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Nobody get's left behind

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The rescue of the killjoys begin...

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Firefly Rush’s POV

I watched as Atomic got into the truck.
“What’s got Blaze all worked up?” I asked.
She shrugged.
“I dunno, I’ve never seen her so angry and upset before, she usually plays it cool,” Atomic said opening her laptop.
I hummed in agreement.
I heard tapping on Atomic’s window.
Bob was waving outside the window.
She rolled down the window and smiled at him.
“Hey, I’m heading off now, so, erm, stay safe and all and, erm, yeah,” he said.
“Okay, I’ll see you later Bob,” she said.
Bob then walked away.
“Ooooooooooo, you and Bobby boy,” I said wiggling my eyebrows at her.
“Shut up!” I exclaimed.
“I hear wedding bells!” I exclaimed.
“…are we gonna track these killjoys or what?” she said typing at her laptop.
I smirked to myself and drove off.

TechnoLust’s POV

The journey remained silent until-
“Have we got any food back there?” Crimson asked.
“Erm, let me look,” I said.
I opened the cardboard box on the floor.
“We have Pedigree, Iams…” I said.
“Nah, have we got any Dog Chow?” she asked.
I looked through the box and picked up a can.
“Yep,” I said.
“Here, cut it open with this will ya, press the button to start it up,” Crimson said.
She handed me a silver handle.
I raised my eyebrow then pressed the button.
“Holy shit!” I screamed.
A small laser had appeared out of one side of the handle.
It flew into the air as it made me jump.
Suddenly Blaze with her eyes still on the road threw her arm behind and caught the
laser before it killed anyone.
She handed it to me.
“Laser Knife, did I not mention?” Crimson said.
I rolled my eyes.
I put the laser into the can a removed the lid.
I handed the knife and can to Crimson.
“Thanks Techno,” she said eating up the dog food.
I looked at Blaze.
She hadn’t talked since we left.
“Blaze, do you wanna talk about it?” I asked.
“What?” she replied.
“You know what,” I said.
“What Techno? Just say it!” she snapped.
Blaze’s grip tightened on the steering wheel.
I sighed.
“…Gerard,” I said.
Blaze then slammed on the brake.
Me and Crimson jerked forward violently.
When the van had completely stopped she turned her head quickly and looked at me.
“Why? Why do you think that it’s all about Gerard?” she snapped.
I looked at Crimson.
“Do you wanna know what I’m feeling right now?” she asked.
Yes please admit your feelings for Gerard.
“I am pissed off Techno, pissed off because they hurt my fellow killjoys, if anyone
hurts my fellow killjoys, it hurts me so badly inside I don’t think I can handle it,”
she said.
Yeah and cause your lover might be dead.
“Look, Techno I’m sorry for snapping,” she said.
“It’s okay Blaze, I know you’re upset,” I said.
She then put her foot on the accelerator.

Half an hour later…

“We’re here,” Blaze said.
We got out of the car and snuck to the Bli headquarters.
We backed against the wall.
“Crimson get to the security room, let us in and distract the Draculoids,”
She gave me a salute.
“On it boss,” she said.
She ran around the corner out of sight.

Crimson Revenge’s POV

Five minutes later…

I tapped a Draculoid on the shoulder with my gun.
It turned around and I blasted its head off.
I smiled to myself.
I sat in the chair and looked at the screens.
I saw the front entrance and the faint outline of Blaze.
I took the lever and rotated in madly hoping they will notice.
Blaze’s head appeared and she gave us the thumbs up.
I then took the mic and pressed the button.

Scarlett Blaze’s POV

“KILLJOY’S MAKE SOME NOISE!” Crimson screamed through the speaker.
“She’s lost it,” I said.
The door then clicked open.
“NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA! NA!” she screamed.
“Let’s do this,” Techno said.
We ran inside down the corridor.
The Draculoids were running in the direction of the security room.
We ran in the opposite direction of them.
We followed the signs pointing towards the laboratory.
“Stop!” Techno hissed.
She motioned round the corner.
I peeked around the corner; there was a huge group of Draculoids at the lab door.
“Okay, what’s in Crimson’s bag of goodies?” I asked.
Techno looked through the bag.
“ooooooo, Supersonic ray guns,” she said pulling two guns out.
She handed one to me.
I grinned at her.
“Together,” I said.
We rushed around the corner, pointed the guns and pulled the trigger.
The guns jerked violently and sent a supersonic wave down the corridor.
It sent the Draculoids flying into oblivion.
For a moment we were speechless.
“That was fucking awesome!” Techno exclaimed.
“Let’s go,” I said.
We ran to the metal door.
“Crap! It’s a number lock!” I said.
Techno then took out Crimson’s new gun.
“I have a feeling that you will need to stand back,” she said pointing the gun at the door.
I took a few steps back and she blasted the door to bits.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” I screamed.
“Geez, That was intense,” Techno said.
We ran through the door and entered the lab.
I looked around the room and I saw him.
“GERARD!” I screamed.
He was lying on a metal table.
“Come on Gerard wake up!” I cried, whilst gently shaking him.
“Mikey, come on!” I heard Techno shout
“Please Gerard!” I screamed.
I looked behind me.
He walked towards me.
“Such a shame a pretty face like you has to die,” he said.
He pressed the gun to my chest.
I looked desperately at Techno, but a Draculoid had her in its grip.
“Goodbye,” Korpse whispered.
Korpse was suddenly flying into the wall.
I turned around.
“You’re alive,”

Hope you enjoyed it guys
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