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Chapter 2.

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(So umm yeah, the girlfriends shall be in this chapter. Please R&R!)

Two days later and I was in LA, walking the unfamiliar streets and desperately looking for my brother. I reached in my pocket for my phone before I was knocked to the ground, one of the only things I could afford was smashed. Broken and defeated.

"DUDE! What the hell!"
I didn't even look at the evil that stood over me, instead I glared at my broken child lying dead on the floor.

"Oh my God, I'm so so sorry. Look I will give you my number so I can pay for a new one, ahh shit I'm so so sorry!"

I looked up toward the mystery killer only to meet eyes with the most beautiful girl I'd ever met. Her long brightly coloured caramel brown hair cascading down her slim body releasing its self in loose curls. The way her blue eyes gleamed in the sunlight, she seemed to light up the whole day. I was to entranced with her face to notice that she was still apologising.

"Look, I'm soo soo sorry! I can't stop saying how truly sorry I am..."

"Umm, it's fine. I promise, I'm Optimus by the way"

Optimus had been my name since my mom died, I never wanted to be my boring old self so I changed and became a completely different person.

"Oh, umm hi. I'm Flash. Flash West"

We shook hands and stood for a minute accepting our surroundings and never losing eye contact.

"Oh, umm I was wondering if you could help me. You see I'm new around here and I'm looking for this address"

Her eyes scanned over the address as a smile seeped through her mouth.

"Sure, yeah. Ok, I will take you there now"


It was about a 10 minute walk to Frank, me and Flash had spoke about LA and growing up before she finally spoke of it.

"So, why exactly are you going to Frank Iero's house?"

"He's just someone that I used to know, just need to speak to him really"

Flash looked slightly confused by my rapid reply, slowly trying to shake it off.

"So you're friends with Frank Iero, guitarist of the band My Chemical Romance?"


I could tell that wasn't the reply that she expected.


Her raise in both pitch and volume shook me for a few seconds until I was finally able to speak.

"Yeah... Who?"
Before she had time to answer we had stopped walking and landed outside of what looked like a normal house, but from Flash's smirk I could tell that this place was far from normal.

"Doesn't matter we are here now, come on"
My arm was pulled out if my socket as she yanked me through the gate and up to the door, quickly knocking on it not long after. Her knock was replied with the yaps of what seemed like thousands of dogs behind the door.

"So you never did tell me how you knew Frank, Flash"

Just as she was about to reply a small woman came to the door wearing a red and black striped long sleeve shirt, black converse and some black skinny jeans.

"Morning Sara! Frank home?"

Her hair was quite long and jet- black, they made her baby blue eyes literally glow.

"Jesus Flash, why are you so early? And no he's not home yet, come in"

I watched as Flash walked through the door without even thinking about anything, I just stood there awkwardly and waited. Without trying to sound rude, I stifled a small cough.

"And bring your friend too"

"Umm, thanks"

Slowly I walked into, what I thought was, Franks living room. Most of the walls were red, the colour of blood and along the fireplace there lay photos of him and Sara, some of dogs and some of what I think were his band.

"So... Um, don't mind me asking but who are you?"

I had just noticed that I'd hardly introduced myself.

"Oh, yeah I'm Optimus"

"Optimus who?"

No one had ever asked me that, I usually just went by Optimus.

"Umm, yeah just Optimus now. Umm so are you and Frank a... Well... Together?"

For some reason, it appeared that she had to think this over for a few seconds before replying.

"Yeah me and Frank are together"

(Sara's POV)

"Yeah me and Frank are together"

God, I loved saying that. Me and Frank had only been living together about a month, we had decided not to take things to quickly but I didn't mind. Frank is such a sweet loving guy.

"So how did you meet?"

"Well, it was last year...."

This concert is awesome, I'm so glad that Jess got us tickets for Misfits. I may hate her but she does give pretty cool Christmas gifts. In the corner of my eye I managed to make out a short man with tattoos all over his arms.

"Wow dude, nice ink!"
God, why have I drank so much now I'm talking to random guys about their 'ink', I don't even have a tattoo. Obviously this guy was freaked out by me, I could tell by the confused look on his face. Either he was totally freaked out or , like me, he was drunk.

"Umm, thanks. Lets see yours"

My what? I may be drunk but I'm not drunk enough to let a random guy take advantage of me.


"No, not your tits! Your ink"

My mini heart attack had managed to calm itself down after he had told me what he was referring to when he said, "Lets see yours".

"Oh I haven't got any"
For some reason the short man looked rather shocked and yet offended at the same time.

"You haven't? Come with me"
The man, grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the arena.

"Wait where are we going?"

His small smile lit up the night as he spoke.

"We are going to get you a tattoo, I'm Frank by the way"


( Optimus' POV)
"... So yeah, that's it really"

"Wow, that's really cool"
At least I knew something about my supposed brother, he had awesome music taste. Flash pulled me out of my trail of thought.

"So Optimus, have you got a girlfriend?"

Sara turned to her and punched her in the arm.

"It's fine, and no Flash I am currently single"

Just then a small man came barging through the door, whistling a tune as he fell from side to side.

"Honey I'm home!"

A bottle fell from his hands as he sat on her lap.

"Hello Flasher, who's this dick?"

I guess he's referring to me as a dick. Nice guy.

"I'm your brother"
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