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1, 2, Skip a few...

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4 years in the future, and someone's getting married!

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Penina's P.O.V

'How do I look?' Raven asked.

'Beautiful.' I told her. She looked perfect for her dream wedding day.

'Oh darling, I'm so happy for you.' Her mother said, giving her a hug. All the girls and Raven's mum were in her hotel room. Only a matter of minutes before Raven Vannacut became Raven Toro.

'I'm happy too.' She said. 'Oh god, I need some more champagne or I'm never going to go through with it.' She said.

'Great idea, let's all have a glass.' Her mum said.

'Oh, I don't want any, thanks.' I said.

'Are you sure? You never turn down a drink.' Jennifer pointed out.

'Yeah, the doctor said that I'm allergic to wine, and champagne is fizzy wine basically, so I don't want any.' I told them. I could tell that they didn't believe my lie, but I don't mind. The truth will come out soon enough. I'm dreading telling Frank though. I'm nearly 23 for gods sake. This isn't exactly perfect timing. We're not even engaged yet!

'Okay honey, it's time.' Raven's dad said from the door. She took a deep breath in, and breathed out slowly. We began walking. Hozzie and Molly were the bridesmaids, so they had to carry the back of her dress, which both Frank and I found adorable. We walked down the aisle, and watched Ray and Raven exchange their vows. It was so amazing. I cried in happiness, and I never cry, which was another reason why everyone was badgering me.

'I just thought it was really emotional.' I argued as we sat down at the table.

'So is the Titanic. You never cried then.' Frank said. I sighed.

'What can I tell you? It's just a bad movie with that annoying song. Balthazar changed time to stop it from crashing.' I told them. They all groaned.

'Shut up with your Supernatural references.' Gerard said.

'Penina, can me and Molly get some food?' Hozzie asked me. I nodded my head.

'Sure. Not too much from that chocolate fountain though.' I told her. They started staring at me again.

'You'd be the first one to raid that thing. Okay, what's going on?' Kayako asked.

'Nothing. Jesus. Maybe I'm just not in the mood for chocolate from the chocolate fountain.' I said.

'I don't believe you.' Bob said.

'You've been acting weird for the past month. You denied alcohol for the love of god!' Amanda said. The guys gasped.

'You denied alcohol?' Frank asked in shock. 'It's like I don't even know you.' He said.

'I'm going to the toilet.' I said. I stood up from my seat and went to the posh ladies' toilets. I sat down on the peach coloured sofa, got a few tissues, and began crying. I need to think about my options. Maybe I could get an abortion, move to Mexico, and change my name to Paprika? But that would be a lot of hard work, but then again, so is a baby. Besides, I don't want an abortion.

Maybe I could flush myself down these toilets to the ministry of magic, hope that I'm not a muggle, and get one of the witch or wizard doctors to make sure it never happened. I could befriend Hermione! We'd be the best of friends. But then again, if it doesn't work, my dress would get wet with toilet water, and my shoes would be soggy too. I hate my life, so I began crying about it some more.

'Hey Penina. Wait, Penina, why are you crying?' Raven asked walking into the toilets.

'Because what if I'm a muggle?' I asked her. She looked confused, but not as confused as I am. What am I going to do?

'Penina, what's going on with your brain? Are you high? Is that what this past month has been about? Because we can get you help.' She said.

'No I'm not high. I'm just scared.' I told her. About 15 minutes later, all the girls were in here. A random old lady came in, but they shouted at her and told her to fuck off, so she ran out of there.

'Tell us what's going on.' Jennifer said.

'I can't.' I said. 'It would mean me stealing your thunder, and Frank being one of the last to know.' I told them.

'Fuck my wedding day. You're my friend, and I love all this drama. And fuck Frank too, I want to know what's happening.' Raven said.

'Fine, you really want to know?' I asked standing up.

'Yeah, kinda.' Amanda said.

'I'm pregnant.' I said. They were all shocked to say the least.

'Oh my god. What did Frank say?' Jennifer asked.

'I just said that Frank would be the last to know if I told you. You're just going to tell the others as soon as we get out of here.' I said.

'Sorry, I forgot. Listen, we're going to go out of here, including you, and you're going to tell him.' Jennifer.

'The hell I am!' I argued.

'Yes, you are. He's practically raised Hozzie since birth, so this baby is going to be amazing for him.' Kayako said.

'What baby? What's going on?' Frank asked. We turned around to see him, the boys, and the girls looking at us. We gasped. Well, they gasped. I screamed and locked myself in the nearest cubicle.

'Penina, get your ass out here!' Amanda said knocking on the door.

'No.' I said stubbornly.

'You know how easy these things are to unlock, right?' Raven asked.

'Crap!' I exclaimed. I crawled underneath this cubicle to the one next to it. 'Bazinga!' I said, copying Sheldon Cooper.

'Penina, talk to me. I'll get the others out of here.' Frank said. I sighed. He was going to find out sooner or later. I went out of the cubicle and the others started leaving.

'Does she have to go to a mental hospital?' I heard Molly ask as she left the room.

'No I do not!' I shouted just before the door closed.

'Penina, calm down. I want to know what's going on, and damn it, if it has to be in the women's bathroom in the hotel of my best friend's wedding, then so be it.' He said. I giggled, but I still felt incredibly nervous.

'But you're going to hate this news.' I said.

'Not necessarily. What's going on? Why is there a baby involved?' He asked. I looked down and fidgeted my fingers. He grabbed onto my hands letting me know that I wasn't getting out of this.

'Frank, I'm pregnant.' I let out. It was dead quiet for the first few seconds. I thought he was going to shout at me, or hit me, or tell him he's going to leave me alone with the kids. Maybe even all 3, but instead, he smiled the biggest, and cutest smile I've ever seen on him, and he hugged me.

'I've never been so pleased that something didn't work.' He said. 'Sometimes the batteries in the remote doesn't work, sometimes my earplugs don't work, but this time, a condom didn't work, and I've never been so happy.' He said. He began crying. I cried too and hugged him back. We kissed. I fixed my makeup and we went outside and enjoyed the celebration. We danced all night. I'm an idiot for worrying. I'm an idiot for wanting to change my name to Paprika. We decided to tell the kids tomorrow. So we're 23. So we're not even engaged. We don't care. We're happy the way we are, and we never want anything to be different.

Damn it. I just realised how slutty Frank and I are together. Jesus. Haha. Oh well. In my mind he's great, so it's completely worth it. I've decided that the next chapter will be the last I'm afraid. :'( I do know that I want a son, so auditions are welcome for that. The son will only be seen at around birth time though, so yeah. Rate and review please! XD xx
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