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Gerard’s POV…

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and I whirled around, aiming my ray gun at whoever it was “Don’t point that at me!” Raven snapped. She was with Ray and Chloe “We saw a BLI car round the back and a draculoid came into the building. So we’d better split up and look for it.”

“Have you ever watched a horror movie?” I asked her “You don’t split up! That’s how you die!”

“They’re not ghosts Gerard. I have a ray gun. I know how to use it.” Raven said stubbornly, pushing past me and disappearing into another room in the house.

“You’d better go after her.” Frank said to Ray. Ray nodded and went into the room Raven had gone into.

“So you actually saw a draculoid?” I asked Chloe. She flushed bright red and nodded “Are you sure?”

“I’m not stupid you know.” Chloe said but it wasn’t loud or angry “I know what I saw.”

“Okay, I was just double checking. Come on, we’d better go and start looking.”

“Guys, Raven definitely went in there right?” Ray asked, coming into the room we were in and pointing at the room he’d just walked in.

“Yeah, that was the one.” I told him.

“Well she’s not in there.”

“What do you mean she’s not in there?” I asked, going into the room Raven had walked into. It was the kitchen. I checked the trap door first but she wasn’t in there and then I went to the back door. Ray followed me and we both went outside.

“Where’s the BLI car?” Ray asked, looking around.

Frank came out and pointed into the distance. We could just make out the shape of a BLI car driving away into the distance “You can bet anything that Raven’s in that car.” I muttered, watching as Ray kicked the side of the house hard and then burst into tears.

“Well hurry up!” Frank cried “We’re going way too slowly.”

“Frank, you need to calm down.” Sam said sternly “Yeah you’re worried but that’s no excuse to go around yelling at us. We’re not the ones who abducted Penina.”

“I know that but I’m getting really worried.”

“We can’t go in now anyway.” Gerard told him, stopping the car “We need to stop and get some rest.”

“You want me to go to sleep knowing that they’re probably torturing Penina?”

Levana and Jora burst into tears “Now look what you’ve done!” Hozzie cried, taking Levana’s hand and picking up Jora once they got out the car “It’s gonna be okay, your Mommy will be fine, I promise.”

“Daddy, where’s my Mommy?” Draven asked Ray. They’d both been really quiet on the drive here “Daddy?”

“She’s with Penina right now.” Ray whispered, setting up a sleeping bag “But she’ll be fine, don’t worry about it.”

Draven was obviously worried but he just nodded. He tried to act like he wasn’t scared but when Ray crawled into a sleeping bag to go to sleep, instead of going to his own sleeping bag, Draven got into Ray’s sleeping bag with him.

“Daddy, my Mommy won’t go missing too will she?” Rosie asked me nervously, her eyes filling with tears.

“Of course not.” I told her, kissing her forehead. Technically Crayon wasn’t her Mom but she didn’t seem to care “Just get some sleep and in the morning we’ll get Penina and Raven back.”


“I promise.” I kissed her forehead again “Now come on, time to go to sleep.”

She sighed and went to sleep next to Danielle. I kissed Crayon “I haven’t had a chance to say this yet but I missed you so much.” I told her “I love you more than anything in the whole world and I won’t let something like that happen to you ever again.”

“Thanks Gerard.” Crayon smiled “I love you too. And we’d really better get some sleep because I’m not about to let anything happen to Penina or Raven.”

I wrapped my arms around her, laid down with her next to me and went to sleep.
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