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Chapter 3

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(Gerard's POV)

I came rampaging into the house, swearing whenever I had the chance.

"Fucking hell, that stupid bastard!"

Hozzie popped her head around the corner, she's been my girlfriend ever since I was 27. It's pretty cool how we met.

"Please leave me alone"

A young lady was sitting alone, obviously in distress, trying to push away a man that was practically trying to kiss her. This girl looked pretty terrified. Obviously, as its my duty I picked up my newly brewed coffee and sat it in front of her as I lay my butt next to hers. My arm glided behind her and rested on the other shoulder, earning a confused stare from her. Then just to make it more believable I pecked her on the cheek, making her face turn bright red.

"Trust me"
I whispered into her ear before literally shouting the next part.

"Excuse me, can I help you Sir?"
She giggled slightly until the man beside us started to get angry, he clenched his fists until they started to turn white unlike his face which turned red with envy.

"Yes, SIR you can. You can help me by getting the hell of this young lady, she's mine. Now fuck off!"

People like this really pissed me off. Referring to women as a possession? I don't think so.

"Well I didn't think that my GIRLFRIEND likes other men trying to hit on her and refer to herself as a possession, do you?"

He shook his head before throwing his drink over me and walking out.

Hot coffee stings like a bitch.

"Oh my God! Are you ok?! Look let me clean you up"
The young lady, who's name I still do not know, started to dab me wit napkins. For a minute or so as she was dabbing my face, she started slowing down and finally removing the napkin. We sat there just staring into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity, it's almost like the world had stopped and only me and her existed.

"I'm Gerard, by the way, but everyone calls me Gee"

She giggled slightly before nodding.

"I know, and I'm Hollie but people call me Hozzie"

We both shook hands before I finally remembered what she said.

"Wait, you know who I am?"

Once again, she nodded before removing her jacket to reveal a MCR shirt.

"Ahh, so that's how you know who I am"

For some reason, I don't know why, she seemed startled and slightly scared.

"Look, I'm not like a fan girl or anything. I'm just a normal fan, well a fan, most normal fans are still weird but that's what makes them special"

I grinned before agreeing, it's true. I think we have the best fans ever, they all respect each other and take care for one another. It's amazing what one band can do.

"So um Hollie, do you wanna maybe exchange numbers?"

"Sure I'd love to"
I took a sharpie from my pocket and wrote down my number on a napkin before winking and walking out singing 'Call me maybe'.

"What's happened now Gee?"

For some reason I let out a little growl before replying.

"Frank! He's getting on my nerves! The constant drugs and alcohol, he knows what happened to me yet he still continues to do it"

Frank had been really bad lately, it seemed for breakfast, lunch and fucking every other meal he had alcohol and drugs. Forget Breakfast at Tiffany's, if Frank carries on the way he is then its going to be fucking Breakfast at a cemetery. Why doesn't he listen to me and Flash, it seems that nothing we say he will listen to. I just hope this brother of his is going to keep my Frankie stable or I won't be responsible for my actions.


"Hey Hoz!"
Five minutes ago I received a message from Flash telling me that Franks brother had arrived and that they were going to hold a party for the, as she described, the "togetherness".

After what seemed like an eternity of saying her name, Hozzie finally popped her head around the corner of our bedroom door.


"Franks having a little party, wanna go?"

"Uhh yeah ok"

Hozzies voice sounded a little hesitant but we left for the party anyway.


We arrived at Franks 2 hours later only to be greeted with the sound of a drunken mess and sound destroying music.

He ran to the door and threw himself onto me.

"Aww Gee! You came! I love you so much"

I let out a deep sigh of disappointment as I grabbed Hozzies hand pulling her inside.

"You're drunk Frank"

"Yeah I know!"
While I went to care for Frank, Hoz walked inside the Iero household.

(Hozzies POV)

Slowly, I crept into Franks house only to be greeted by smashed glass and bottles. A small man crashed into my side, Flash on his side.

"Oh, I'm sorry... Wait... Hollie? Hollie Bareham?"

"Oh my God it can't be!"

Gerard walked in, Franks arm around his shoulder as he dragged him inside. Obviously, he saw Flash and I staring in disbelief and came slowly to my side.

"Umm, hey sugar. Who's this?"

"Urrr... Umm, this is my ex boyfriend"

( Forgot to say, it was nice to finally meet you yesterday, Flash xoxo)
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