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Pete, Mikey, and Patrick talk about sexuality..

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Pete and I have been living with Mikey, Gerard, Ray, and pretty much Frank who hasn’t left, for a week now. Things are not at all the nightmare I imagined. No one pressures me to talk, and they’re all very nice. Maybe they’re nice because they don’t want to piss Pete off, but honestly that works for me. Mikey and I have actually become pretty close friends within a week, and I think it’s because of our similarities. He’s a nerd, I’m a nerd. He’s self conscious, I’m self conscious. Pete saved him, and Pete saved me. I can’t imagine how anyone could possibly hurt someone as nice and understanding as Mikey. It’s disgusting the way people can be. My parents are right there with them. I still have scars, and a few healing wounds. Pete, Mikey and I are at the mall, applying for jobs. Despite Gerard, Mikey and Ray telling us they don’t mind paying the bills, we still feel like we should help. Mikey works at Hot Topic, which is where Pete and I are applying now. I’d love to get discount on hats, and Pete could soothe his addiction to hoodies. But more so, we’d both like to work with Mikey. We fill out our applications in the food court, sharing a pizza between the three of us.

“So Mikes, care to tell us about your boyfriend?” Pete grins and nudges him.

Mikey blushes, “Um, sure. He’s nonexistent.”

Pete roll his eyes, “Alright, so about the guy you want to be your boyfriend?”

Mikey shakes his head, “Nothing to speak of.”

“Aww, c’mon Mikes!” Pete pouts.

Mikey rolls his eyes, “Ray has a girlfriend, straight as can be, satisfied?”

“If that boy’s straight, so am I.” Pete crosses his arms, “And note, these jeans were not found in the men’s section.”

I laugh quietly, “What I think Pete means, is how do you know he doesn’t... you know, swing both ways?”

Mikey shakes his head, “He doesn’t. And if so, he still has a girlfriend.” he sighs and takes a sip of his coffee.

Pete frowns, “We could kill her?”

“Except that’s only slightly illegal.” I take a small bite of my slice.

Mikey shakes his head, “She’s actually pretty nice and... she makes Ray happy. That’s what matters.”

I nod, “But hey, you’re pretty awesome, I’m sure you’ll find someone soon.”

Mikey glances from me, to Pete, “Yeah, you will too.” he smiles.

Pete grins, “That’s right, ‘Trick! When school starts girls will be all over you.”

I shake my head. So, I haven’t told Pete I’m gay. I haven’t told anyone. I couldn’t risk saying it to a soul, still living with my parents. The beating I’d get if they ever found out... My dad always called me a fag, so it probably was obvious, but still, I wasn’t admitting anything.

Mikey raises an eyebrow, “Girls? Won’t that be one-sided.”

Pete’s eyes widen as I blush deeply.

“Wh-Wha-What do you mean?” I blush even more, hating my nervous stutter.

“I mean, well you’re gay right?” Mikey shrugs.

“No he’s..” Pete’s eyes widen, “Oh my god you are!”

I sink down in my chair, covering my face.

Mikey’s eyes widen, “Wait, you didn’t know?”

“No I.. how do you know?” Pete asks.

Mikey shrugs, “I just... know.”

“Aww, Patrick!” Pete hugs me tightly, “That’s so adorable!”

I blush and lean into Pete’s hug.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he pouts.

I fidget and shrug, “I-I haven’t told anyone... I-I couldn’t there...”

He nods, “Understood. But you’re gay! That’s so awesome!” he hugs me again.

Mikey mumbles, “Wonder why you’re so excited.”

Pete sends him a glare before grabbing a slice of pizza. Mikey giggles and eats a slice as well. We turn in the applications before making our way back home.

“Frank I am so sick of watching Spoungebob!” Gerard groans.

Frank pouts, “But Gee, I haven’t seen this one!”

Gerard sighs and hands Frank back the remote.

I quietly leave the living room, going to bed. I open the door and lie on the bed, pulling the blankets up to my chin. I close my eyes, completely forgetting to remove my glasses before falling asleep slowly.

“HE’S GONE!” My father yells, “HE’S PACK HIS SHIT AND LEFT!”

“THEY’RE IN THE YARD!” my mother yells back, running after me.

I run with Pete to his car, before my mother slams my head into the windshield, cracking it and cutting my forehead. She kicks the back of my knee, causing my leg to break. Pete screams and runs over, shoving her off before pulling me up.

“NO YOU DON’T!” my father shoves Pete to the ground and begins kicking him in the ribs.

“PEEEETE!” I scream as I slowly wake up, thrashing in the bed.

Pete runs into the room and jumps onto the bed, wrapping his arms around me, “Oh Patrick.. nightmare?”

I nod and hug him close, “Th-They hu-hurt you.”

He shakes his head, “No, sugar I’m fine, see? It was just a dream. We’re all okay.” he kisses my forehead softly.

“Is he okay?” Ray asks from the doorway.

When I look up, I notice that everyone is standing in the doorway. I hide my face in Pete’s chest, trying to hold in the tears burning through my eyelids. A few tears slip out as Pete rubs my back.

“He just had a nightmare, he’s alright. Close the door, would you, Mikes?”

Mikey closes the door, shooing everyone away from the door.

I cry and cling to Pete, so glad it was only a dream, but so devastated at the thought of him getting hurt. He rubs my back gently and holds me close.

“It’s okay, ‘Trick. They didn’t hurt me. I’m just fine, and now so are you. We’re okay, sugar.” he kisses my cheek, “It’s all okay. I promise.”

I nod and sniffle as he gently wipes away my tears, “P-Pete?”

“Yes, Patrick?” he gives me a kind smile.

“Th-Thank you so m-much.” I hug him tightly, “You... You really saved my life, Pete.”

Pete blushes lightly, “I’m just being a good friend. I know if it were me, you’d do the same.”

I nod, “I-I definitely would, I-I promise.”

He smiles and presses another light kiss to my forehead, “I know... hey, Patrick?”


“You...You were gonna tell me you’re gay, right?”

I blush and look down, “E-Eventually but I... I haven’t said it to anyone.”

Pete’s eyes widen, “That’s right! Patrick!” he bounces on the bed, “Say it! Say it out loud and I promise it’s one of the best feelings ever!”

I blush and shake my head.

“Paaaaaaaaaaaaaatrick.” Pete pouts, “C’mon, it’s just me!”

I bite my lip and look up into his eyes, “I-I...I-I’m gay.”
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