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Without the mask....where will you hide?

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-HIATUS- a delicious challenge fic, takes place after the first movie, but before the second. Lets get this train wreck a rollin....

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Ok, First off, allow me to thank you ever so much for reading my fic.

Yes, this is my first POTC fan-fiction, but I role-play and read other fanfictions very often.

This is a challenge fic, meaning that my lovely friend gave me some guidelines for a story and guess what? I get to build a story around them!

Here are the guidelines straight from the sheet of notebook paper:

1. Has to be an Elizabeth/Will pairing
2. Sparrow needs to be caught in a dress (Elizabeth's dress, one of her extras)
3. there needs to be angst
4. Jack the monkey needs to be in a chase scene
5. Everything needs to be spelled correctly ^_^
6. The song "everybody's Fool" needs to be involved
7. Elizabeth/Sparrow desire may occur, but no more than that.

Ok, so, lets get this train wreck a rollin'.

The salty ocean spray licked the sides of the Black Pearl as is ploughed threw the vast ocean. The pearl was heading for Tortuga after recently intercepting a passing French ship that carried hundreds of pounds of coco and sugar, both very valuable. The Pearl had taken her easily and left the carcass at the bottom of the ocean.

A one Captain Jack Sparrow stood at his place behind the grand wheel of the Pearl as his heavily charcoaled eyes scanned the horizon. By the position of the sun it seemed to be late afternoon. He registered this new piece if information into his complex brain before turning to face Mr. Gibbs. "Gibbs, take the wheel, I'm going to take a walk." He said with a thoughtful look on his face. He was somewhat determined to hurry up and get to tortuga before dark. It would be less than desirable to try and unload their newly acquired cargo in the dark.

Jack walked down the short few stairs onto the main deck and brushed one of the many trinkets that hung from his hair out of his face. Jack had seemed somewhat restless lately, not that he didn't fidget before, but now it was getting ridiculous. He had already checked his compass to an increasing number that felt like around thirty times, always pointing to the same direction. He chose to ignore this complication.

His brown tall boots made light clicking noises as he walked to the rail of the ship, eager to feel the spray of saltwater on his somewhat overly tanned face, today had been an unusually hot day.

Something caught his eye in his peripheral vision. It was that damn monkey. "Monkey!" he called out in an exasperated tone. The little evil primate peered from around a pile of spare rope, one of Jack's many prized rings in its little evil hands. Jack instantly looked down and saw him.

"Come here!" He yelled as he lunged forward, arms outstretched to catch the retched monkey, regrettably sharing his own name. The monkey dodged and started racing down the stairs that led to the main quarters. Captain Jack followed, he was starting to get irritated seeing as this little animal had caused him so much trouble only a mere two months ago.

As he hustled down the slippery steps, he suddenly broke a board and was sent tumbling down the rest of the stairs, hitting his head on the floor with a crash. "Not good....." he muttered as the concussion set in.

At the same time in Port Royal there was a change in the Winds. A one Miss Swann stood at the large mirror in her bedroom. She had noticed a change in her feelings. Lately, she had started to become bored with her life here in Port Royal. Everything seemed to be routine and unexciting. Elizabeth knew that she should feel ecstatic. She was going to marry William Turner for Christ's sake! The man of her dreams! She sighed and flipped her long wavy hair over her shoulder as she walked to her window. She looked outside and opened the latch, letting the warm afternoon air flood in.

Meanwhile, William Turner walked along the docks, letting the salty air of the sea take over his mind.

((more to come))
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