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Dear Mother and Father,

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Oh how I wish I'd wrote this sooner.

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Dear mother and father,

Do you remember me? I'm not expecting you too. It's been almost 16 years. On here I'm Christian, but to you I'll always be that kid you forget. Oh mother, why did you name me then leave me? Maybe you didn't name me at all. How am I suppose to know. I spent my whole life inside that adoption center until I was 3. Then Josh and Andrew adopted me.

I've never known what it's like to be loved by a mother or a father. To fall off the swing set and have you right there to patch me up and say everything's going to be okay. I've never felt what it's like to have you sing me and rock me to sleep. I've never know what it's like to have you hug me or kiss my forehead or pick me up after school just to take me out for ice cream or to go get a new outfit just because or to greet me when I came home. I had no idea what any of that felt like.

Let's fast forward to 3rd grade, shall we? It's mother's day and I'm sitting in the back all by myself. When it was my turn to go up I had to explain to everyone that I didn't have a mom. What about father's day? Same thing. It was embarrassing to tell everyone that my own parents didn't want me.

People say that a parent would take a bullet for their kids and the bond between them and their offspring is unbreakable. Biggest lie I ever heard. Speaking of things I heard. You started a new family didn't you? Living in a nice little gated community? Did you tell your new kids about me? I guess I'll never know. I wish they hadn't told me about you. I could have been happy pretending that neither of you existed.

Sometimes I find myself wondering what both of you look like. Did you have bleach blonde, almost white, hair like me? What about my purple eyes, did I get that from you too? Do I get my shortness from you or dad? Do you even know who he was? Maybe that's why you gave me up. Oh mommy, how I wish I knew.

So I have just some questions.

Was it easy watching them take your child away? Did either of you even think about me or what it would do? Do you even think of me anymore?

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