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Patrick finally says that he's gay. And he and Pete talk.

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For a moment, I wonder if I’m floating from the heavy weight that feels as if it’s lifted off of me. I take a slow deep breath and look over to Pete, beaming proudly. I blush and look down, unable to shake the feeling of relief. He was right, it feels amazing. I hug him tightly, almost wanting to confess something else. But telling Pete how I feel, I’m afraid, won’t have the same feeling. I don’t want Pete telling me that we’re only friends. I don’t want awkward silence, or to be avoided. So that secret, I’ll keep to myself. He hugs back tightly.

“Doesn’t it feel great?” he grins.

I nod, “I-It.. It really does.”

“Patrick?” Pete tilts his head.

“Y-Yes?” I look up to him.

“Have you ever been kissed?”

I blush deeply and shake my head, looking down.

“I figured not, but only because you’d just came out. That and I’m the only person you let near you...”

“That and I’m unattractive..” I mumble.

“Hey!” He pushes me to lie on my back and begins tickling my sides, “Take that back!”

I giggle and try to squirm away from him, “P-Pete! Stop!”

“Not unless you say how much of a stud you are!” he tickles up to my neck.

I laugh louder and try to push him off, “M-Me?” I laugh more, failing, “Stud? Yeah right!”

Pete growls and continues tickling, “At least say that you’re cute. Because you totally are!”

I grab his hands, stopping the tickling, and look up at him, “Would you like to borrow my glasses?”

Pete rolls his eyes, “Patrick, you’re very cute. And your voice is so wonderful. Your voice is like coffee. Even if they don’t like the genre of music/taste of coffee.. everyone loves your beautiful voice/the smell of coffee. I think it was your voice that truly made me notice you. It’s what made me realize your an angel. An angel with broken wings, but still an angel. An angel who needs my protection until your wings heal. And after they do, I’m desperately hoping I’ll still be able to protect you.”

I blush, “P-Pete what are you...”

He leans down and presses his lips against mine softly. I gasp softly against his lips before melting against his lips. As he straddles my waist, our lips begin to move together. My hands find their way to tangle up into his hair as his hands gently caress my neck, the other resting on my cheek. It’s a soft, slow kiss full of emotion and I never want it to end. Our lips fit together like a key in a lock, adjacent puzzle pieces. I feel his lips stretching into a smile against mine as his hands slide to my shoulders. He moves to lie on top of me, his hands moving down to hold my waist as we continue moving our lips together slowly. He licks between my lips, causing me to gasp again as his tongue slides into mine, meeting my own. My hands begin to shake nervously as I move my tongue against his shyly. I pull back from the kiss slowly, in desperate need of oxygen. I take a few deep breathes and look up to Pete, blushing deeply. He’s blushing as well, a smile pulling at his lips.

“Patrick..” he gently strokes my cheek with his fingertips.

I blush and look up at him, “Y-You ki-kissed me.”

He chuckles softly and hugs me tightly, “That I did, Sugar.”

I blush more and lean into Pete’s shoulder, “Wh-Why?”

Pete smiles at me fondly, “Because, silly, I’m in love with you.”

“Y-You’re in love with m-me?” my eyes widen.

He nods and takes the beanie off of my head, placing it on his own, “Since we started hanging out, ‘Trick. You’re such a great guy...” he rolls off of me to lie beside me, “I loved being your friend, yeah.. but I was afraid I’d always have to hide the way I feel.. and even if I did I was determined to run away with you.” he smiles at me, “When Mikey announced that you’re gay? I knew you liked me back. That’s not me being cocky, just the way you act with me. You have in me that of course can exist between friends, but there’s more. The way you blush when I hug you, kiss your cheek.. The way you smile for me...” Pete smiles and hugs me close, “I.. I’m right, right? Please tell me I didn’t just make a fool of myself a-and..”

I peck his lips quickly, “D-Don’t worry. Y-You were dead on. I-I’m very in love with you too.”

He grins, “Good, because I’d have hated to just pour my heart out and be wrong...”

I blush and bite my lip, “So that’s why you asked out of the blue if I’d been kissed...”

Pete blushes and nods, “I definitely wanted to be your first kiss...and I thought... I really can’t wait until you find a boyfriend to blurt it out...”

I look up at him, “I-I did find a boyfriend...” I blush and take his hand in mine, “A-At least.... I’m really h-hoping I did.”

Pete grins, “Oh Sugar, you did.” he pecks my lips gently.

Mikey grins at the pair of us, “So you two’ve finally decided to confess your love for each other?”

“Finally?” I nudge Mikey playfully, “You’ve known me for less than a month.”

He grins, “But I know Pete. ‘I don’t know what to do, Mikes... I just want to kiss him and hold him in my arms.’ He was always talking about you.”

I blush, “He was?”

Pete blushes, “I still am.. God you’re perfect, Sugar.” he wraps his arms around me, causing me to blush.

Mikey rolls his eyes playfully, “Okay, cut it out.” he sighs, “Now I’m the only single person..”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that...” I point to Ray’s room, “He hasn’t come out all day, and I heard him on he phone earlier...didn’t sound good.” I frown slightly.

Mikey frowns, “Poor guy.... his perfect heart broken...”

Gerard rolls his eyes, “Here’s an idea, go comfort him.”

“But...aren’t I a bit biased?” Mikey looks at his brother.

“Yes, that’s the point.” Frank shrugs, “Go cuddle him up and sneak a kiss.”

I shake my head, “M-Mikey’s right.. I-I think you should g-go comfort him, b-but don’t down his ex. J-Just be there for him, as a friend. If it’s meant to be, i-it will.”

Gerard shrugs, “Whatever you think, Mikes.”

Frank raises an eyebrow, “What makes you think that Patrick? I mean, yeah being a supportive friend is always good, but it also gives you that role. Just the supportive friend.”

Pete shrugs and grins, “It worked for me.”

I blush and hide my face behind my hat.

Mikey sighs and walks over to Ray’s room.

“Should we eavesdrop?” Gerard whispers to Frank.

“You really want to hear your brother make out?” Frank shakes his head, “Nah, we’ll leave this one.”

Pete’s phone rings, and he answers it with an excited look, “Hello? Yes sir, I’m Pete Wentz... 2:30 sounds great, I’ll be there! Thank you so much, bye.” he hangs up and grins at me, “Hot Topic job interview!”

I smile and hug him tight, “That’s great!”

“It’s in an hour.. come with me?” he bites his lip.

“No problem.” I smile and walk with him to our bedroom to get ready.

Pete starts tomorrow, and he’ll be working until 10:00pm. I’m happy for him, honestly, but I’m afraid of being without him. Mikey works too, so I can’t even go to him. I’m really terrified of being away from Pete for seven hours. I won’t show it, though. I don’t want Pete to be worried about me the whole time, I’ll be fine. Or at least, I’m going to convince Pete I will be.
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