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1- As Far As Plans Go...

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Frank kidnaps his ex-girlfriend, without telling his friends just who she is. (AU)

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-I’ve got big, big plans and they’ve got to mean something.-


Gerard, Mikey, and Bob all stared at Frank’s wicked grin as his proposal hung in between them. “Come on guys, what do we want most?”

“To be heard.” Bob groaned, “But there has to be another way.”

“Our music is not going to get a kick start due to a kidnapping.” Gerard shook his head, “That just doesn’t feel right man.”

“We would have plenty of money to live off of. We would have enough money to fund our own tour! And we could book some time with a recording studio. We’re good. We know we are good.” It was Mikey that was standing up for Frank’s plan, oddly enough. “This could give us the chance that we really need.”

“Or it could land us in jail.” Gerard reasoned.

Bob nodded, “Yeah, who is to say the guy won’t just report us? We aren’t criminal masterminds.”

Frank sighed heavily, “I’ve looked in to this. I’m not just suggesting something that will screw us over. Her dad is stealing money from his company! We will threaten to tell his secret, if he tells ours. It gives us security. He’s the right guy to blackmail, believe me.”

Bob shook his head, “How do you even know about this?”

“Or how he’ll react? You’re proposing we kidnap his daughter. Some fathers frown heavily upon that.” Gerard added.

Mikey shrugged, “So should we just stick to our part time jobs then, hoping desperately to be noticed?” He added an eye-roll for effect. It worked.

Gerard groaned, “You guys know I’m in, but I’m just saying… this is going to get bad, and when we are all sitting in jail together it won’t be one of those bonding experiences.”

“Sure it will!” Bob rolled his eyes. “So, are we going to be keeping her here?” He glanced around the two bedroom house that Gerard and Frank shared. “Because she isn’t coming home with me!”

“She’s not coming back with me either.” Mikey replied, since he still lived at home with his and Gerard’s parents.

“Yeah, we will keep her here.” Frank replied, “It’s not like anyone would come looking here in the event that the police were to be notified.”

Bob glanced down at the paper, in which Frank had written down the entire plan as he discussed it with them. “Why do I have to be the one to grab her?”

“Because it would be a lot less obvious than having an entire group of guys grab her.” Frank answered.

“Well, yeah but why don’t you do it? It’s your idea. I’m just along for the ride.” Bob commented.

“That’s the spirit.” Frank chuckled, “Just tell the cops that if they end up taking us in.”

Bob rolled his eyes, “How about Gerard? You said the pick-up location is Starbucks. Gerard is already a regular there.”

“Exactly.” Gerard shook his head, “I don’t need to ruin one of my favorite hang outs.”

“I could do it.” Mikey offered, surprising everyone.

“Why exactly are you so pro-kidnapping? Sometimes you scare me Mikes.” Gerard commented while gazing at his brother.

“I’m pro-dreams coming true.” Mikey corrected him, “And you haven’t stopped bitching about this dream since we were kids. It would be nice to see it happen, the whole music thing- not the whole kidnapping thing. Plus, I’m just an innocent kid. You’re all old. I could easily grab her without looking like a creep.”

Frank rolled his eyes, “I’m a year younger than you Mikey.”

Mikey glared, “Yeah, well you don’t look it.”

“Whatever.” Frank shrugged, “So, you’ll grab her then. Let’s go over the plan again…”

Mikey started talking as Frank glanced down at the picture he’d shown the other guys. They hadn’t questioned him much about how he’d gotten it, but he wouldn’t have told them either way. He gazed at her, attempting to make his expression unreadable as he tried to forget just how she’d made him feel last year when she’d said goodbye.

He couldn’t forget, but he could make sure that she never did either.
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