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Meetings, Greetings, and Concerts.

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Oh my!

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Penina's P.O.V

I woke up the next morning, and dreaded getting out of bed. I feel homesick if I’m honest. It’s the only place I’ve ever really lived. Instead I spent a long time daydreaming. It’s one of my favourite things to do. You can be whoever, or whatever you want. You can do anything. I like doing anything and everything I want. Of course, it was interrupted by screaming.

‘Mine!’ The voice of a little girl screamed. It was one of the twins I’m guessing.

‘No! Mine!’ The other twin shouted. I groaned. I got up, went to the bathroom, and when I came out I saw Ray standing by the door. I gasped.

‘You scared me!’ I said.

‘What? I needed the toilet.’ He argued. I shook my head and went downstairs. Mazy was there calming the twins down.

‘Mummy, there’s a burglar!’ Hozzie screamed, pointing at me.

‘No, that’s Penina. She came home late last night and went straight to sleep while Daddy was saying goodbye to the babysitter.’ Mazy said.

‘No, Hozzie’s right. I’m a burglar.’ I said. ‘And right now, I’m going to steal some food.’ I said. I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and all the cupboards. I got the things from the fridge that I needed. I wasn’t going to have a proper breakfast. I never do. I just have some sort of mix and match meal. I had a bar of chocolate, an apple, a handful of each cereal they had, and a piece of toast.

‘Jesus Christ! You’re going to be sick!’ Ray said snatching the milk away from me before I did any more damage to their precious kitchen.

‘Well, I suppose your right. Your face is in my view.’ I said. I walked away from him and back into the lounge.

‘Are you coming with mummy and daddy to the show with us?’ Shayla asked. I nodded my head.

‘Yeah.’ I answered. Ray came in.

‘Daddy! Play with us!’ Hozzie said. Ray giggled and kneeled down to them. The girls immediately got up and grabbed onto his hair. It looked as though they’ve been planning this for a while.

‘Your hair’s like a kitty. I want one.’ Say said. Ray began shaking his hair making the girls laughed. I smiled at them. I like the girls. It’s the first, genuine smile I had on my face since I first found out about my Toro genes. They had to let go eventually.

As soon as we were all ready to go, we left. It was another painfully long and boring journey because the kids were asleep, and so was Mazy. It was just an awkward silence between Ray and I. We eventually got there though. We had to go through a special route to make sure we weren’t seen. Chloe was there waiting for me. I got out of the car and ran to her, and I gave her a massive hug.

‘Save me.’ I said.

‘It can’t be that bad.’ She said.

‘He didn’t let me eat my regular breakfast.’ I said.

‘Good for him.’ She said. I rolled my eyes and we walked in the building. A man accompanied us to the dressing room.

‘La la la la la la.’ Gerard sang.

‘Boo!’ Frank jeered. I giggled. He’s funny, and once I got a proper look at him, I realised how utterly sexy he was.

‘Hey guys.’ Bob greeted.

‘You must be Penina.’ Mikey said.

‘Maybe, but seeing as my whole life has been a lie, maybe not.’ I said. I walked to the table where they had food. I took a biscuit and some grapes. Why do I have such a weird diet? I ate them all at once. I was hungry.

‘Jesus. Stop it. Your tummy will explode.’ Gerard said.

‘You underestimate me.’ I said, I continued to shove food down my mouth. Frank grabbed me, and then Ray took my feet.

‘We pay for that you know.’ Frank said.

‘Not my problem then.’ I said. I was squirming trying to get out of their arms. It was difficult though. Maybe it’s because of Frank. I don’t think I want to get out of his arms. I’m going to be severely disappointed when I realise that a relationship between us will never happen. Right now I just think it could be possible. We’re both single, and he’s lifting my top half up.

Chloe came towards me. I knew what she was going to do, and I dreaded it.

‘Get the fuck away Chlo!’ I shouted.

‘Never!’ She said. I screamed, but they wouldn’t let me go. Chloe began tickling me. I was in uncontrollable laughter. Soon enough, Frank began tickling my armpits. Ray had to put me down or else I would’ve fallen and cracked my head.

‘Let go!’ I said. Chloe had let go because she was getting bored, but Frank was energy in human form, and he wouldn’t let go for anything.

‘What’s in it for me?’ He asked. I had enough of being tickled. I managed to grab onto his wrists, and turn ourselves around so I was on top of him. I pinned his arms down. He started struggling. ‘Damn it! You’re freakishly strong.’ He said.

‘You bet I am. Now, I’m going to go before I pee all over you, but when I come back, you better run.’ I told him. He looked terrified. Everyone was staring at us in fear. I went to the toilets, because the tickling made me really need to go. Once I did, I came back out, and noticed Frank hiding behind the sofa. I went behind there too. He looked scared, but I just hugged him.

‘What are you doing?’ Frank asked.

‘Well, you really cheered me up. This hasn’t exactly been the greatest of weeks, and you made me laugh.’ I said. I could tell he was smiling.

‘You’re welcome. Apparently we’re all going round to Gerard’s tomorrow, so I can continue cheering you up then.’ He said. I smiled and hugged him tighter. He’s the best.

‘Okay guys, let’s go. Have we all done our voice warm-up?’ Gerard asked authoritatively. Frank and I stood up. I never knew Gerard was such a drama queen.

‘Yes your majesty.’ I answered sarcastically. Frank snickered.

‘You’re such a smart-alecky girl, aren’t you?’ Gerard asked.

‘That’s a smart-alecky woman to you!’ I said acting offended. Everyone else giggled.

‘You can’t out-sass me.’ Gerard said.

‘Wanna bet?’ I asked.

‘Sounds good to me.’ Gerard said. I smiled sarcastically. I knew what I had to do, and exactly when I had to do it. This is going to be so much fun.

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