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Naming a Puppy isn't as Easy as it Seems

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A giant argument breaks out due to naming problems

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Starting off with an authors note for the competition winner... or should I say winners? Yes I should. Mirazal and MissAbbieHudson won. They spelled it differently, but I think it's the same. You pronounce my name: Pah-Nee-Na, kind of. I don't know. It's confusing. Hold on... It's kind of like this: but with more of an "a" than an "e" sound. So, collaborate amongst yourselves in the reviews about what the puppy should be called. In my mind, he looks like this: So, yeah. Has anyone ever seen Big Kids that was on CBBC or something? It was on ages ago, but this is what this chapter is going to be based off. Enjoy!

Frank's P.O.V

'I want to call him Geronimo!' Hozzie said.

'What, are you crazy? No way. We're calling him Houdini.' I argued.

'I want him to be called Geronimo too.' Molly said.

'Penina, what do you think?' I asked. She glared at me as if I upset her in some way.

'We'll just call him Geronimo Houdini for now.' She said quietly.

'Is everything alright?' I asked her. She just nodded her head and looked out of the window. I knew she was lying to me, so I would have to find out the truth myself. Maybe Houdini could help me find some clues.

'Geronimo has magical powers.' Hozzie said. Penina giggled. I take it she's just mad at me.

'What powers?' She asked.

'He can turn evil things good by licking their faces, because no one could be evil if something that cute licked your face.' Molly answered.

'And he can fly when we're not looking.' Hozzie added. We giggled at their wild imagination.

'He can also cook meals that no one's ever heard of.' I said, joining in on their fun.

'And he can create colours that no one's even seen before.' Penina said. Meanwhile, the dog was sitting in the middle of the two girls just looking confused. Just before we went home, we grabbed some food from a drive-thru and ate it all just before we got home. When we did, we put "Geronimo" Houdini in his crate, along with a bowl of food and water.

'Okay, this has been an exciting day, but we all need to settle down and go to bed okay?' I said. Hozzie and Molly nodded their heads and went up to brush their teeth and go to bed. I looked over at Penina who I could tell was angry with me. 'Penina, did I do something to you?' I asked. She stood up from stroking the new puppy.

'Nope.' She said. I could tell she was lying. She went up to the bedroom.

'You are angry with me though.' I said.

'Yes, but you didn't do anything to me.' She told me. Now I was even more confused than before.

'Well, can you tell me what I did?' I asked.

'You were acting like a child. I know you usually do, but what you just did made me sick.' She said.

'What?' I asked.

'You can't just get all angry with Molly and Hozzie because they like a name better than yours. You can't just argue with them. I just hate what you did.' She said. Tears were threatening to fall from my eyes.

'You hate me?' I asked. She shook her head.

'I could never hate you. I just hate what you did. And yes, I'm probably overreacting. But I just hate it when grown-ups argue with kids like that. They didn't do anything wrong.' She said.

'I'm sorry.' I said. She began crying. 'Hey, what's wrong?' I asked.

'I'm just getting really emotional. It's just that it was just Molly and I on our own for so long, and I would kill myself just so she could live well, and she is. A miracle happened. But I just miss protecting her. I sound crazy don't I?' She asked sniffling.

'You sound crazy sweet.' I said. She looked up at me and smiled.

'I do?' She asked.

'Yeah. I miss taking Hozzie with me everywhere I go. She hated it though, but I hate leaving her everyday. Just like you hate not being able to protect her like you used to, but you know what?' I asked.

'What?' She asked wiping her eyes.

'You're protecting 2 children now. 3 whenever I'm home...' I started. She laughed. 'But you're also the most amazing girlfriend. Which is why, I am bestowing you the honour of naming Geronimo Houdini.' I said. She laughed and hugged me.

'I have no clue what to name him though. I'll think of something. I'm sorry I was angry at you for no reason.' She said.

'It's okay. I'm sorry I argued with the kids and acted like an immature 3 year old.' I told her. 'I mean, I'm usually a mature 3 year old.' I said. She laughed again.

'Thank you for putting up with me.' She said. I kissed her forehead.

'Thank you for liking me back.' I said.

'I don't like you.' She said. My eyes widened in horror. Was this some kind of bad dream?

'You don't?' I asked.

'Of course not. I love you.' She answered before kissing my lips.

'I love you too.' I said quickly before kissing her back. Let's just say, things got a little bit fun that night. Okay, "little" was a big understatement. When I woke up, she was still fast asleep in my arms. I cuddled her until her eyes fluttered open. She smiled at me.

'Good morning Mr Iero.' She said. I smiled back at her.

'You too Miss Dayne.' I said before kissing her. 'I've got a serious question to ask you though.' I said.

'What is it?' She asked.

'When should we tell the others? Not the kids because I think it's too soon, but everyone else who thinks we're perfect for each other?' I asked.

'I say we tell them whenever the conversation pops-up.' She said.

'Yeah okay. Well, it better pop-up by tonight. One of them is going to be babysitting so that we can go on a proper date.' I told her. She smiled and kissed me.

'What kind of date do you have in mind?' She asked.

'You'll find out soon enough. What I can say though, is that you're going to enjoy it, because you deserve it.' I said.

'You're so mushy. Don't worry though. I think I kind of like it this time.' She said. I smiled, winked at her, and went into the shower. She's the perfect woman for me.

Maybe in a few, short years we'd be married with kids. Man, I really am mushy. I should probably ask someone for advice about what to do. I haven't been on a date in years. Oh god! What if she falls out of love with me? What if she gets revenge by choosing a terrible dog name? There's only 4 guys I can go to about this, but they've all been badgering me about this for a long time, so they're going to make fun of me, which means this isn't going to be easy, but I'm going to have to make it work in order for tonight to go perfect for her as well as me.

Sorry if this chapter isn't amazing, but I'm feeling too ill to make this absolutely perfect. Does anyone have any cures for colds? Please?!? I mean, I know there aren't any, but help a sister out! I feel like death. Anyways, rate and review and tell me that you love me. Wait, just rate and review. Ugh. So. Ill. Sorry about all this complaining! :L xx
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