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Anything you can Sass, I can Sass Better

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I can sass anything better than you!

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Penina's P.O.V

Because of the upcoming sass contest, Gerard was practicing on stage. He even started acting sexual to Frank, who reciprocated, probably because of the whole tickling thing. I was watching with Chloe from the side of the stage, and Frank winked at me before jumping around all over the stage. Damn him and his looks. He’s really sexy! Why does he have to be sexy?

‘Woo! You guys are awesome! Make love to me!’ Chloe screamed. I hit her arm.

‘Chlo! Shut up.’ I said. ‘That’s my dad over there.’ I added.

‘Ah, so you’re finally accepting it?’ She asked.

‘No, I’m just saying. It’s kind of gross.’ I said.

‘Well, he’s in a band, so he’s sexy my young grasshopper.’ She said. I looked at her.

‘Are you drunk?’ I asked.

‘No!’ She said giggling. She then looked around and nodded her head. ‘Yeah.’ She admitted.

‘What? How?’ I asked.

‘Zack mixed vodka and coke for me. He’s going to be a bartender someday.’ She whispered. I rolled my eyes and giggled. Gerard began shaking his hips. I scoffed.

‘That’s it!’ I said. I got a pair of sunglasses from Chloe’s handbag, and I got a few of Gerard’s boas from the dressing room. I knew I was going to regret this, but I needed to show that I was sassier than the sass queen himself. I strutted on stage to everyone’s surprise. I took one of the boas from round my neck, and put it around Frank’s. Damn. He was sweaty, and his black hair was matted to his forehead. It took everything to not kiss him then and there. The whole audience was confused, and Gerard was giving me the dagger eyes.

I decided to change that. I walked up to him and wrapped one around him while giving him a hug. I lifted one of my legs up. ‘Don’t ever think you can out-sass me.’ I said before leaving the stage. Once I did, I put the sunglasses on a now passed out Chloe. I put her on the sofa in the dressing room and let the twins play with the boas.

‘I can’t believe you did that.’ Mazy said.

‘Well, I needed to reclaim my sassiness.’ I told her.

‘You didn’t need to reclaim anything. Do you know that now everyone knows what you look like? I just want you to be safe.’ She said. I felt kind of guilty, but it was technically her fault. She didn’t have to get me backstage passes or made me come here. She didn’t have to tell me about her connection with me.

‘Now everyone gets to see another sexy creature.’ I said. I left the room and went outside for some fresh air. Why can’t they understand how much pressure I’m under?

‘Ma’am, I’ve been told to keep you safe. I suggest you go inside.’ A bodyguard said.

‘Well, I suggest you fuck off. I just want some air.’ I said.

‘I’m just doing my job kid. If you want to stay out here, I have to sit with you.’ He said. I smiled at him. He was pretty nice.

‘Sit then.’ I said. He nodded his head and sat down. ‘So, how’s your life?’ I asked.

‘Boring. No missus. Just the neighbour’s cat to keep me company.’ He said.

‘That’s better than having over-protective parents that you’ve only known for a day.’ I told him.

‘Not really. I’d give anything to be an over-protective parent if I’m honest. Take it from me, they love you with all their hearts. They wouldn’t have told you that otherwise.’ He said.

‘You have no idea what kind of lies people tell you.’ I said. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Frank.

‘It’s freezing out here.’ He said. The bodyguard nodded his head. Frank nodded at him that it was okay to go, so he did.

‘I don’t care. I like the cold. It’s better than hot weather.’ I told him.

‘What you did back there was crazy.’ He stated.

‘So Mazy tells me.’ I said. I looked down at my hands and fiddled with them.

‘What’s wrong Penina?’ He asked. He looked at me with his gorgeous hazel eyes.

‘Everything. Finding this information out, acting like an idiot live when people have no clue who I am, knowing that it’s obvious Chloe will move on and forget about me.’ I confessed.

‘That won’t happen.’ He said.

‘She got drunk today because she got alcohol of Zack. He’s the dickhead of the home. She’s moved on quickly.’ I said.

‘She probably got it to get drunk. I used to do that. I used to smoke pot too. I had dreads, and they smelt of pot.’ He told me. I began crying. He hugged me, and I sobbed on his shirt.

‘I just wish this never happened.’ I said.

‘I’m glad it did. You’re awesome Penina. I have a feeling we’re going to be great friends.’ He said.

‘Not if you tickle me like that.’ I said. He giggled, and I did too. I then sniffed.

‘Why am I not happy?’ I asked.

‘Because it’s the biggest change you’ve had in your life so far. Except perhaps for your first period.’ He said. I punched him playfully. ‘Some changes are great though. Like, your first kiss, when you get married, that kind of thing.’ He said.

‘I’ve never had my first kiss though.’ I said.

‘Seriously? A sassy mother fucker like yourself?’ He asked. I laughed.

‘Yep. I don’t care though. Everyone I’ve met so far that would’ve been possible in that category were complete douchebags.’ I said.

‘My first kiss was with someone who ended up sleeping with my best friend.’ He said.

‘What a slut.’ I said.

‘Yeah. She turned out to be a porn star, so I’m kinda glad she did that.’ He said. I laughed and hugged him.

‘Thanks for making everything better again.’ I said.

‘No problem. Can we go inside now? It’s freezing and I’m hungry.’ He asked. I giggled and nodded my head. We went back into the dressing room together. For an amazingly sexy guy, Frank was actually quite nice. I’m going to have to keep him single until I’m of age.

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