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Gerard’s POV…

Me and Frank went back into the kitchen and sat down “There is no safe way to save her!” Raven told Ben “It’s a huge risk to take. You should know that by now.”

“I’m just thinking about my husbands, my sons and my best friend’s safety.” Ben replied in a slightly pissed off tone “You’d think about your friend’s safety too.”

“I am thinking of my friends safety.” Raven hissed “This is about Penina, remember?”

Ben looked uncomfortable so Jack quickly said “Of course we’re gonna help you find Penina; we just don’t quite understand the plan. We just show up, shoot everyone in sight, grab Penina and leave?”

“Sure.” Ray replied “We’ve done that heaps of times and nothing bad has happened.”

“Oh yeah, that’s a responsible attitude.” Ben said sarcastically, earning a death stare from Frank so Ben quickly shut up.

“We’re wasting time.” Frank said in a steady voice “We need to leave. Right now.”

“I don’t even have a ray gun though.” Rining said.

“Don’t worry, here’s Penina’s gun.” Sam handed him the gun.

“You can’t give him Penina’s gun!” Frank yelled “That’s Penina’s gun!”

“It’s only until we get Penina back. You know that he can’t go in without a weapon.” Sam said sternly. Nobody argued with Sam, not even Frank apparently.

We all left the kitchen and then went out of Ben and Jack’s ‘house’ “I don’t wanna get back in the car.” Miles moaned “It’s stuffy in the car and there’s nothing to do and it’s really boring.”

“I know but you wanna save your Mommy don’t you?” Frank asked, ruffling Miles hair.

Miles’ eyes filled with tears for a second but he quickly shook them away and jumped into the car before any of the other kids could tease him. But they all understood how serious this was and didn’t say anything as they followed him into the car. I got into the front to drive like I normally did. It was even more of a squish with Ben, Jack, Rining and Chloe in the car now but it didn’t matter. So long as we saved Penina.

“Do you really think they wouldn’t have killed her?” Crayon asked nervously. She was sitting in the passenger’s seat with Rosie on her lap but Rosie was staring out the window, daydreaming “It’s just that I love Penina to pieces and we’ve been through so much together. I don’t know what I’d do without her.”

“They won’t have killed her.” I replied, keeping my eyes ahead of me “I can’t say they won’t have hurt her because we won’t know until we find her.”

“What if the cure doesn’t work though? And she’s stuck like that forever.”

“Would you quit worrying? Penina’s going to be fine, I promise.” I suddenly hit my foot on the breaks as I saw our house in the distance.

“Why did you stop?” Frank yelled at me “We need to save her!”

“I know, but there’s the house.” I whispered “Does it look like the draculoids and Korse are still there?”

Suddenly Frank opened the car door and got out. I watched him in astonishment before getting out and running after him “What are you doing?” I asked in a hushed tone “What are you doing?”

“If those fucking draculoids and whatever are still there then what do you think I’m gonna do?”

“Frank, she won’t still be there even if the draculoids are. Do you think they’re stupid?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I think!” Frank turned to look at me “What do you expect me to do? Just sit back and mind my own business while they torture Penina? I don’t think so.” He turned away from me, pulled his ray gun out of his back pocket and stormed over to the building.

I followed him quickly and we went inside together. But we were too late. There was no sign of BLI or Penina.
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