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That night I couldn’t sleep. Nothing new but this time I couldn’t sleep because my head was too crowded with thoughts of what to do tomorrow. Me and Frank had talked about that too. No matter what happened, I was breaking up with Jake in the morning. I wasn’t going to let him yell at me and get mad and demand we stay together. This time I was going to just walk away and make sure he knew we were no longer together.

But I still didn’t know what to do about Frank. I loved him. I knew I loved him. It was just that after everything that had happened with Jake, I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to boys. My ex-boyfriends hadn’t been any different. Joe hadn’t been nice at all and before that, my boyfriend Henry would sometimes hit me when he got pissed off at me. But I didn’t tell anybody because I thought it was my fault. The only reason we broke up was because he got bored with me and dumped me. He hasn’t had a girlfriend since because I was the only one who was stupid enough to think he was good-looking.

When I think about it though, even after all that, I still wanna go out with Frank. And I know I’m just making excuses for myself to hide the real reason why I’m not dating Frank yet. I’m worried that Jake will get mad. Even though we won’t be together anymore, I know just how creepy he can get. How much he’ll stalk me on Facebook just like before and how much he’ll still try to talk to me and be my friend and all of that. How he’ll try and get back together with me. And how he’ll have a giant hissy fit if he finds me with another guy.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t care what my ex-boyfriend thinks but I do. He can be really scary when he’s mad.

But that was before and this is now. Soon, Jake won’t have anything to do with me. If he tries to interfere and he can’t move on then that’s his problem. Not mine.

“Hey!” Jake yelled as I walked in through the back gates. I was late for school as usual but Jake had been skipping form to wait for me… So he could yell at me “You ignored all my messages last night. What the hell is all that about? And why did you run off last night? I don’t what the hell’s gotten into you Penina.”

“Do you know what Jake?” I snapped, suddenly feeling brave. I was just so tired of people walking all over me and me letting them get away with it “I dunno what the hell’s gotten into you but you are not the same guy that I liked a year and a half ago. Honestly Jake, you’re a fucking bastard and I’m sick to death of you yelling at me all the time over tiny things. I’m also sick to death of you taking up all my time so that I don’t have any time left for Miranda. Everyone was right. You’re nothing but a pathetic little stalker which is why I’m breaking up with you.”

Jake’s eyes widened and he looked furious. He kicked the school gate really hard “Take that back Penina!” He yelled, his face only a couple of inches away from mine “Take it back right now. You’re talking shit and you know you are. We’re perfect for each other. Who else would want you anyway? Even Miranda’s fed up of you.”

“And that’s all your fault!” I snapped even though I knew that wasn’t one hundred percent true “Fuck off Jake. We’re over and nothing you can say or do will make me change my mind.”

He raised his hand and for a sickening moment I thought he was going to hit me. I closed my eyes and waited for the blow. I heard something that sounded like a punch but I didn’t feel anything. Then someone put their hands on my shoulders “Did he hurt you?”

Nervously, I opened my eyes, expecting some interfering teacher or something. But it wasn’t. It was Frank “Did he hurt you?” Frank repeated. I shook my head and burst into tears. Frank hugged me. I’d waited so long for him to hug me. I never imagined I’d be crying or that Jake would be staggering away in the background with a bleeding nose.

“Did you punch him?” I asked.

“Of course I did. He was going to hit you.” Frank muttered “I can’t believe the first words we say to each other in person are things like ‘did he hurt you’ and ‘did you punch him’?” I giggled “It wasn’t exactly how I imagined it would go.”

“Me neither. But I’m so glad you’re here.” I whispered, snuggling further into his arms “I’m sorry for just running away last night and all the things I said last night. I’ve been dim pretty recently. So, if you haven’t changed your mind, would you wanna be my boyfriend?”

“I wanna be your boyfriend more than anything in the whole world Penina.” Frank smiled and kissed my forehead.

[A/N] - There will be one more chapter after this :3 Sorry about that haha :')
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