never known a labour to be so fast.' He said. He pushed a button and some nurses came in quickly. 'I'm going to need you to push Penina.' The doctor told her. She looked scared. I put my arm around her.

'You can do this honey. I know you can do it.' I said. She nodded her head, her eyes squeezed shut, and she screamed while squeezing my hand.

'You need to push some more.' The doctor said. Penina looked angry, so she kicked his face, you know, as you do when you're in labour.

'Penina!' I said, trying to push her in the right direction.

'I don't want to push anymore.' She said in tears.

'I know Penina. But you have to. When we get home you can hurt me as much as you want to, but you really need to do this now.' I said. She breathed deeply and pushed again. We heard the brand new sound of a baby crying, so we started crying too. 'You did it my beautiful girl.' I said before kissing her cheek.

'Sir, if you'd like to cut the cord, we need you to do it now' The doctor said. He was clearly angry at us for Penina kicking him, but I didn't care. I walked over, shaking in happiness, and cut the cord that connected my baby to my beautiful soon-to-be fiancé if things go well. One of the nurses went to clean up our baby immediately.

'Is it a boy or girl?' Penina asked. The nurse handed the most adorable bundle of joy to us. We unraveled the blanket to see. We gasped.

'I'm so proud of him!' I exclaimed.

'What are we going to call him?' She asked. I thought about it for a while.

'How about Jared?' I asked. 'It's Hebrew like you wanted, and I really like it.' I said.

'And it's the same name as Jared Padalecki who plays Sam on Supernatural!' She exclaimed. We giggled. Jared it is. I called the others to get here, and they said they were on their way. Now was the best time I could pop the question. I looked in the bag. I pulled out the small, blue, velvet box.

'Hey, Penina, I have to ask you something.' I said.

'What is it?' She said. You could hear the smile in her voice.

'Well, would you do the honour of being stuck with me for the rest of our lives?' I asked turning around and opening the box. She began crying again. She nodded her head. I walked up to her and placed the ring on her finger. We kissed very passionately before the others came in.

'Hey guys.' I greeted. 'I want you to meet Jared.' I said.

'Jared Frank Iero.' Penina said. I smiled the widest smile I could and hugged her and the baby, who was gurgling.

'We have some more news too.' I said.

'Oh yeah?' Ray asked intrigued.

'Penina and I are engaged.' I announced. Everyone congratulated us. Hozzie and Molly sat down on the bed with Penina, playing with Jared. I was sitting on the end of the bed too. If anyone asked if they thought any families were more perfect than ours, I would say yes. We're not, by any means, perfect. But we're happy the way we are, and we wouldn't want it any other way.


It's over people. It's over! We've had our baby! Let my fictional self tell you, birth is painful! Whoo! So, yeah. I hope you liked this story! Rate and review this please! I love Frank so much! I wish he came to my school instead of his old one. :/ xx
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