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Fridges and Catwalks

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Plus, a surprise...

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Penina's P.O.V

'What do they have?’ I asked as we walked to the fridge.

‘Everything you could ever dream of.’ He said. He opened the fridge doors. It was as if god was there at that specific moment, slowing everything down to savour the moment until we get to reap our rewards. However, when the fridge opened, there was a single, off-looking onion sitting on the middle shelf, and nothing else. ‘What the corncob?’ He asked. He stormed off into the lounge with me in tow.

‘What’s up? Why do you look so angry?’ Ray asked him.

‘Why is there no food to steal guys?’ Frank asked pointing to the fridge.

‘Oh, yeah, it broke a couple of days ago. We’re getting a new one pretty soon though. Until then, it’s takeaway’s and cupboard food.’ Abbie responded.

‘This is outrageous! I was going to show Penina the joys of your fridge, and this is what you do? Unbelievable. I can’t even believe I’m friends with you people.’ He said, storming off to one of the bedrooms.

‘Oh god. Not again.’ Sara complained.

‘He did this when we told him he couldn’t have that rabies infected dog.’ Jen told me.

‘I’ll go talk to him then. I think he’ll listen to me.’ I said.

‘Go upstairs, and first door on your left.’ Mazy told me. I nodded my head and went there. It looked like a guest room. He just had his head on the pillow, and was sideways on the bed.

‘Frank…?’ I started. He was shocked to see me, and then he realised and calmed down.

‘Oh, hi Penina. I was really looking forward to eating that stuff with you. I like food so much.’ He said. I laughed.

‘I do too. I was ransacking Ray and Mazy’s fridge, and apparently, the food I was eating wasn’t breakfast.’ I said. He laughed at that.

‘Normal food is just so boring.’ He said. I nodded my head. I lay down on his bed.

‘I know. We didn’t even get food at the care home. Just slop. I didn’t like putting things into my stomach after that, unless it tasted good, so normal things just bored me. I needed loads of flavours.’ I told him.

‘We’re so crazy.’ He said.

‘Good. I don’t want to be sane.’ I said.

‘Me neither.’ He said. I sat up, and Frank looked at me. ‘What’s wrong?’ He asked. Fuck it.

‘I need a new flavour.’ I said. I pressed my lips against his. He didn’t respond for a few seconds. He kissed me back for a split second, then pulled back.

‘What? Penina. No. Jesus Christ. No. That was so… that was wrong Penina.’ He said.

‘Was it? Cause, it seemed right to me.’ I said honestly.

‘Now, I’m going to forget you did that, because you’re under stress, and let’s face it, I’m one sexy human being, but this can never happen again, and we can’t speak of it.’ He said pointing at me. I grabbed his wrist, and pinned it against the bed.

‘Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.’ I said. He looked like a deer in headlights. I felt like I was being really mean, but I just needed to kiss him again. Fuck not being with him. I like him. A lot. I pressed my mouth against his again, and this time, it was much better. He kissed me back. It was soft, warm, and we started to have a battle of the tongues. He turned me around, and lay on top of me. He pulled away from me again.

‘Fuck you.’ He said before kissing down my jawline and sucking on my neck.

‘That’s your job now.’ I said, trying to be as sassy as I can. He giggled and shook his head.

‘No, no it’s not. Like I said, this is wrong. Well, at least it is with everyone just below us. But believe me, if we’re ever on our own, just wait. You’ll never want anyone again.’ He said before getting up. He got to the door handle, and before going out, he winked at me. Once he left I sighed. Oh my god. He’s so bloody sexy. He’s such a tease. Oh god. I love him.

A few minutes later, I went downstairs, and saw something that I never thought I would see. Gerard and Mia were walking down their made-up catwalk together.

‘That’s right sweetie, now flick your hair.’ Gerard said. That’s what they did.

‘Can you lift me up?’ She asked. Gerard knelt down, and put her on her shoulders. They turned around, and acted sassy together. It’s such a father-daughter moment. Mia’s trying to inherit Gerard’s sassiness.

‘Penina, why is your hair all messy?’ Ray asked me.

‘I was playing air guitar with Frank to cheer him up.’ I lied. Frank was at the opposite end of the room, and he winked at me again. What a little fucker. I love him though. He then licked his lips seductively. Jesus. I want him even more now. Why is he so cruel? I need him.

‘Okay, so we strut like this.’ Gerard said. He put Mia down, and walked in the way models do down a catwalk.

‘Gerard, leave the poor girl alone, she looks exhausted!’ Abbie said. Mia was huffing and puffing, and her face was red.

‘Well I can’t go soft on her if she wants to be the future sass queen.’ Gerard said.

‘Gerard, you’re not sassy anymore, you’re just a dick.’ I said. Everyone gasped and covered the kid’s ears.

‘Why would you say that?’ He asked. I sighed.

‘Sorry. I’m just really frustrated.’ I said.

‘Yeah, she is.’ Frank said, before mouthing “Sexually.” At me. He does make me laugh though.

‘Well, why?’ Ray asked.

‘I don’t know. I’m just not used to being out of the care home I guess.’ I said. Frank mouthed “Or out of my mouth.” I poked my tongue out at him.

‘Your friendship is weird.’ Mazy said.

‘Like you wouldn’t believe Mazy. Like you wouldn’t believe.’ Frank repeated. Frank and I high-fived so it looked like it was just an inside joke, but really, we wanted to fuck each other then and there. We need to see each other in private, and soon.

Oh the sexual tension! :O Guys, my fringe is so long, and I'm getting it cut tomorrow, and in school, I was complaining about how long it is, so I bunched my fringe up and said I was a unicorn to everyone. No one believed me. I really am a unicorn guys. You believe me, don't you? Haha. I hope you liked this chapter! Rate and review and stuff! XD xx
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