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Rise of the Killjoys

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No killjoy get's left behind. This is the story of how close killjoys can be...

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It's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rise of the killjoys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you if you auditioned!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy!!!!!!! =D

Scarlett Blaze’s POV

“Hey Blaze, Come and check this out,” Crimson said.
I slowly walked towards her.
“What have you got?” I asked.
She held out a ray gun.
“It can shoot through five feet of solid metal,” she said proudly
I let out a long whistle.
I then pointed it at the wall.
“I wouldn’t!” she said taking the gun off of me.
I raised my eyebrow at her.
“Holding this gun is like holding great power, we all know that with great power comes great responsibility, so only use it when you really need it,” she said putting it on the table.
I spun on my heel.
“How we doing on recruiting Firefly?” I asked.
“Well,” she said spinning on her chair.
“I’ve got my eye on four new killjoys, Midnight Nightmare, Music Maniac, Radio Harlequin and Rebel Desolation,” she said.
“Can you bring them here by the end of the day?” I asked.
She nodded.
“Me and Atomic are gonna head out in a minute and track them down,” she said.
“Awesome,” I said.
I heard a whistle coming from the ceiling.
It was Adrenaline.
“Bob’s here, he says he needs to talk to you urgently,” she said.
I climbed up the ladder into the comic book shop (Yes our base is under a comic book shop)
“Hey Bob,” I said.
“Scarlett I need to talk to you…in private,” he said looking at Adrenaline.
Adrenaline walked down the ladder back into the base and closed the hatch.
I gave him a worried look.
“What’s happened?” I asked.

Crimson Revenge’s POV

“What’s happening?” Galaxy asked putting her toolkit down.
“Bob’s got big urgent news for Blaze,” Adrenaline said listening at the hatch.
“Is he looking for food?” Techno asked.
We all went to the hatch and listened.
“They’re dead,” he said.
I could hear Blaze’s breath start to falter.
There was silence.
The hatch flew open and it ripped off its hinges.
Blaze had pure anger in her eyes.
“Crimson, Techno with me, Firefly and Atomic collect those killjoys, the rest of you keep an eye on the base,” she said.
We obeyed her, so me and Techno grabbed our stuff and followed Blaze to the van.
As we got in the van we looked at Blaze.
“What’s happened?” I asked.
I saw her eyes water but she did not let the tears fall out of her eyes.
“They’re all dead, Frank, Ray, Mikey and…and…Gerard,” she whispered.
Silence fell.
I saw Blaze stare at the wheel.
The thing about Blaze is, Gerard was the one who found her on the street, bought her in with the killjoys.
She doesn’t admit her feelings towards Gerard to us let alone herself.
She sniffed then spoke.
“We gonna get them back,” she said.
“Why? They’re dead, there is no reason for us to put ourselves at risk,” Techno said through her tears.
“No! They’re not!” She snapped managing to hold back the tears.
“Bob said BL/ind are planning to experiment on them, there is still a chance,” she said.
Me and Techno looked at each other.
She then spoke up “We’re gonna get them back, Gerard, Frank, Ray,”
She turned to Techno.
“And Mikey,” she said.
She started the engine.
“Let’s do this guys, sing it for your fellow killjoys,” she said pulling out.

Okay I know it was a bit short and not very exciting but that was just a rubbish intro. It'll get better lateeeeeeeer! I promise! =)
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