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Naming the Puppy

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The women decide what the dog should be called.

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Penina's P.O.V

I had a shower, took the kids to school and then came home expecting it to be a normal day before the big date tonight. Oh how wrong I was. I saw the adorable, little, cute fur ball that we got yesterday. We looked at each other as if we both were thinking of the same thing. We need a name. I stroked his fluffy head and thought about it for a long time. I checked my phone a while later and discovered it was 11 in the morning already. I did have a text from Frank though which made me smile, but the stress of naming the dog was something I didn't know would happen. What do I call him? I called Raven.

'No?' She greeted.

'I need you and the girls to come round as soon as you can. It's a naming emergency.' I said.

'We'll be right there.' She said before hanging up. They all arrived at practically the same time. Raven looked at the dog as if he was about to kill her, even though all he was doing was running around the room as if an invisible man was going to kill him. I giggled.

'He's so adorable.' Amanda cooed.

'I hope you don't mind, but I'm keeping him now.' Jen said.

'No you're not, because I am.' Kayako said.

'And I'm going to be sick. He's terrifying.' Raven said.

'No he isn't. He's so adorable, and he's funny too. When we saw him we all instantly fell in love with him because he lying down in his bed like a couch potato sits on a couch.' I explained. They all squealed except from Raven.

'He's so scary. He must be evil. He's like Optimus Prime for dogs. He's Barktmus Prime.' She said. I looked at her.

'Oh my god! That's what he should be called!' I exclaimed. Everyone else agreed.

'You've got to be kidding me.' Raven said. 'How are things going with Frank, and don't give me that "we're just friends" speech. I went to the studio yesterday to drop something off for Ray, and Frank was talking his head off about you.' She told me.

'He was?' I asked.

'Yeah.' Raven answered.

'Well, as luck would have it, we're kind of together now, and we're going on our first date tonight.' I said quickly before going into the kitchen. 'Tea anyone?' I asked.

'You what? When did this start?' Amanda asked.

'A couple of days ago. Does anyone take sugar or milk?' I asked.

'We don't have time for tea if we're going to ask you these questions.' Kayako said.

'Look, can you please not tell anyone else? Especially the kids. We're going to tell them when we think the time is right, so please be careful whenever you're around them, okay?' I asked.

'Fine. Oh my god! This is so exciting!' Jen squealed.

'It's nothing, really. But he is a damn good kisser.' I said.

'You guys kissed?' Amanda asked.

'Yeah, a few times actually, and yet it's still too little in my book. I just want to hug him and kiss him all the time.' I said. 'Actually, Frank said something about getting one of you people to babysit.' I told them.

'Not with these dogs of yours.' Raven said. 'Unless you want to take them to our house, or locking the dogs up.' She added. Everyone else was okay with it though. Soon enough they all left, I picked up the kids, and Frank came back wearing what he was this morning, but Gerard and Kayako came in the house too.

'Are you ready beautiful?' He asked. I giggled.

'Of course I am sweetie.' I answered.

'Have fun guys.' Gerard said.

'We will.' Frank said holding my hand and taking me to the car.

'So, will you tell me where we're going?' I asked. He shook his head.

'Nope.' He said. 'Actually, I want to blindfold you.' He said. I giggled, but let him tie the scarf over my eyes anyway. If this is how he wants this perfect date to go, I don't want to make it go wrong. When we stopped the car, he took the scarf off me, but covered my eyes with his hands. We walked for a bit, until he told me to stop. He instructed me where to go, and I would have been terrified if it was anyone but Frank. He's perfect for me.

'Okay, can I find out where we are now?' I asked. He giggled.

'Yeah. Open your eyes.' He said taking his hands off my eyes and putting them around my waist. When my eyes adjusted to the light, I gasped at the sight. How the hell could Frank set this up? How the hell could someone as perfect as him like someone like me? We were on the stage of an entirely empty theatre. It was amazing. It was just the best first date I could imagine.

'How did you...?' I started, but too astonished to even finish my question.

'I know some people. So, do you like it?' He asked. I nodded my head and hugged him. He hugged me back and we started to do some sort of dance together. That's when the music started and the lights changed.

'You're perfect, you know that?' I asked quietly.

'Not as perfect as the woman of my dreams.' He answered. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder as we continued to dance. A few minutes of just staying like that in silence he kissed me passionately, and it was just the perfect ending to the perfect date. I've never loved anyone like this before, and I never want to. I just want him. I know he's the one for me.

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