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The new and the broken hearts

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The new killjoys arrive

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Crimson Revenge's POV

I pulled up outside the comic shop and turned round to look at the guys.
Ray and Frank were lying on their backs; Blaze was asleep on Gerard’s lap (who was also asleep) and Mikey and Techno were asleep with their arms with their arms around each other.
I then looked at the car horn then at the others.
I felt a smile appear on my face.
I then slammed my hand on the horn.
They all screamed and their reactions were fascinating.
Blaze was half asleep and didn’t really react much; Gerard however took her into his arms and held her tightly.
Ray leaped up and hit his head on the roof.
Frank gave a high-pitched girly scream.
Mikey and Techno hid in the corner.
I let out a hysterical laugh.
“Fuck you Crimson!” Blaze shouted throwing her boot at my shoulder.
“OW!” I yelped.
“Nice aim Scar,” Gerard said.
“You’re not getting it back!” I shouted getting out of the van.
“HEY!” Scar screamed.
I ran round the comic book shop waving Blaze’s boot around.
I was about to do another circuit until Gerard snatched the boot back.
“Gerard you’re no fun!” I said crossing my arms.
He stuck his tongue out at me.
I watched as he went to Blaze and helped he put on her boot.
He then took her into his arms bridal style.
I then discreetly whistled ‘Here comes the bride’
Gerard gave me a death glare.
We headed down the ladder and the basement looked a little overcrowded.
“I’m seeing triple,” I said rubbing my eyes.
Atomic laughed.
“No Crimson, just our new members,” she said.
Firefly then spoke, “Let us introduce them, we have Midnight Nightmare,”
The girl with dark purple hair waved.
“Music Maniac,”
The girl with bright blue hair waved.
“Hey guys,” she said.
“Radio Harlequin,”
A small girl leaped up.
“Hey guys! It’s really nice to meet you!” she said enthusiastically.
“And finally Rebel Desolation,” she said.
“Hi there!” she leaped up hugged each of us.
“Do any of you know how to heal a burn?” Gerard asked.
Radio stood up.
“I can!” she exclaimed.
Gerard put Blaze onto the chair and Radio examined her hand.

Kobra Kids POV

“Anyone got any food? I’m starving!” I exclaimed.
Firefly chucked a can at me.
“Do we have anything other than dog food?” I asked.
“Do we ever?” Blaze said.
“Fair point,” I said.
“Here, have this, it’ll help with the taste,” Blaze said throwing a container at me.
I caught it and read the label.
“Chocolate sprinkles?” I said.
“Yup,” she said popping the p.
I reluctantly removed the lid and covered it in sprinkles.
I took a spoonful and ate it.
“…it’s not that bad…I suppose,” I said.
“Told ya,” Blaze said.
“There you go!” Radio exclaimed.
Blaze looked at her freshly bandaged hand.
“Thanks Radio, you’re the best,” she said.
“Yay! The leader praises me!…you are the leader aren’t you? Or is Firefly?” she asked.
Blaze and Firefly looked at each other.
“Scar is,” Gerard said to avoid any confrontation.
“Scar? Can I call you Scar?” Radio asked.
“No, Please call me Blaze,” she said.
“Oh, okay then,” she said.
“Why does he get to call you Scar?” Rebel asked.
Blaze hesitated.
“Cause I’m special,” Gerard said.
“What about your real name?” Music asked.
Nobody knows Blaze’s real name.
“Yeah, I bet it’s really nice!” Radio exclaimed.
Blaze bit her lip.
“Hey! Hey! Come on guys! She’s had a long day, she’s been injured, she needs rest,” Gerard said.
“Yeah, I think it’s time for us to return to the diner,” Ray said.
Me, Frank, Gerard and Ray stood up.
“Bye, Bye Mikey!” Techno said kissing me.
“Bye Techno,” I said hugging her.
“You can call me Mazy,” she whispered.
I smiled at her.
We all said our goodbyes to everyone.
“Come on Gee,” Frank said heading up the ladder.
Gerard looked at Blaze.
“Erm…” he started.
Yes, come on make out with her.
“Erm, bye Blaze,” he said patting her on the shoulder.
He then rushed up the ladder.
I saw Blaze’s face fall.
“Bye Blaze,” I said hugging her.
“See ya Mikey,” she said.
I smiled at her then headed up the ladder.
I headed out the door.
I saw Gerard and I pushed him
“What the fuck Mikey! What’s your problem?” Gerard shouted.
“What’s my problem? What the hell was that?” I snapped.
“What?” he said.
“That with Blaze! We all know you like her! She just risked her life to rescue you!” I shouted.
“Get in the car Mikey,” Gerard said opening the door.
I gave him a death glare.
“Get in the car!” he snapped.
I got in and looked at him.
“You stupid asshole,” I said.
Gerard sighed.
“I know,” he said.

Hope you enjoyed that guys, I don't know when I'll update next cause I've got loads of school work. I'll try and update ASAP
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