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Trial #5

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Now it's Mandy turn to get the bite from Madison

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Trial #5:

Next Victim...

Bude's Interview with Mandy:

"Please state your name."

"Amanda Bryant."

"How long have you worked at Beach Radio Magazine?"

"Seven and a half years."

"I see." Bude jotted down some notes. Mandy flexed her wrists a bit.

"So, how are we all doing so far?" she asked. Madison glanced up at her from her notes. Mandy went quiet really fast. /Bad move/, she thought. Ms. Bude sat back in her chair.

"Describe the work atmosphere."

Mandy shifted in her seat. "Well, we are busy."


Mandy nodded. "Yes. We are really busy."

"Is that all?"

"Yeah, I mean, no! I mean..."

Madison raised an eyebrow at her. "What do you mean?"

Mandy dug her nails into the arm of the chair as she dug in her mind for the answer. She hadn't counted on the interview being so intense. This wasn't how she pictured it in her head. Mandy tightly shut her eyes. "Well, it's kind of hard to explain."

"Try me."

The younger woman quickly opened her eyes. "What?"

"Try to tell me how it's hard to explain."

"Oh. Well... We work and we play at the same time."

Ms. Bude stared at her. "Work and play at the same time?"

"More like we have a balance, you know what I mean?"

The older woman didn't answer. Mandy looked away as she bit her lower lip. Madison glanced up at her.

"Show me your portfolio."

"Yes ma'am." She handed the woman her portfolio.

"Thank you."

Mandy gave her a nod. Madison began to look over it. The younger woman watched with bated breath. Ms. Bude just flipped the binder closed and wrote down some notes. Mandy frowned with a worried look in her eye. That didn't look good. Madison looked up at her.

"Thank you, that will be all," she said. Mandy blinked at her like a lost sheep.

"That's it?" she asked.

"Yeah, you can go," Madison said. "Unless you have any questions." Mandy quickly shook her head.

"No, no!" she said quickly.

"Good," the older woman said. "Now you can go." Mandy rose to her feet.

"Thank you, ma'am," she said. They shook hands after that whole exchange. Madison watched as Mandy turned and walked away.

Mandy sat at her desk trembling for the rest of the morning. What was that?/, she thought. /That woman... She's... She's... She's just the devil! Mandy lowered her head on her desk in defeat.

I Want to be the Girl with the Most Cake
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