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2- She Hit The Asphalt

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Mikey had the tendency to mess up a good plan, and things don't go accordingly.

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-The months, they don’t matter. It’s the days I can’t take.-


“Hi, I’m Mikey.” One of Mikey’s biggest talents was how easily he could get along with people. He could blend in to any crowd, and always did. He was everyone’s friend, and the one kid that no one could hate.

Hayley glanced up from her History textbook. “Hi Mikey.”

“What’s your name?” Mikey also wasn’t easily put off when it came to making new friends- another of the reasons he was so good at making them.

“Hayley.” Hayley’s light blue eyes took in Mikey’s appearance, as he pulled out a chair and sat beside her. She read the side of his drink and kindly commented, “Vanilla Iced- coffees are the best.”

Mikey nodded, wearing a goofy smile. He had gone against the plan. He wanted to get to know their kidnap victim before taking her, though he knew why his friends didn’t want him seen with her in public. It was a risk, but risks were what he was all about. “It’s my favorite. What have you got?” He gestured to her drink.

“Hot chocolate.” Hayley replied, “Its cold outside. I wanted something that would warm me up, but my favorite drinks are the blended ones.”

“Can I buy you one?” Mikey lightly pushed the hot chocolate off the table and Hayley moved out of the way just in time to avoid the splash that followed the cup hitting the ground. “’Cause to me it looks like you’re all out of hot chocolate.”

Surprisingly Hayley just laughed, “I guess you can.”

She watched as Mikey jumped out of his seat and excitedly rushed to the counter. She had to hold back her laughter, because he was pretty damn funny.

Hayley started packing away her books just as an employee came over to clean up the mess. She felt a pang of guilt, despite the fact that she hadn’t been the one to spill it. “I’m sorry.” She still apologized to the employee before grabbing her bag and meeting Mikey at the door. He handed her a cup of fresh hot chocolate and held the door open for her.

“Have I ever seen you around, like at school or something?” Hayley gazed at Mikey again, trying to think of where she’d seen him before. He had a familiar face.

“I don’t go to school.” Mikey replied, “But I’ve lived here my whole life.”

“Maybe we went to high school together?” Hayley inquired.

“How old are you?” Mikey asked. “’Cause I graduated six years ago.”

“Oh.” Hayley’s nose twitched. “I’m twenty.”

Mikey grinned, “I’m four years older than you.”

“You are.” Hayley laughed as she took a sip of her hot chocolate. They were steps away from her car now, and Mikey was so easy to talk to. She was finding that she didn’t want to break away from him just yet. They slowed.

Mikey leaned in, as he playfully flirted. “Have you ever dated an older guy?”

Hayley laughed in his face. Mikey frowned and pulled away. “Look, I’m sorry but really? I’m not going to kiss you, or even give you my number. I don’t know you- and I’m in a relationship.” And the only older guy she’d ever dated had turned in to a tragedy which still affected her.

“Are you really?” Mikey asked.

“No.” Hayley frowned at her honesty. “I haven’t been in a relationship in about a year, and I don’t really plan on entering in to one. I’m busy with school.”

Mikey shrugged, “For twenty that’s kind of depressing. You’re supposed to be enjoying the world, and dating around.”

“I am enjoying the world.” Hayley replied, insulted. “Just because- I don’t even know why I’m defending how I live to you.”

“You could easily shut me up.” Mikey pointed out.

“How?” Hayley’s eyes narrowed, but she was still amused with how odd Mikey was.

“Kiss me.” Mikey smiled.

Hayley rolled her eyes, but as Mikey leaned closer she didn’t pull away. Instead she decided to forget Frank for a second and let her lips lead the way. Once they were kissing Hayley remembered where she had seen Mikey from before.

A photograph in Frank’s wallet.

Hayley pulled away, and Mikey frowned. “What’s wrong? I’m not that terrible of a kisser!”

“I just- I need to go, now. I- it was nice meeting you Mikey.” Mikey’s eyes narrowed as Hayley tried to stumble her way to a goodbye.

“Why are you freaking out?” Mikey grabbed on to her bag before she could leave.

She gazed at him for a few minutes before letting go of her bag. “Did he ask you to come here?”

“Who?” Mikey’s eyes widened in confusion.

“My stupid fucking ex-boyfriend.” Hayley replied, “It’s been a year. He needs to learn to let go!” She took a step back, keeping her eyes on Mikey. “Keep my textbooks but stay the hell away from me.” Mikey dropped the bag and took a step forward- he was thoroughly confused but he couldn’t let Hayley just leave.

The parking lot was deserted.

He should have stuck to the plan.

Hayley turned and tried to calmly walk away from Mikey- because he looked so confused, and she thought that she might just be crazy. It probably had nothing to do with Frank- though he’d called her just a few days ago. She worried that he had found out the real reason she broke up with him. If he had then he’d be angry.

Mikey lunged- because he was worried that Hayley would leave, and he would have to tell his friends how much he’d fucked up the plan.

He caught Hayley’s ankle and pulled her down. She fell and her head knocked against the ground- easily knocking her unconscious. Mikey cursed softly under his breath as he gently picked her up. Yeah, he messed the plan up.


Frank was pouring himself a glass of orange juice when Mikey knocked, well kicked, on the door. Frank heard the noise and instantly pulled the door open, since Mikey was running behind schedule.

“Well, that’s not obvious at all.” Frank muttered, as Mikey walked in. He shut the door behind him and Mikey nearly fell on the couch as he set Hayley’s body down. She was still passed out.

Gerard entered, with a towel wrapped around his waist. “What happened to the plan?” Mikey was supposed to be wearing a mask out in the parking lot, and was supposed to use a gun to get Hayley in to his car. From there he was supposed to be place a blindfold over her eyes to keep her from seeing anything.

That obviously had not happened.

Mikey groaned, “I just wanted to be her friend. She’s really pretty Frank. Her picture didn’t make her look really pretty- but in person she’s really pretty.” He gestured to her.

Frank was kneeling by the couch and his eyes were narrowed, “Did you hit her Mikey?” That wasn’t like Mikey at all.

Hayley had a scratch above her eyebrow, which was bleeding lightly- and the side of her face was red where she’d hit the asphalt.

“Er- not really.” Mikey blushed.

“What happened?” Gerard looked mildly frustrated, while Frank looked irate.

“I- she, she fell after I- I kissed… her.” Mikey was whispering now.

Frank’s entire face went red, “You kissed her?”

Gerard sensed Frank’s growing bad mood and stepped in between the two. “Frank, take her- somewhere. My room, your room- I don’t fucking care. Mikey, what the fuck? Explain, and real quick.”

Mikey started babbling as Frank leaned down and carefully lifted Hayley. She shifted but didn’t wake. He made it to his room before the string of curse words flew from his lips.

Mikey kissed Hayley?

That ticked him off.

All he saw was red as he left his bedroom.

His fist connected with Mikey’s jaw- and all Gerard could do was stare.

The plan was falling apart, as Frank’s emotions got the best of him.

And now Gerard was mad.

And Mikey was upset.

When you fell downhill, you fell fast.
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