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I sighed and looked up at the time, nearly half past three, finally time to go home. The bell finally rang announcing the class it was home time.

“Okay, off you go.” I said dismissing the class.

The students got up from their seats and ran out of the classroom.

I grabbed my coat and was about to leave myself only to be stopped my two police officers.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“Are you Raymond Toro?” One of them asked.

“Yeah.” I answered.

“I'm Detective Inspector Pip and this Detective Roland, we need to ask you a few questions.” He said holding up his ID badge.

“Well, I'm in a bit of hurry.” I said.

“It won't take long.” Roland said closing the classroom door.

I nodded and offered them a seat. We sat down at one of the tables, Detective Inspector Pip pulled out a photo of Raven and handed it to me.

“You recognise her?” He asked.

“Um, yeah, she's a student here, I teach her.” I said honestly.

“She's been missing since Friday last week, her parents are really worried about her, we was thinking maybe you know where she is.”

“Well, she hasn't turned up for school today if that’s what you mean.” I said.

“A friend of hers said she had an after school detention with you that afternoon.” Roland said.

“Yeah... and?” I asked.

“Her friend mentioned you keep her behind every lesson.” Pip explained.

“Not every lesson, only when she doesn't do her homework or is late for class. I only keep her behind until she's done everything.” I said.

“Well we've heard she dose it a lot.” Pip said.

“Well then I guess she's just one of those people who doesn't learn from her mistakes. Now if you'll excuse me, I’ve got tones of assignments to mark.” I said getting up and leaving the room.

“You seem to be in such a hurry Mr. Toro.” Roland said following me.

“Well I did say that earlier.” I snapped. “Look, I'm sorry for not being such a big help but if she hasn't turned up for school today then there’s not a lot I can do.”

“If you do somehow see or hear anything about her, call me.” Pip said handing me his card.

“Will do.” I nodded shoving it into my pocket and making my way to the car park. “Creeps.” I mumbled to myself as I climbed into my car.

I quickly drove back to my house and walked in through the door. I threw my stuff on the floor and ran up the stairs and into the bedroom.

There she was laying sprawled on the ruby bedsheets. I sat next to her and pulled out the soaked ball gag.

“What too ya so long?” She snapped.

“Your parents called the police on us.” I said unlocking her cuffs. “They kept asking me questions, someone suspects something.”

“W-what do you mean?” She asked rubbing her split wrists.

I hated it when I hurt her but she loved it and she would continue to push me until I made her bleed.

“Ray?” She asked.

“Someone has told the police about you spending too much time with me after school. The police are looking for you. Maybe you should go home and tell your parents you were staying at a friends house.”

“Are you insane?!” She shouted. “If I go back they'll ground me and force the information out of me, what if I let something slip? You don't know my mother she's very persuasive, she knows my weak spots!” She cried.

“Hey, don't do this. Come on.” I said wrapping my arms around her.

“I don't want to lose you.” She said burying her head in my chest.

“You won't lose me, I promise.” I said stroking her hair.

“Promise you won't make me go home. PROMISE!”

“I promise.” I whispered kissing her forehead. “I love you Raven, I love you so much.”
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