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Pictures and Journey's

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Pictures of the girls, and a hot, stuffy car.

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Penina's P.O.V

I gave Chloe a long goodbye once it was time to go. I’m going to miss everyone. It’s not fair. In a way, I wish I never knew this place. I wouldn’t have gotten so attached to it and all the irritating people here. No matter what happens, I’ll always count these people as my true family.

We were soon on our way though. I pretended I was tired, so I put my coat over my body, and made sure the hood was over my head so I could cry. I don’t like crying in front of most people, and especially not strangers.

I don’t know whether they knew I was crying or not, but I hope they didn’t. What I said earlier about having to listen to the band isn’t technically true. I do like them. Love them in fact. But I don’t like Ray in the slightest. He just shows up when I’ve got over my dream of meeting my parents. That’s the same with Mazy too. I can’t believe Chloe convinced me into doing this. I finally stopped crying, and after 5 minutes, I pulled off the coat.

‘Hi Penina. Did you have a good nap?’ Mazy asked me. I shrugged.

‘I suppose.’ I answered.

‘Well, the twins are excited to see you. I’ve got pictures if you’d like to see them.’ She said. I agreed. There’s nothing else to do in this car anyway.

Hozzie had straight, black, waist-length hair, and bright blue eyes. Shayla had pin straight, chestnut brown, choppy and short hair. They were in bunchies. In the photo, Shayla had her arm around Hozzie and was chewing on some bright, plastic toy. Hozzie was sticking her tongue out. I smiled for a split-second. They’re adorable, and they’re my sisters.

The smile basically left as soon as it arrived though. Why didn’t they care for me like they cared for them? I was in one of the worst foster homes at that time.

‘Okay.’ I said before handing them back.

‘Are you alright?’ Ray asked.

‘Yep. Fine. Especially since when I was their age I was in one of my first foster homes, and the dad force-fed me a teaspoon of tabasco sauce for stealing some chocolate.’ I answered.

‘What?’ Mazy asked.

‘It doesn’t matter though. I guess it was when I first learned that life isn’t fair. That’s why I wanted my parents back so badly then. Because my parents were the best people on the planet.’ I said quickly. ‘But soon enough, I grew out of those stupid dreams and grew up. You never came for me when I needed you.’ I said. I began choking back tears.

‘Penina, if we knew…’ Mazy started.

‘You would’ve done something about it. Yeah, I’ve heard that before. I stopped going to foster homes when I was 8. I never stopped being a tattle-tale when it came to wicked foster families. Eventually Eva came along, and said that enough was enough and I wasn’t some kind of toy people can treat like that. That’s why I liked Eva so much. She helped me.’ I said. I was already in tears. I lied down on the seats and hug my coat. I sobbed in to it. Mazy and Ray were at a loss. At one point, Mazy made Ray stop the car so she could sit next to me. I just ignored her and looked out the window.

I just hope I can get on well with them at some point. They are my mum and dad right? I should have felt that special bond you get between a parent and their child. But I didn’t.

The whole car journey was stuffy and long. It was boring as hell, but we finally got there. It wasn’t a bad house. It was probably quite amazing, but I was too tired to appreciate it. Mazy showed me to my room.

‘I know there’s not much here yet. We wanted you to decorate it how you want. I hope you can live with it for now.’ She said when we went in.

‘Maybe. Can I ask you something?’ I asked. She nodded her head.

‘Sure. Ask me anything you want.’ She answered smiling at me.

‘Stop treading on eggshells around me. I don’t want to be treated like I’m special because I’m new. That’s not my fault. I’d much rather just be that person who’s just there rather than the person in the centre of attention.’ I said aggravated.

‘Well, I can try. It’s going to take a while for all of us to get used to it, but we’re prepared as long as you are. We do love you Penina. Truly. We know it may not look like it, but we did this for the best. We thought you were going to be put in care. The first time I held you, I cried, and Ray held my hand, and we were sobbing about how much we didn’t want you to go, but we knew we had to.’ She said.

‘Well, why didn’t you put me up for open adoption?’ I asked.

‘Because we couldn’t handle our baby calling someone else Mummy or Daddy.’ She said.

‘Well now, because of you, I can’t call anyone that.’ I said.

‘I can’t make you see it the way I do, but I hope at some point, you’ll know what we did was best for all of us. Everyone’s so excited to meet you. You should see the rest of My Chemical Romance. Frank’s bouncing around talking about how he wasn’t going to be the only immature adult of the group, and everyone else is trying to tell him to shut up otherwise you’ll get creeped out.’ Mazy said.

‘So now I’m the main event of the day? Great, thanks a lot.’ I said.

‘It’s not like that. You’re going to meet them at the show with Chloe.’ She told me.

‘Well, I’m tired so I’m going to sleep now. Tell Ray that too so he doesn’t walk in on me. I don’t like being woken up or disturbed.’ I said. She nodded her head before saying that she loved me, and then left the room. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep. That was a huge day!

Okay, this A/N is probably going to be huge! So, first of all, I want you all to read this story: and then read the sequel: her grammar and spelling isn't the best, but that's only because she has to write and upload it from her phone. The actual story is incredible, and completely underrated. I've been reading it since it came out, and now because no one's giving it any recognition she's saying she may end it early, and I don't want that to happen, so please read it! It's amazing, and she's such a sweet gal!
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