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A Coffee Date

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Jay becomes a little suspiciouse about the amazing simalarity between Lynn and Atlanta

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"Alright" Artemis said (she worked as the gym teacher when not with our heroes) "speed test, I gonna time you for a 5k run around the track" she stared at Lynn for a second, looking at the similarities between her and Atlanta

Lynn and the rest of her classmates lined up.

"On your marks, get set, go!" Artemis said, and with that everyone was off, Lynn had a good lead of the rest of the group.

Time past, and Lynn crossed the finish line, Artemis looked down at her stopwatch.

Holy Zeus! That girl's got a faster time than Atlanta she thought in disbelief I'd better keep tabs on this one

"Lynn" she called as she was recovering, everyone else was still running "are you on any sports teams at all?"

"I'm on the swim and winter mountain (ski and snowboarding) team" she answered him

"I see, keep on it" she said as she turned away, this things gotta be defective she thought shaking the chronometer


It had been two weeks since winter had first come to New Olympia that year; snow had finally started to fall on the ground. He stared out his window, he remembered talking to Theresa and Jay about the Atlanta look-a-like, they had just laughed and said he was becoming obsessive was starting to see her everywhere. He sat down on his bed and read a copy of the school newspaper he had picked up that day.

'Snowboarder Brings Home the Gold'

There was a picture of Lynn on the cover holding a medal she had just won for the freestyle event. She had a helmet on, and he could have easily mistaken her for Atlanta again if her name wasn't in the article.

He walked over to Jay's room and knocked on the door

"Come in" a voice from inside answered, it wasn't Jay's though

Archie opened the door to find Jay at his desk doing homework and Theresa sitting on his bed reading a book. Archie through her the copy of the school paper

"Huh, I didn't know Atlanta was on the snowboard team" she said looking at the picture on the cover

"She's not, read the article" Archie said

"Whoa, freaky much, maybe you're right, she looks exactly like Atlanta" she said in disbelief, Jay walked over to look at the picture

"I think we'll have to look into this, it might be just coincidence, but just incase it might be..." he was cut off by Theresa

"Cronus, we know, you think everything's Cronus don't you" she said laughing

"Ok, I get it, I might be jumping to conclusions, but I still think we should talk to Hera about this


"Miss Hera" Artemis started "There's this girl in one of my gym classes, I want to move her into the class that Jay and the other take"

"Artemis, what are you saying" she said glairing at her

"It's not like they do weapons training or anything like that their, what could the harm be?" Artemis continued

"Artemis if we are discovered..." Hera has cut off

"I don't think anyone would believe her even if the slightest chance any of us leaking any hint any of the gods living in the school" Artemis argued

"Very well, if you really believe she's worth it" Hera said


"So do you think the forces of evil have taken a brake today?" Archie asked Odie as he walked backwards down the hall so he could face him.

"I hope so, there's only one more class in the day, and I'm wiped" Odie replied "Hey I gotta head this way, see you later"

Archie turned around and bumped right into Lynn as he was turning the corner

"Sorry 'bout that" he quickly said as he helped pick up her fallen books

"It's ok" she replied

As Archie passed her two of her textbooks, he caught sight of her eyes; they had a sort of gleam to them

"Hey, you wanna go out for coffee after school?" she asked him

"Uhhh, sure, meet you here after class?" he replied


Authors Note: Ok, what's going to happen next?

P.S: i realize this character has my name and a couple of my intrests, but no, i have never won a gold medal in, snowboarding, any super athletic abilities have been enhanced by the wonders on fiction
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