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3- She Knows

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Frank isn't the only one with a secret.

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-I remember when we first broke up… -


(Frank’s POV)

“You fucking hit my brother!” Gerard yelled.

“Mikes, you okay?” Mikey was clutching the side of his face but he still managed to smile.

“I’m fine dude. Remind me never to go off plan again. I didn’t know you’d get so damn angry.” Mikey shook his head as he stood back up.

That kid was like a rubber band. He just snapped right back in to place. “Just- no kissing her.”

“Hayley.” Mikey spoke up. “Her name is Hayley.”

“I know that.” I frowned. “And she knows your name now too, doesn’t she?”

Gerard frowned as well. “Damn it Mikey!”

Mikey looked like a scolded puppy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he whimpered just for effect. “I have to get going. Just remember, I’m the whole reason that she’s here.”

“Yeah, let’s just hope she doesn’t remember that.” I spit out, as I turned back to my bedroom door. “Look, I’m sorry for hitting you Mikey.”

“I know.” Mikey replied.

After that I entered my bedroom.

Hayley was laying on my bed, peacefully. If only the peace could last. I knew she wouldn’t take this whole ‘being kidnapped’ thing laying down though. There would be hell to pay when she woke up- and most likely I’d be the one paying it.

But this was going to hurt her just as much as it hurt me. I would make sure of that.


(Hayley’s POV)

I woke up warm and comfortable, with the taste of hot chocolate in my mouth. For a few sweet seconds I thought I’d just lost track of time. Where was I? I had to be home, in bed. I felt so comfortable. I didn’t want to get up.

Turns out that wasn’t really a problem though, since I couldn’t get up- and I couldn’t see, and I wasn’t home. I couldn’t be.

“Hello?” The word sounded weak as it slipped from my lips, and I was ashamed. What the hell was happening? This had to be some horrible prank but… Mikey? “Mikey?”

There was a sharp intake of breath and then the bed caved in beside me and I felt someone touch my arm. “You really shouldn’t have kissed him Hales.” It wasn’t Mikey, but the voice was familiar.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, for whatever I did and for the kiss. I’m sorry.” I was scared. I didn’t like the loss of control, and the inability to see.

“You’re sorry?” He whispered in to my ear. “Sorry for being such a little slut?” What? The accusation was familiar though incorrect. Why couldn’t I think of who it was? I had a pounding headache, and I couldn’t focus… and his name was inches from my tongue, begging to get free.

But it couldn’t be.

This wasn’t him.

Cold, unforgiving lips pressed down upon mine until I couldn’t breathe and still he didn’t pull away. I struggled pathetically in place, tied to an unfamiliar bed. This wasn’t him, because the person I knew would never do this.

“I never knew.” He breathed out, as he pulled away. I was at such a disadvantage. “I never knew this was what you wanted sweetheart, or maybe I could’ve saved our relationship, and my heart but you’re not even worth it.”

It was him.

“Frank?” I choked out his name.

“It’s better that you know.” Frank commented. “Since that’s the whole, you know, point.”

“Please Frank.” I lost the pathetic tone, but I was still afraid. Frank wasn’t the type to act like this. He used to be the best thing I ever knew. He was the best thing I ever had, but I didn’t have him anymore… and he wasn’t so good anymore. “I can’t see anything.”

“What do you want to see Hayley?” Frank hissed, and I could feel his breath on my ear. “Do you want to see me?”


“That isn’t an answer sweetheart.” The bed sank underneath him and I fought to scoot away from him but I could get nowhere.

“Yes.” I whispered. “I want you to let me go so that I can see you.”

I jumped but didn’t make it far at all because of the restraints, as Frank’s hand came crashing down on the bed. It made quite a noise, even shaking the bed.

What did he know?

“Lying bitch.” Frank whispered hatefully, “You were everything that I wanted, and you crushed me. I’m just returning the favor by hurting everything you care about. You really messed me up; now I’m going to fuck with you.”

“What are you going to do?” He sounded dangerous.

He was different.

We both were.

I flinched as I felt Frank’s cold fingers on my cheek. I wanted to pull away but couldn’t. “Stick around and you’ll find out.”

I found my mouth had gone dry but it didn’t matter. Frank wasn’t sticking around and waiting for a reply. The bed shifted again, and after I listened to his footsteps the door closed behind him and I was alone- and blind, and tied down.

Just the way I always hoped to see Frank again.

Especially since he obviously didn’t even know why he should really hate me.

If he did then I’d probably be dead.


Gerard had been standing outside of Frank’s bedroom. He stopped as soon as he started to overhear the frightened conversation from the other side of the door.

Frank’s eyes found him but they said nothing.

It was eventually Gerard who broke the silence, and by that time they were in the kitchen together. “You hurt her.”

Frank shrugged carelessly, “She’s fine.”

“I’m not in this for rape.”

“I didn’t rape her.”

“What did you do then?”

“I just scared her.”


“To scare her.”

“No, why? It seemed personal.” Gerard wasn’t as stupid as Frank wished he was at that given moment.

“I’m just playing my part.” Frank cleared his throat, “And now I’m hungry.”

But Gerard was still suspicious.
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