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[A/N] – Sorry for not updating sooner, I had a hairdressers appointment which took forever and now I don’t like my hair at all. So yeah, here’s the chapter!

Frank’s POV…

I found myself in a large room with a TV and some sofas and other crap so I assumed I was in the living room. I flopped myself down on one of the tacky sofa’s and groaned. Well I couldn’t help losing my temper could I? What if something happened to Penina? Yeah the others cared about her too obviously but not as much as I cared about her. If something bad happened to Penina then sure the others would mourn her loss but they’d move on. How would I move on? I couldn’t move on if something happened to Penina.

Levana came into the room “What’s wrong Daddy?” She asked, sitting down next to me. I just shook my head “Is Mommy gonna be okay?” I shrugged my shoulders “Daddy, please talk to me.”

“I don’t really feel like talking right now, thanks though Levana.” I kissed her cheek “Could you just give me some alone time?”

“I’m gonna go and get Gerard.” Levana replied and ran out of the room before I could stop her.

I groaned again and Gerard came in “Look, I know you’re stressed about Penina and everything-“

“Stressed?” I cried “Stressed does not describe how I feel right now!”

“Right, right, I know, I’m sorry.” Gerard sat down next to me “Look, I know what you’re going through.”

“No you don’t!”

“Yes Frank, I do. I lost Crayon for three years. I lost you too and all the others. Lost my little brother and sister, my best friends and I almost lost myself as well since I did nothing but zone out all the time. That can’t happen to you. You have four children to look after. And there’s so many of us Frank, it won’t take three years to save her, it won’t even take three weeks. Probably not even three days.” He put his hand on my shoulder “We’re gonna save her Frankie, I promise.”

I sighed “But I’m scared.” My eyes filled with sudden tears “You keep saying they won’t kill her and you all seem so relaxed but what if they did kill her? I mean, have you ever met a female draculoid?”

“I avoid making familiarities with draculoids.”

“You know what I mean Gee. And what if the cure doesn’t work on her? What if BLI have improved their drugs or whatever? And I dunno if I can handle seeing her as a draculoid. She’ll try to kill me.” I started sobbing “Gee, I can’t handle any of this! I’m sick of being a fucking killjoy. Can we not at least try to leave this country?”

“Don’t you think I tried that long ago?” Gerard asked gently “Before I met you, it was just me, Mikey and Hozzie. I tried to get them to a safer country but it didn’t work. We tried sneaking on to a plane but they caught us and nearly threw us in prison.”

“But what if we explained our situation?”

“Frank, you don’t understand.” Gerard laughed gently “We don’t have a choice. We have to stay here and fight to survive. You think that the people at the airports give a shit about us? They’re almost like BLI. The world is cruel Frank. Leaving the country won’t change things.”

“They won’t try and slaughter us!” I cried “Can we not at least try? We could build a boat!”

“… A boat?”

“Yes, drive to the ocean and build a boat and sail away and please stop laughing at me.”

“Well what are we gonna make a boat out of?” Gerard shook his head slowly “Come on Frank, let’s go and talk to the others about saving Penina before focussing on getting out of the country.”
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