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4- Happy Endings

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Gerard and Hayley interact.

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-We had it all in front of us. You were the one, I was in love.-


The wind battered against my face, leaving me stung by the cold. The beach line was sandy, with broken shells scattered all around.

I hadn’t been to this place since Hayley broke up with me.

It was where she’d broken up with me actually.

I could still taste my own bitter angry words, and her bittersweet tears as they flowed down her face… upon my lips- that last kiss had sealed my pain in.

“It just isn’t working Frank! Why can’t you accept that?” Hayley tried to turn away but Frank wouldn’t let her as he grabbed on to her arm.

They stared for several seconds, without either of them saying a word. The waves crashed down, staining their memories forever.

“Why can’t you look at me while you say that?” Frank asked, gazing in to Hayley’s eyes. “You look away like you don’t mean it, and I don’t think you mean it. Is it your dad? Is he making you do this?”

“No one is making me do anything.” Hayley coldly answered. “I just don’t want to be with you anymore.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Then let me explain it so that you will.” Hayley swallowed hard and gazed up at the stars for a few sweet seconds. Even they couldn’t take her away from the situation though. “You were fun Frank, but that’s all you ever were. You were just a cheap thrill, an easy way to piss off my dad. I’m over it, and I’m over you. I don’t need that thrill anymore, and so you’ve lost your purpose.”

Frank’s lips tightened as his face paled under the moonlight. “I believe you.” He finally answered. “If you can kiss me and feel nothing then I’ll leave, without another fucking word.”

Hayley’s fingers trembled as she closed them in to fists. With short measured steps she reached Frank, who gazed down at her with pain reflected in his eyes.

Frank leaned down and Hayley leaned up.

When they met they each stopped, as their lips collided.

Tears dripped down Hayley’s cheeks, soaking Frank’s upper lip as he deepened the kiss. A captured sob broke apart between them as Hayley pulled away.

“You’re crying.” Frank calmly pointed out.

“I never meant to hurt you.” Hayley whispered. The wind made it hard for Frank to hear her, and yet somehow her words came out clearly. “But that doesn’t change anything. I still don’t want to be with you.”

Frank looked down at the sand, which was collecting over his feet. “I loved you, you know?” Hayley didn’t say anything. “Now I can’t even, I can’t even put in to words how much I fucking hate you. I hope you die Hayley. I hope that someday I can kill you ‘cause I’d give everything away just to see the light leave your eyes you fake, stupid-”

This used to be such a beautiful place, but now all I could remember were the tears.

The stars didn’t shine as brightly, and the air didn’t smell as clean. The water wasn’t as cold, and the rocks weren’t as sharp.

Everything was just… dull.

Hayley had killed everything I loved about this place and everything I’d loved about her.

She broke something inside of me that could never be fixed.

And now she was at my mercy.


(Hayley’s POV)

The blindfold was heavy, and the rope binding my ankles and wrists cut in to my skin. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t see. I was vulnerable, and at the mercy of someone who so obviously hated me.

“Hello?” I tried not to be too loud, while also trying to be heard. I was afraid of causing anger, but I was more afraid of sitting all alone. I didn’t like it at all. I was imagining the worst things possible.

“Hello?” My voice cracked as I called out for a second time. I was thirsty and needed to move. I couldn’t feel my arms as they’d fallen asleep… and I just couldn’t stay like this forever. Surely that couldn’t be his plan- if he even had a plan. That wasn’t always Frank’s strong suit.

“Hey, calm down.” An unfamiliar male voice caught me by surprise and I immediately shut up as I realized that it wasn’t Frank… and it didn’t sound like Mikey either. How many of Frank’s freaky friends were involved? “I’m right here.” The voice sounded closer. “Did you need something?”

“I’m thirsty.” I finally answered.

“Stop pulling on those.” The man scolded in a soft tone as he grabbed my arm. I hadn’t even realized I’d been pulling against my restraints. He made a sound of disapproval. “Does this hurt?” As he touched my wrist I winced in pain. “Obviously.” He muttered immediately. “Look, I’m going to let you go but… just don’t piss me off, okay? I don’t have time to chase after you- and I don’t feel like being an asshole.”

“Oh okay.” I nervously replied.

Once my wrists were released I felt a burning pain and then sweet relief. The same, though less intense, happened with my ankles. “He did this all wrong.” The man muttered softly. “He has no idea how to tie up a woman.” Well, that’s not odd or anything.

“And you do?” I couldn’t help myself.

“I do.” He answered.

“So what, you kidnap and restrain people on a regular basis?”

He chuckled. “No, of course I don’t.”

“You make it sound like I just asked a terribly odd question but look at the situation.” I had to fight the urge to take off my blindfold. He probably wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t going to push my luck.

“You’re right.” He stopped laughing. “Look, this is nothing personal it’s just…” he just trailed off, leaving us both a little clueless.

What was really going on here?

“So, what would you like to drink? I could make tea, or hot chocolate… or there is soda, and the water here is good.”

I laughed a little, “I’d like to give the water a try.”

“Good choice.”

I heard footsteps and reached out, trying to help myself up. “Shit.” His voice returned. “Yeah, I should probably help you.” Bright guy, really. “Here, I’m going to er, touch you now.” His hand touched mine and seconds later I was stuck holding hands with one of my kidnappers as he helped me from the room.

“This would be easier if you just let me take this blindfold off, you know.” I commented.

“It would be.” He answered, “But then you’d know my face and that just isn’t very smart. I want this to end well.” How could it end well when I already knew two of my kidnappers? I didn’t say anything however, feeling it wasn’t very bright for me to seal my own fate with stupidity.

“Why are you doing this?” I wanted his point of view, because something wasn’t matching up here. What did he have to do with Frank? Mikey had been so friendly… and he didn’t seem to hate me either, but Frank sure did.

“Well, you know, for the- er, the ransom.” Oh god.

“You’re asking my father for money?” That wasn’t a good idea.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. He will pay up and you’ll be returned home safe and sound.” That didn’t quite seem like Frank’s plan, but did he know that?

“You don’t know my dad, and I don’t think you understand how dangerous this all is.” I warned.

“It doesn’t have to be dangerous at all.”

Unfortunately, it was already dangerous because my father was a very dangerous man- and none of them knew just how dangerous.

I heard something slam shut and then the man’s hand fell from my own hand, leaving me standing alone and blind.

“Gerard, what the hell are you doing? What is she doing out here?” Frank sounded angry.

Uh- oh.

“She was thirsty.” Gerard answered calmly. “Honestly, you can’t expect her to be confined to your room until…”

“Actually, I do.” Frank snapped. “She’s not here to make friends. You should remember that. Kindness won’t get you anywhere with her.” His tone dramatically softened. “How about you go grab dinner? I’m just tired and hungry. I don’t mean to be such an asshole.”

Gerard sighed. “It’s this entire situation. We aren’t kidnappers man. It’ll be over soon enough. How does Taco Bell sound?”

“Delicious and cheap.” Frank answered.

I heard footsteps and the door closing again.

I hesitated in place as I heard footsteps approaching me.

“What were you talking to Gerard about?” Frank finally asked, and I could tell that he was close.

“I was just thirsty.”

Frank didn’t say anything but I could feel his breath on my face. Was he going to kiss me? For some reason that still made me shiver in anticipation. “If my dad does give you guys the money then what are you going to do with me, honestly?” I didn’t believe Gerard’s ‘safe and sound’ theory at all.

There was nothing safe or sound about any of this.

“I’m going to kill you.” The cold way that Frank spoke left no doubt in my mind.

This lacked a good ending for me.
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