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The Joys Of Being Ryan Ross

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He suddenly hated looking like a girl 99.9% of the time.

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Ryan was standing at a bar in a dance club with his best friend Spencer, dressed in black skinny jeans, a tight red t-shirt, and black Chuck Taylor's. Before he left he made sure to carefully apply his eyeliner and do his hair in, what Spencer and few other friends call it, the Ry-hawk.

"I still don't understand how you got me to come with you. I'm only 19 and you're 18, we're not even old enough to fucking drink." Ryan yelled over the music to Spencer, the green and blue flickering lights staining his clothes for a few moments before moving to a different part of his body.

"You know you like it." Spencer yelled back. A song they both knew came on. Grand Theft Autumn to be exact. "Come on Ry, come dance!" Spencer smiled, dragging Ryan by both hands to a crowd of people. Ryan sighed and started to sway his hips to the music, with every move his smile got bigger. Ryan, dare he say it, was having fun.

He heard a husky voice in his ear. "Hey baby girl, you've got some nice moves." He spun around and looked at the other. Blonde haired and muscular, typical Californian.

"Uh yeah, buddy. I've also got a penis." Ryan retorted in his mono-tone voice and screwed his face up into a tight ball and walked away. He sighed and told Spencer to take him home. The younger nodded.

Ryan spent the night at Spencer's.

He jolted awake when Spencer sat on top of him. "Ohargh. What do you want?" He groaned, sitting up.

"You're coming to a party with me tonight." Spencer smiled and put his hands on either side of the older's head. Ryan groaned and laid back down on the bed. Spencer took that as a victory.

When Ryan arrived it wasn't the party he expected. There wasn't hundreds of people, maybe 9 or 10 at most. 'It's an after-party party.' Spencer had told him in the car. One boy caught his eye. He seemed younger by at least a year, with dark brown hair and chocolate eyes.

"So Ryan, Spencer told me you play guitar?" One of the guys asked.

"Uh yeah." Ryan nodded back, tearing his eyes off of Brendon. "Mine's so small though, the neck is like I'm playing a stick."

"Hey I got a stick you could play with." The guy next to Ryan smirked at him and grabbed his ass.

Spencer had a look of pure hate on his face to which Ryan responded by holding up his finger in the 'one minute' motion. Ryan got closer, wrapping his arms around the neck of the offender, overlapping them behind his neck. "That's cute, that's-that's really cute." Ryan smiled at him. "But you know what's cuter?" Ryan's face changed into a look of boredom. "You can suck a fuck." Ryan swiftly kneed him in the groin and walked over to Spencer, hips swaying. 'Time to go talk to that kid.' Ryan thought to himself.
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