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Hospital Visits

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She'll be fine, don't worry.

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Frank's P.O.V

After we danced, we sat down on the stage with a picnic blanket and basket, and ate while talking snuggled up together.

'So, what did you name the dog?' I asked.

'Barktmus Prime. I think we should call him B.P for short.' She answered. I giggled.

'That's a good name.' I said.

'You can thank Raven for it. She's really not fond of dogs.' She told me.

'Yeah, but that means all the more dog fun for us.' I told her. She laughed and I asked her what was so funny.

'It just sounds like you're saying, "all the more dogging for us", it just sounds like an innuendo.' She said. We both laughed.

'No one else would find something like that funny. We're too crazy.' I said.

'Or maybe it's everyone else who's crazy. We're the sane ones.' She said.

'You know, I've never seen Hozzie as happy as she is now, and I owe it all to you.' I told her.

'It's the same with Molly. Maybe they're just happy that they're best friends with each other?' She suggested.

'Maybe, but I doubt it. You're the most caring person ever.' I said. She smiled.

'No, that title belongs to you. I've never been as happy as I am when I'm with you. You're just everything a girl like me wants. I wouldn't change you for the world.' She told me. I kissed her in response. Once I pulled back, we just looked at each other happily for a few minutes.

'So, I've got to say this. I want kids. Not as soon as possible, I'm still a bit too young for that, but someday, I want to have a baby of my own to raise. I just need to know if you're willing to have kids too.' I told her.

'Well, it depends who it's with. If it's with you, I'd love to.' She said. I smiled and hugged her.

'You're going to be the most amazing mum some day.' I said.

'Yeah, as long as you're the dad.' She told me. Eventually we packed up and headed home. When we got through the door, Kayako was sitting on the couch with Hozzie sleeping on her lap.

'Hey, why isn't she in bed?' I whispered.

'She was scared. Oh god. Molly's in the hospital. Gerard took her.' She said. Penina froze.

'What's happened to her?' She asked on the verge of tears.

'Well, she drank some strawberry juice, and she went red and started wheezing. She couldn't breath. She's alright though. They're keeping her in the hospital over night.' She explained.

'Jesus. She's allergic to strawberries.' Penina said. She ran up to Molly's room and started packing some clothes for her to wear in the morning.

'Which hospital are they at?' I asked Kayako.

'Saint James.' She told me. I woke Hozzie up gently and carried her to the car. Penina and Kayako went out too. Kayako went back to her house, and we were going to Saint James Hospital. When we arrived, we were told which room she was in, and saw Gerard sitting next to her bed. We walked in quietly because Molly was asleep.

'How is she?' Penina asked.

'She's doing great actually. I'm so sorry this happened. We had no idea, and apparently, neither did she.' Gerard answered pointing to Molly.

'Yeah, she had a reaction a few years ago so I wouldn't expect her to remember. I should have told you, but it's just not something you expect to happen, you know?' She asked.

'Yeah, I know. Is Kayako okay?' He asked.

'She's fine. She went home. So if you want to go, we don't mind.' I told him. He nodded his head. We hugged each other goodbye and he left. Hozzie fell asleep on one of the couches in the room. I wish I could do the same, but I had to be there for Molly and Penina. A few hours later, Molly eventually woke up. When her eyes adjusted to the room, she noticed us.

'Penina?' She asked.

'I'm here sweetie. I'm not going anywhere.' Penina said with tears in her eyes.

'Don't cry. That's just embarrassing.' She said. We giggled. It's nice to know that she was still her usual self.

'I'm just so happy you're okay. Don't ever do that again, alright?' She asked.

'Fine. It was really tasty though, so it was kind of worth it.' Molly said. We laughed again.

'You're crazy.' Penina said.

'Does that mean I can be a mad scientist?' She asked.

'If that's what you really want.' I answered. We all laughed, waking Hozzie up. When she saw that Molly was awake, she ran towards her and jumped up on the bed.

'Did you get any scars?' Hozzie asked.

'No. But I really wanted one. It could have been massive. Penina, can I get my appendix out?' Molly asked.

'Not until you get appendicitis. Why do you want a scar?' Penina asked.

'It would make me look like Frankenstein.' She said. We giggled.

'Why did Gerard and Kayako have to look after us tonight?' Hozzie asked. Penina and I looked at each other, and knew it was time to tell them.

'Because, Penina and I have become boyfriend and girlfriend. We went on a date.' I told them.

'Are you getting married?' Hozzie asked. We giggled.

'Not just yet, but maybe some day in the future.' Penina answered.

'We do love each other though, so if things go in the right direction, we definitely will.' I said. I walked towards her and sat down, pulling her on my lap. I kissed her cheek.

'Does that make you my brother?' Molly asked me.

'I guess in a way it does. I love you both too though.' I said attacking them in a hug. We all burst out laughing. We're the most perfect, and messed up family ever to exist, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope you liked this chapter! By the way Molly, I don't actually know what you're allergic to. I just kind of needed you to be allergic to something in order for this chapter to work. If you want me to change what you're allergic to, let me know XD. I don't think it will be too long until the story's finished though. :'( Ah well. Rate and review please! XD xx
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