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(Story you auditioned for) What's love about, is it worth the pain and the fights?

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(Ok so yeah first story and all of the romantic shit is going to be wrote by my sister Bee)

Wind blew through my thin locks as I took another drag from my cancer stick. The smoke gliding across the air, wrapping itself inside me and gently squeezing my lungs. It was the Autumn of 2010. A time when man would fight for power. A time where women still had rights. A time where nothing's changed.
I packed away my things and walked to my caravan sinking into my nothingness.

The familiar ringing of the doorbell threw a small melody to my ears. Reverberating through my ear drums. Company was never something that came to me, my Mom used to visit all the time but she died two months ago due to cancer. This is why I hated being an only child, never having someone to play catch with or to share things with. Most kids without siblings are the ones who expect the most, with my family I couldn't expect anything. Everything seemed to lead to disappointment. I know what everyone thinks. Poor little lonely child. People's pity was something I learnt to despise, a life of someone else's pity is a life of someone else's lies. No one cares for anyone but their self nowadays, we live in a pitiful thing we call life.

A few minutes passed by without my mind even crossing the doorbell, seconds later and it rang again. The rhythmic melody singing through my caravan.

Was all I managed to shout out. All of the alcohol and drugs was starting to attack my body inside and out, it was fighting a war against my depression but both had turned against me. Now everything is out to hurt me.

More tuneful rings came until my door finally opened. Suddenly a dark figure swooped into the front room, I stood armed with my whiskey bottle in hand.

"G-get out of m-mm-y hous...e!"
The last out the sweet nectar was engulfed down my throat as I raised the glass, the figure abruptly stopped in its place before reaching for my hand.

"Son. It's me."



My Father had stayed for 5 hours after our incident, somehow I had managed to become sober by this time. We just sat and talked about our lives until I couldn't bare it anymore.

"Why did you leave?"

I could tell from his blank facial expression that this isn't what my Dad came here to talk about.

"Look son, me and your Mom were never right for each other, your Mom had you and I had Frank"


"Yes, Frank. Listen, this is what I came here to talk about. You have a brother, you are both twins; non identical but pretty much the same in every way"

A brother. Why would he come to tell me this now?

"So why come here now and tell me this?"

A loud sigh erupted from his mouth as he gave me a pitiful stare.

"Look son, your Mom always told me to visit you and I always wanted to but I had Frank. I couldn't just abandon him, I'm just sorry it took me so long to come visit you"

All of the daddy issues I faced growing up. The constant bullying,

"Look there's the kid with no Dad"

"I heard his Moms a whore"

"Look Dad, I'm flattered and all but you really should be leaving"

Without haste I grabbed his jacket and slumped it in his arms like a dead body as he stood there shocked.

Before he had the chance to say my proper name I screamed him to a halt.

"No that's not my name, it's Optimus. I've started a new life, a life away from you. Now if you would be so kind as to shut the door on the way out, thank you"

Just then, he did something that shook me to my very core. He punched me.


I knew this was a battle that is never win so I did the only thing I knew to do. I gave in.



(Franks POV)

"Look Flash, he's not going to visit his brother and that's that"

As much as I love her, Flash was really starting to irritate me. Flash West has been our best friend ever since Ray developed a little crush on her in high school, he wasn't even the first one who saw her.


"Hey dude, look at the girl over there. Has she always been in our class?"

I can't believe Mikey hadn't seen this girl before, I mean everyone else had. We talked about the chick all the time. Flash West. The name of beauty, she's not really the talkative type but I watched as Mikey tried his luck with her.

"Hey, I'm Mikey"
She sort of shoved Mikey away and pulled a comic from her bag. Justice League I think. Wow this girls pretty awesome

"Wow is that Justice league?"
Suddenly she became quite interested with Mikey, a surprised look emanating from her face.

"Um yeah! It's awesome!"

Well I can tell this is going to be a beautiful friendship.


"Come on Frank, you heard your Dad. This kid needs you! He's your brother for Gods sake"

She was right but who cared, if this kid wanted to see me then he would have came earlier.

"No Flash, if he wanted to come then be would. That's that"

"Frank... Please"

"No Flash"


"Just stop! I said no and I mean it!"

Who needs family anyway?
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