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A New Neighbour and Puppy

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Someone moves in next door, and someone moves in!

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Penina's P.O.V

The next day I woke up to see Frank getting dressed to go to the studio. I smiled.

'Hey Frank.' I greeted.

'Hi baby.' He said before kissing me. 'Damn it. I love my job and everything, but I'd rather stay here with you.' I said. I hit him with a pillow.

'Stop being so mushy. I love you and everything, but you have to go to work to make everyone's ears happy.' I said. He giggled and kissed me again.

'You don't like me being mushy then?' He asked.

'I do, but there's a time and place Frankie.' I answered. 'Besides, you look sexy with your guitar.' I said.

'I'm gonna have to remember that.' He said. 'I'll be back as soon as I can so we can go and get that puppy.' He said excitedly. I smiled.

'Go on then.' I said. He kissed me one more time before leaving. I got dressed, had breakfast and took the bins out. Once I took the bin bags out, I saw a woman with Long, wavy, black hair and hazel eyes. She was taking boxes out of a lorry and going into the house next to ours. I realised it had been for sale for a while, but I didn't know it had been sold. I walked over to her.

'Hi, I'm Penina. I live in that house next door. I didn't know this house had been bought.' I greeted.

'Hi, I'm Abbie-Marie Hudson, but my nickname's Fairy. Don't ask.' She said. I giggled.

'I won't. But, you're not going to be the only new one on the street today.' I said. She looked at me puzzled. 'We're getting a puppy. We've already got a lot of dogs, but Frank just loves them.' I explained.

'Aw. I love dogs. I have one named Diesel. He's staying at one of my friends houses while I get settled.' She said. 'Is Frank your boyfriend?' She asked.

'I'm an au pair for his and my sister. We met by knocking into each other in London.' I said. She laughed.

'That sounds memorable.' She said.

'Yeah. Our paths literally collided.' I joked. We both giggled. 'I better go and check on them. I'll see you soon Fairy.' I said. She smiled.

'See you.' She said as she continued taking boxes in with the men that were helping her. I went inside and saw Molly giving Hozzie a piggy-back ride. I giggled.

'What are you two doing?' I asked.

'We're playing horses.' Molly said. I smiled.

'Would you guys like something to eat?' I asked.

'Carrots and apples. And horse food.' Hozzie said.

'How about some cereal instead?' I asked. 'We've got Cookie Crisp.' I said. They cheered and ran into the kitchen. I poured everyone their cereal and we ate.

'What time are we getting the dog?' Hozzie asked.

'As soon as Frank gets home.' I answered.

'Can't he just pretend to be ill?' She asked. I giggled.

'Not if you want to be able to eat everyday. Plus, Frank's job is kind of cool.' I said.

'No it's not. I've been there and all you can do is talk to this old bald guy who says he's so happy that his daughter's got her drivers license, and that he loves fixing things. He also says he can see wavy colours when he takes his special medicine.' Hozzie said. My eyes widened.

'Right, I want you to tell me more about that in just a minute, but his job is awesome. He gets to have fun for a living, and he gets other people to have fun while he does it. I just think that's kind of cool.' I said.

'Does that mean when I grow up I get to draw and make money and nothing else?' She asked excitedly. I giggled.

'If that's what you want to do, then yeah.' I said. A few hours later Frank came home running through the front door. He quickly went upstairs to change his shirt, and while he did I put the dogs in the back of the car, because I knew we'd need them.

'Let's go get that dog.' Frank said excitedly. I smiled and we all piled into the car.

'What kind of dog are we getting?' Hozzie asked.

'We'll have to see when we get there. We have to all agree on the same one though.' Frank answered. When we arrived we were greeted by a woman with Dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her name tag said Rosie Zahra.

'Hi, I'm Rosie. How can I help you?' She asked.

'We're looking for a dog. My name's Frank Iero, I've been here before to get all my other dogs. We want another one.' Frank said. It was like Christmas for Frank.

'Okay, I need you to fill out this form, and then I need you to bring your other dogs to see if the one you choose gets on with them.' She said.

'I forgot to bring them!' Frank said as a look of disappointment stretched across his face.

'And I knew you would, so I put them in the back of the car as you were changing your shirt.' I said. Frank hugged me.

'Thank you!' He squealed. He ran to the car and got Mama, Sweet Pea and Peppers out.

'So, do you have a preference on what kind of dog you'd like?' Rosie asked.

'Kind of. I want a Golden Doodle because the name of it makes me laugh and they're really cute, but I don't mind as long as we love him or her.' I said.

'Let's go see the dogs.' Frank said running to us holding the dogs leads and making them run along with him.

'Well, I'm not an expert on this. I'm kind of the cat person, but because no one else is here I have to deal with it for you, but I won't be able to recommend any.' She said.

'We don't mind. When we see the dog, we'll know.' I said. We walked to the dog shelter part of this animal shelter, and Frank looked at each one with sad eyes.

'I want all of them.' He cried.

'Frank, it's okay. These dogs are being looked after well and we're going to take one home.' I whispered in his ear. He smiled at me and stood up. We looked at a few of them before we all looked at the same one.

This small, black, curly haired male puppy was laying on its back looking bored as hell. When he saw us He jumped up and stuck it's paws through the wired partition.

'I want that one.' We all said.

'Yeah, he's a cutie. He's 4 months old and came here because someone's dog gave birth unexpectedly.' Rosie explained.

'How much is he?' Frank asked lifting up Hozzie.

'About $100, including operations and stuff.' She answered. She opened his kennel and the dogs sniffed each other and they fell in love with him too. Once we sorted everything out, we took him home with us.

'So, what are we gonna call him?' I asked. Who knew a question like that could have resulted in a big argument between a grown man and a couple of little girls?

Hey guys. Sorry this chapter took a billion and 3 years to upload, but if you didn't know, my Word has broken again, and I had to use skydrive but I couldn't copy and paste things and stuff, so it was really pissing me off, and then I finally managed to do it but it was taking forever. Anyways. I might update again tonight, in fact, I probably will, but you have no idea how annoying that was. D: Also, I watched PewDiePie for the first time last night... yes... I've broken my PewDiePie virginity. He's really funny and I just want to hug him because he's so cute. I just love it when he doesn't know how to say stuff in English, I don't know why. Oh, and my cold is getting worse. Thanks Obama. Although, I live in London, I blame him because he's president. Although, I'd rather it was him than Romney. I've decided that mine and Frank's ship name is Franina, or Frenina. Whichever you prefer. It's still pronounced the same. By the way, do any of you know how to say my name? Because if you do, I'll love you. Oh, contest time! If you can guess how to pronounce my name, you can choose what the dogs name will be! That sounds like the most awesome competition ever! Well, for me anyway. Also, I pulled out a tissue a few minutes ago, and there was a huge fucking nope on it (the nope was a spider! D:) So, yeah. Oh my god. I should do these competition things more often. If people like that idea that is. Rate and review guys! Sorry for this long ass A/N. XD xx
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