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Five months later…

“- So yeah, I think this shot is definitely the best.” Ray told me, handing me a photo of him.

“I don’t wanna sound rude Ray but it makes your nose look massive.” I laughed.

“I know but I’ll cut it off here so it makes my nose look smaller.” Ray grinned. The bell rang; we grabbed our bags and left the art room.

I smiled as I saw Frank coming out of the music room with Gerard. I ran over to him and threw my arms around his neck “Hey, happy to see me?” Frank teased.

“Yeah.” I giggled “Hey, so I’m going up town with Miranda and Mikey tomorrow and then I’m sleeping at hers. Would you wanna come up town with us?”

“That’d be awesome.” Frank smiled and kissed my cheek.

It was so different being with Frank instead of Jake. For example, he didn’t seem to mind when I hung round with my friends. He just went to hang around with Mikey, Gerard and Ray. They liked him and didn’t mind that he was a little strange.

And another weird thing was that he never seemed to get mad at me. At first I’d agree with everything Frank said until he noticed, laughed and told me it was okay to have my own opinion. So now if I disagree with something he says, I’ll tell him. And he doesn’t mind. In five months, we haven’t even had one argument.

Frank put his arm around me and we walked out of the art block. Jake was standing outside with some of his dickhead friends. He looked over at us and glared. By this point, he knew all about me talking online to Frank. After Frank had punched him in the face I felt like I owed him an explanation. So I told him about how I’d sort of technically cheated on him. And obviously he’d got really angry, told me to get over myself and realise that he was the only guy who’d ever love me. Frank had nearly punched him in the face again but I begged him not to and he listened to me.

Now every time I go near him, he glares at me. But he doesn’t dare say anything to me because he’s scared of Frank.

“Hey Penina!” Miranda grinned, coming over to me.

I’d sorted everything out with Miranda too. We’d sat down and talked about everything. She’s still good friends with Sara and Reece obviously but I am too. They’re actually really nice and really funny. I can see why for a long time Miranda preferred them to me.

“Penina, you’re kind of zoning out.” Frank laughed, kissing my cheek “Do you want me to walk you home?”

“Oh you don’t have to.”

“I know but I want to.” Frank smiled “Come on, let’s walk home.” He took my hand and we started walking home “So how are things with your Mom?”

“Not good.” I sighed “I don’t wanna see her anymore, it’s not working out. It’s making my school work suffer because she won’t let me work, she just makes me sit with her and watch TV. I spoke to the school nurse and she said she’ll get in touch with social services but I dunno if that’ll improve things. What if they decide I have two unfit parents and put me into care? Or get me foster parents. I could end up stuck in the middle of nowhere.”

“Well then I’ll move there with you so that you won’t be alone. And then one day you’ll move out and we can live together.” Frank grinned.

Jake had always said we’d grow up and get married and that had always creeped me out. But when Frank talked about it, it made me feel so much better “I love you Frank.” I smiled.

“I love you too Beautiful.” Frank grinned as we got to my house “I’ll see you up town tomorrow. I’ll probably just as late as you.” Frank laughed and kissed my cheek.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I hugged him one last time and went inside. I could hear my Dad arguing with my Mom over the phone but I knew that if things got too much, all I had to do was call Frank and he’d make everything okay again.
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